Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Forbidden Ring

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Years before raiders, Indiana Jones embarks on an epic journey to retrieve the legendary ring of Solomon before a vile visionary can unleash its demonic powers on the world!

Table of Contents

A fair escape

Int. Fair tent- night The paramount movie mountain logo fades into another mountain in the dessert. Shot pulls back to reveal a desse... Read Chapter

Indy's hotel visit

Ext. New York hotel –night Indy and Tyler pull up outside a hotel Indy: You can let me out here…and Tyler…thanks. Tyler... Read Chapter

Harold's offer

Ext. Marshall Collage- day We see a shot of the outside of Marshall College in Bedford, Connecticut. Int. Indy's Class room – d... Read Chapter

The ring of solomon

Int. Airport -day Shot of Indy and Harold at the airport inside an airplane. Indy and Harold are sitting down and preparing for t... Read Chapter

Chase through Morocco

Int. inside plane- day The scene opens as we see a plane and the map superimposed over it. This time a red line is being drawn fr... Read Chapter

Darious's secret

FanFiction Just In Int. hotel room- night Darius wakes up to find himself tied to a chair in a hotel room. Indy: Good mor... Read Chapter

Indy warns Harold

A few hours later Indy is making a call to Harold from a local bus station before he leaves. Harold: Hello? Indy: Ox, are you alo... Read Chapter

Indy meets Harold

Ext. Jungle near the port of Toamasina- day Shot of a part of the jungle near a road next to a sign that says Toamasina dock, with an... Read Chapter

The wagon chase

Ext. Down the road from village a couple miles.-day A couple miles down the road Indy and the rest of the party dismounts from there ... Read Chapter

Searching for jungle food

Ext. Wilderness-day The wagon that was carrying Indy and company is now stopped and the burnt car is being pried off the end of the w... Read Chapter

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