Closer than you know

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

In a kingdom there was a king called Arnulf he was living in his place with his only son Varden and his wife Tremaine but there was a new comer to the kingdom that no one knows except the King and his First assistant. This new comer was a big threat on Tremaine because the new comer was a new wife for the king.

The king gave his other wife a place to live in the country side.

By time King Arnulf Passed a way leaving the monarchy chair for the new king Varden and he left a bequest with his assistant that states to give 35% of his wealth to queen Victoria that no one knew about.

The assistant gave the will to king Varden to help fulfill the will.

The king went back to his mother and told her about the pregnant queen Victoria , A moment later the palace was fulled with glasses and vases being broken.

A day latter Tremaine ordered to deport Victoria out side the country with her only son and the secret kept only with the assistant , queen , and the king.

More by time king Varden started being more miscreant and Villain to his people and started collecting tribute from all villages in the country and the village that doesn't pay gets destroyed.

At the same time the young prince Jaden was raised by his mother after she gave birth to him.

Few years later when the prince was only 10 years old his mother Victoria was killed by King’s soldiers because she couldn’t afford paying taxes for 1 continuative year.

The prince was left for the wisemen in the village to raise him.

He was raised to seek revenge from the king.

He was trained to be a great warrior.

A year later a secret message came from the assistant to the prince informing him about what happened with his mother and queen Tremaine the prince was in a serious shock and his desire for revenge grew more and more  r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r

The prince came up with an Idea in which he will be very close to the king that the king will not imagine that he is his step-brother.

The prince started as a warrior serving for the king and kingdom and his made-up loyalty to the king was increasing day by day and the king started liking him, the prince started as a normal warrior to guardian of the palace to a chief leader of warriors to a minister that was very close to the king


He waited a very long time for this moment he started planning on a rebellion on the king planning step by step of how is he going to take the full revenge from the king he knew that all people dead because of the king were depending on him to get their revenge.

He started secretly with the help of his mentor; the wise men to gather people who wanted revenge from all around the country they were trained as the  young prince was trained on using the swords and self defense and they were always having revenge in mind.

In a normal day the king decided to make a royal gathering that included important leaders in country to discuss protection of the borders of the country and thankfully Prince Varden was invited with the list of The invitees.

Prince Varden knew that its the perfect opportunity to rebel on the king he made sure that his aids were ready physically and mentally he informed them that this will be very dangerous and there is no going back in this step it’s either death or victory and thankfully no one chose to get back, instead this encouraged their mental strength and they wanted to do it more than any time else.

Only three days were left for the rebellion to start, from the first day the prince brought the map of the palace including all entrances, exits, and all rooms.

They were 20 warriors the prince divided each group of them to do a specific job they decided to take the side gate in the castle which was the closest gate to the meeting room 

5 were archers to get the guardians in tower and 10 were going to fight with swords and the other five were backup and they are responsible for the invitees to get arrested.

The day came and the end of the king is near, the leaders entered and started the meeting with the prince and suddenly they started hearing the The sounds of swords clank the guardians were all heading to the side gate and the leaders were left alone with the prince, the king started yelling about what was happening he gave commands for leaders to head to guard him but they all left him alone except the prince.

The king now thought that the only loyal person is the prince but not, the prince sat down and told the king to sit down he as they sat down the prince told him the whole story and the king was in a big shock he tried to escape but the prince threw his dagger into the king’s leg he told him that. He cant escape the revenge he told him that he will pay a lot. The king surrendered and accepted his faith, but that wasn’t it , the prince took the king and hanged him in the center of the city in which everyone can avenge and the king was stoned till death and queen Tremaine was left for the prince Varden.

In which he Cut off her head and hanged her head near the body of king in the city center.

After that prince Varden was elected by country people to be the new king of the kingdom.

Submitted: January 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Otaljo. All rights reserved.

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