The Intangible Poison

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story talking about a teenager who was killed because of a girl why, how he was killed, and who is the second Jack the reaper? what happened with our protagonist let us read and explore the story and know the whole story.

The Intangible Poison


After Jack's death, she knew his worth, how valuable and caring, person, he was how substantially he loved her from the bottom of his heart. 

Before anything, let us go back 730 days or two years, where Jack was an inbred person in his sophomore year. Although he usually feels alone, unwanted, and a hated person, Jack still tries to enjoy life with new friends. He made new friends, Alisa, Taleos, Amanda, and James; he was the closest to Alisa. They were face timing everyday talking, grinning, and sharing secrets between themselves. Students in the school started to talk about Jack and Alisa. Students are saying that Alisa has a crush on him. Jack and Alisa did not know that the students were talking about Jack and Alisa. Jack started to have feelings for Alisa; he was too bashful to tell her because it was his first time to love a girl. He had no idea what to do: he was scared to get inadmissible, then jack decided to get out of his comfort zone and tell her by writing her a letter. it was the following. "Dear Alisa 

I know you feel alone due to the new school,  how hard this feeling is; I want to be with you always: Alisa, I love you. You are more beautiful than sunset and radiant more than the moon, your face is like a full moon in its illumination, and your scent is like the odor of heaven. Alisa, I will do what you want to make you happy. I will be the perfect boyfriend for you. I will respect you and make you my queen, the appearance matters; I apprehend I am overweight, but I will change for you; I will be the one you want,  my little angel. " 

she replied to him with another letter. "Listen, I appreciate your feelings, but I do not love, and I do not want to love anyone.  Jack, it is not about your shape. It's about me. We are too young for this; we should focus on our study and ourselves. Try to be the best version of yourself: I will simulate as if nothing happened; I consider you as my big brother, let's keep it like this " Jack viewed the letter he was sorrowful from the inside, but he understood the circumstance, we are still young for this, and we should be the best for ourselves. During the school day, James came and spoke to jack; James told Jack. " I knew what happened, and what you wrote to her, she doesn't want anybody: she takes you as her big brother, keeps it like this " Jack was frustrated. " How did you know about it, and this thing is between her and me. You are not involved in it, so go and mind your business."  jack replied 

He went away, and Jack started overthinking. He didn't tell Alisa what happened because Jack knew that Alisa was the one who planned this. Days are moving; Jack and Alisa are still friends, but Alisa blocked him from her Instagram; they only talk at school or on the school bus. Sometimes at the compound, they live in the same building. Jack still has his big feelings for Alisa. He wants her, but presumably, she doesn't. Unfortunately, Jack was a liar. He kept lying to her, telling her lies to show himself. Jack knows that girls are attracted to, rich, good looking, and with so many experiences and adventure or bad guys that what Jack thought, and still, Jack believes in this thing after what Jack ached and wanted to confess his love to her again. This time, he wanted to lie so Jack can show himself as a hero. Jack will talk to her Alisa told her friends':Taleos, and Amanda before; Jack tells them, and they believed him and tried to convince him not to go and to calm down; they asked him to think about Alisa,  how she will get sad if something happens to him. After so many tries to convince him, they agreed, but they felt ashamed after school on the bus; he told Alisa what he planned to - Jack told Alisa. " I will be fighting 20 guys due to an old problem between us;  they will bring some weapons. My hands will be my weapons, and it may be my last time to see the beauty of your face, your big and shining eyes. Alisa, I do love you more than you expect; I don't want to give up on you: I will try to survive and see you soon."  She started to cry; Jack was shocked: he wanted to cry to shout and said inside him. " why did I do this; why I am not telling the truth, she will hate me. I made my biggest mistake ever; I am the worst: I hate myself. "  Alisa, do not cry; I will come back." He went down so Jack can continue his fake play on his friends and his crush. Jack was thinking and overwhelming  "Oh lord, what did I do; She cried, why I lied; I will get in trouble. I did each thing for her. She won't understand this; whatever I do, Alissa will hate me when she will know the truth what I should do now  " because; he made Alissa cry. He was ashamed, sad, and irate Jack went back home. Surprisingly; Amanda and Taleos texted him, Jack ignored them and replied to them at night. "Everything went good- my cousin helped me; I got stabbed, but I am alright. "   The next day of being fake stabbed. Jack went to school; his thoughts and actions were playing on him until he saw Alissa. She was fine and looked good; he was happy until he entered the bus school. Amanda and Taleos thought about it; they realized the fake story I said was a cap. They told Alissa it was a cap and no one talked to him. They were angry and disgusted by what Jack did. In the school day, James came from nowhere and said " I warned you once, but still you are not listening; you are a liar, no one likes you; don't talk to her, don't even try to, she is so disappointed with you. Jack, you're Jerk and, deceiver, don't do this again. '' then he left with no reply from Jack, who was overthinking and in shock: it was his worst days when he made her cry, and when he got caught lying, he completes his day knowing that most of the school students knew what happened, Jack kept in his shock for one week, realizing he should fix what has done. He went and apologized to Alisa. She accepts his apology- also Jack regrets Amanda and Taleos. He promised himself not to disturb her.  Final exams came, and the love that Jack has for Alisa is getting bigger. He is handling it inside him now: they don't talk like before; they are friends but not the way they were. He is sad about it, but he can't do anything. Jack is overthinking every night if she texted someone or talked to someone she is in a relationship with someone. Jack presumed that James and Alissa were in a relationship. The school year ended, James, Amanda, and Taleos are gone, But still, he is with Alisa in the same compound. Jack often sees her down doing sports, playing soccer, or volleyball- they only say "hi" to each other no more or less. His love for her is insane; Jack realized how stupid he was; his actions and what he had done to Alissa was wrong. A day after overthinking, Jack felt his decision to go and ask Taleos.  “Hey, Taleos, I want to ask you a question, school is over, and I won't do anything; I want to know if James got into a relationship with Alisa. " Ok, Jack, I am gonna be honest with you, Yes they got, but they broke up fast, so I don’t consider it a relationship .” Replied Taleos.  “Okay, thank you. ”

Jack went broken but happy; at the same time, there was no serious relationship. Overthinking and dark ideas started to control him. Jack prayed to god every night. To achieve what he wants, he was sorrowful but: he had hope deep inside him. Year had passed, the second year came. Where each person was shocked, everyone went disappointed, 3rd of Sep,2019 at 6 pm- he saw a bunch of boys trying to bully; and molest Alisa. They beat her; she started to cry and to take her clothes out. Jack saw it and ran as fast as he could. He jumped and began to beat the four guys. He knocked out 2, but the other 2 had knives; he knocked out the third, but the fourth one stabbed him in his heart; he got Jack. The four guys ran away; Alisa was shocked at what happened. She started to cry, to shout. " Jack, I am sorry!! , please handle yourself. Anyone, please help us. '' Jack held her hands and said. " Alisa, I am sorry for what I did, small and big things: I am sorry to what I lied at and sorry that I made you cry you, can't imagine how I love you every day looking at your pictures inside my phone praying god that you love me or we can be together; I think we cant be: Alisa, I love you to the moon and back; I wish one day you know how I loved you ." 5 seconds later Jack closes his eyes Alisa, screams " Jack I love you, too please don't go it was my fault I should have accepted you I am sorry, please come back -Jack I love you: I do. " A few days later, Alisa couldn't handle it anymore; she can't handle his absence; she surprised me. I saw her beside James's house. He is an old friend of mine and asked me "Reck, please!! kill me, take my soul. '' I was surprised, how she knew I was the stabber;  how she knew the one who stabbed Jack was me  " I don't know how you find me, but if this is your wish, I will do it." with cold- blood I killed her. I was happy I felt I found myself while I killed people. I will be the second, Jack I will be much more bloody than Jack the reaper.




Submitted: January 03, 2021

© Copyright 2021 koko45. All rights reserved.

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If you liked the story, and you want the second part to know who is
the real James, and who is Reck the second "Jack the reaper"; press the like button and courage me :)

Sun, January 3rd, 2021 1:58pm

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