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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Kyle Whittier is your average everyday loner at a new school, a new town with his mother, and his two best friends. One fateful night with him and another unlucky soul Daniel Subou gets attacked and it changes their lives forever, while Daniel changes and becomes a Werewolf Kyle becomes something that mother nature itself couldn't predict. With danger lurking around every corner, secrets are hidden, and everything out to kill him he now has to traverse this dangerous world but he has the power to do so. Join Kyle on his adventure through Bishop Creek and watch the Hunt Unfold

Table of Contents

Welcome to Bishop Creek

Kyle and his two friends Tonian Richards, Adam Delaney arrive in Bishop Creek and the latter doesn't take kindly to school due to his introverted nature that is until he meets Chloe Casteel though
their subsequent meeting at lunch turns disastrous with both Chloe's friends Mei and Ellie chastising her for her behavior. Later in the week Kyle wanting to blow off some steam goes off for a jog
but comes to regret his decision as it sets in motion everything that is to happen
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Can You Keep A Secret?

Kyle realizes his friends are missing and tries to enlist Daniel Subou's help which doesn't go down well. While returning to the place of his "death" he finds it inhabitated by three spectres which
he recognizes and after an ambush by several werewolves he finally meets the spirit that inhabits his body. After a brutal encounter Kyle realizes that a particular individual is also part of this
strange world he has now found himself embroiled in.
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With Kyle joining the Bishop Creek Rugby team (as punishment for his fight with Bryan Farou) and through it meets James a quiet low self-esteemed who he manages to motivate through the training
session. After a mysterious creature stalks Kyle and being unable to see it causes him to hallucinate momentarily. When a visit to James in the hospital goes from just checking on his health Kyle
gets and exchanges information with Ellie also present and gets a new lead on where his friends could be.
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The Bloody Baron

Kyle is focused on getting to the Bloody Baron but before any of that, he befriends Laquiesha a bumbling shy girl with a talent for drawing. As he reaches home he notices Jason Knight and his
family are there with his father speaking to his mother which rubs him the wrong way as he realizes Jason is a werewolf. As Kyle makes his way through the Bloody Baron he realizes the dark truth
hidden underneath what the club actually is.
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The Hunt Begins

With Tonian and Adam returning and now recuperating in the hospital Kyle would think a bit of normalcy would return but the Knight Family of Hunters led by Abuenazzer Knight is keeping a keen eye
on him and has specifically hired his mother to be his financial advisor to ensure they keep tabs on the young boy. Daniel Subou despite his initial disbelief has been searching the web for any
information and might have unearthed a clue to help him with his condition. Kyle then gets the shock of his life as the person responsible for his attitude starts attending Bishop Creek! Later
during lunch, Kyle discovers that the experiments the Baron did on them might have changed them into a supernatural creature. Upon going to the same woman who was apart of the team that ran the
experiments Toni's powers spiral out of control leading her to discover Daniel Subou and the two fight only stopped by Ellie who is in her true Wolf form. Their momentary break is short-lived as
the Hunters make their move.
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Forgive You? Never!

With Kyle and Adam creating diversion Daniel rushes off with an unconscious Toni but is apprehended by Andrea Knight and is about to be killed until a large black werewolf saves them and he falls
unconscious. Kyle kills two of the hunters who chased him and drank from one getting his first taste of blood but also seeing the memory of his victim and learning a key bit of information but is
unlucky enough to be seen by Shauna Kay Spencer. The next day Shauna attempts to blackmail but is threatened by Kyle in the process, later that night after meeting two of the creatures that escaped
from The Bloody Baron and saving Shauna's life Kyle and his group get ambushed by a new breed of vampire.
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After a brutal battle between Kyle's group and the vampires, young Chimera Dean's life hangs in the balance after being bitten. Daniel finally gets introduced to his Alpha and the pack. While at
school Kyle locks eyes with an interesting character who could prove to be friend or foe in the coming weeks. Kendall mentions the Nemeton and True Vampire as methods to save Dean's life and during
a short training session with his pack, Daniel and the others get ambushed by a new monster in Bishop Creek
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The Supernatural Hunter

Daniel fight's off the Wendigo impressing Amara and saving his packmates closely watched by Aiden and his girlfriend. The Knight Family spends the night with Kyle and his friends as their parents
go out on a date. Chloe and Mei speak about Mei's family and allude to Chloe hiding her feelings from Kyle but get interrupted when they see Daniel passed out on her lawn. Zargan explains to Kyle
and his fellow spectres just what a SUPERNATURAL HUNTER is. The Baron gets a visit from a peculiar face and is left with a stern warning and finally Kyle is attacked by Father Downswell as Jason
goes through a reluctance to bring out his werewolf side
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After fighting off Downswell's assault Kyle has to deal with the aftermath of his fight, HIS MOTHER. Mei reveals to Daniel that she knows of the vast amount of supernatural creatures in Bishop
Creek. Old enemies of Kyle's past appear to leave a lasting impression on his new team and after a while of the new girl staring at him, she reveals her power. Kyle tells his mother of his
altercation and the two to discuss their move seeing as his first game is fast approaching. Tonian and Adam finally meet the spectres meanwhile three more Hellhounds arrive in Bishop Creek leaving
a stark warning and Kyle sees the Nemeton for what it is. Daniel meanwhile wanting to prove himself but gets himself into a battle that may cost his life.
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The Council

Kyle kills the large wolf that had ambushed Daniel and learns from Kendall of the other Hellhounds appearance, Kyle officially introduces the spectres and his best friends and recounts how he
became a Hellhound. David and Daniel after their earlier conversation search the woods for his friend and realizes another pack is in his way but the situation escalates when 2 more Epsilon
Werewolves appear. Kyle finally sees the creature that was stalking him and takes them to the woods where Daniel is as the Hellhound and Werewolf manages to evade them. Later on, Kyle intercepts an
armored vehicle that has Kendall Dean and the others which culminate in a reveal of various people
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Lucas Whittier, The First Hellhound

After gate-crashing a secret meeting The Epsilon Wolves and The Wendigoes attack the teens with Kyle forced to reveal his supernatural status to Chloe who is present at the meeting while fighting
alongside Adrian and two other vampires the Epsilon's are torn to shreds by a massive wolf that Daniel recognizes to be David. Later Toni calls for Adrian and his cohorts so they can have a talk in
regards to the supernatural and to learn more, meanwhile, Kyle is on a date with Chloe though is being closely watched by the mysterious Father-Son duo of Jamieson and Hank Blitzon who themselves
are stalked by Aadina Shaymani. A new face is introduced to the Romero Pack though Daniel senses something off with this individual and finally, Kyle meets up with the three hellhounds and learns a
shocking revelation
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Tell Me The Truth

Kyle has become even more suspicious, especially knowing that his father was a supernatural creature like him, and every time he asks his mother she shoots him down almost afraid of what he might
find During school hours the police find the bodies of several dead deer mutilated beyond recognition and the entire area is put on high alert with school ending half day. James and Laqueisha who
have been spending more time together don't believe this is some random event and James convinces her to investigate it with him though she reluctantly agrees.

Daniel doing more research on Werewolves and with some help from his packmate Queen As James and Laquiesha investigate the paper trail of bodies spread throughout and come upon the school's
basement of the school where it seems no one has been for a while and are horrified to find Wendigos. This, in turn, ensures a chase where Laquiesha reveals her latent powers and is saved by an
unlikely friend with Ellie and Chloe arriving as well.
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G. Adams

The beginning was good. I found we have similar writing styles, and so the story caught my interest.

Mon, February 8th, 2021 1:17pm


Thank you, really appreciate it

Mon, February 8th, 2021 11:21am

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