Chapter 2: when ice melts … the heart melts

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The picture edits credits to anushaxcreations. You can follow her Instagram page using the link :


" Okay this is end, Bye viewers!!!  I shall see you all in my next video. Mani Ka, come here... say Bye!! Mani ka..faster!!...Okayyy Bye Bye..."

" Phew Thank god , we manage to finish the live soon.. Damm Shubs...your getting much more popular in this season...I wonder why .." Mani smirked and smacked Shubhangi bum causing the latter to pout adorably.  Before she could retort, Ms. Anjali came and ushered the TT stars alias Jokers of the show to the set. Each TT star was given a picture of a vessel. Director Parthi then informed them it is the theme for this week and they will be inside the cabin until the cooks choose their preferred vessel. 

" Since Shubhangi is the youngest TT star, she will be placed as the largest vessel which is the cooker. The oldest Pugal is the knife, Shanita is the flask, Mani your the grinder, Bala your the mortar and pestle , Salim since your the slimmest person here...You shall be the wok. Everyone clear ? "

When director Parthi hears the chorus of yes, he nod his head and left instructing them to wait in the cabin.  Ms.Patty, the assistant came inside and informed them the shoot is delayed for a few minutes due to the participants, so they can go and have a cuppa if they want. Shubhangi waved Mani and Pugal away  declining their offer and took a seat on the couch.  She took her phone out of the additional pocket sewn in the dress …orders from her mother to the tailor.

She smiled to herself remembering the past. After the cab incident, Shubhangi got an earful from her hysterical mother. Her parents came back right after their live performance and she was literally grounded from leaving the house till the next shoot. To make things even worst , her father refused to listen to her reasoning and agreed with her mother.  Her days were spent divided between online classes and her cat Venila. Yes...before you all ask.. she is forbidden from entering the kitchen after she caused the pressure cooker to burst. 

That night after the first episode of chefs & jesters aired, her parents gave her some curious looks before looking at each other while having dinner. The silence was unbearing causing her to snap up.

"What's both aren't this quite before..."

" That old is her ?"

"Which boy.."

Her mother snorted and tapped her chin rephrasing the question again. Her father simply observed both mother and daughter.

" That...boy...the cook.."

" His not a boy Amma … He is a man !.."

"Exactly.. he is a young man...not a boy...yet I wonder why didn't you call him how you call everyone.."

"I..  I don't know why must I call him Anna?" Shubhangi grinned sheepishly causing her father to snort while her mother glared.

"The same reason why you call the others Anna...He is probably same age as Rashaan.. you called him Anna"

" It's just a show mother.. nothing else plus he don't feel like a brother... I mean..." Shubhangi blushed and looked down the table.

Krishi Kumar stood up and gave a look to his wife before leaving the mother and daughters together.

" I know its just a show.. I also know that you reached popularity in the first season without this unnecessary reactions...Just be careful … He seem like a good person...yet we don't know him personally so we cannot judge... Your reputation is the most important.. You wanted to join the show and we allowed it as it was just a cookery show and it can still telecast your singing talent but no controversies! "

"Amma... I know...HEY WAIT... you think his a good person just by watching the episode...silly Amma and you call me naïve.." Shubhangi giggled causing her mother to snort and shake her head.

" You father contacted him that very night .." Shubhangi gasped and stared at her mother who by then already left the table carrying the empty dishes.

"Amma.. what happened.. did he say something.. did Appa ..Tell me.. AMMA... tell me tell me ..."

"Don't shout Shubhangi .. He did not answer the phone.. His mother did and she informed us the same story you told us... Appa has already bank in his money..."

"What!! Why didn't you tell me ??? How did Appa get his number ??"

"You called him from the boy's mobile right.."

"Oh...yea but still Amma...why didn't you tell .."

"Well you know now right.. Now go to bed.. Your shooting starts tomorrow morning..."

Shubhangi smiled speeshishly and left . Halfway to her room, her mother shouted asking her to pack her duffel bag and make sure to place her phone and charger together with her purse right away. 

After hastily packing up her cosmetics and hair accessories, purse, handphone and charger, she  jumped on the bed, lied on her front and open her laptop. She opened the browser and started typing ^Ashwin Kumar^.  Countless photos of him popped up, She scrolled down and admire each of his photos giggling to her herself. In a span of two hours she managed to find his official Instagram page, twitter account and Facebook.

When Vipul came to drop Venila, he saw his sister laughing giddily spinning around the room. Catching the sight of him, she laughed out loud and dragged his hand and spun with him  around the room. Venila yowled and jumped out of Vipul's arm . The cat quickly jumped on the bed and hide under quilt. The green eyes popped out of the blanket watching her master and mistress's movement.

The siblings then seat down on the floor, with the back leaning against the bed frame.  Vipul searched his sister's face and sighed , gesturing silently for her to start her yapping. Shubhangi informed him all the details she managed to find about Ashwin.

"So.. is he single ?"

"I don't know..."

"His Fb ? "

"Nope... How to know that ?? "

" ask him ?"

Shubhangi stared gob-smacked. " And how am I going to do that ?"

"…first you walk towards him.. then you open your mouth...then you ask..."

She smacked his arm causing Vipul to moan.  " Joking...joking...well if your both paired up for the week.. then you can casually ask ? I mean the shooting takes ages... so...yea..."

" But what if I don't..?

"Well I am sure there are plenty of them out there who wants to know... If not you then Shanita or that other girl..." 

"Shanita ka...maybe.. Mani ka is married... so.."

"Not her.. the sexy one..."

"Oh ... Meenakumari..the Youtube sensation.. yea.. she was actually very bold last week.. during the lunch break.. she went with him ..."

Vipul raised his eyebrows " still like him ?"

"NO!! NOT LIKE THAT..I mean.. she took her lunch with him.. he looked uncomfortable but he didn't say anything...Rashaan Anna also join them..."

"Uhuh.. well anyways sis... just take it slow I guess... "

"Vipulll...Shanita ka and Meena ka is very pretty, confident and you know even Pugal Ana flirts with them sometimes.. what if he likes them ? "

"Well then its his lost... just be yourself how you were in last season or that other show.. champion singer something..."

"You know they shipped me with Sunil in that show...what if Ashwin watched that show.. what if he think I am doing it for show..."

" First of all... You did nothing in the first episode..  yea sure gave him a rose and then you told Rashaan you hoped its him.. what else...ah yes...helping him get some ingredients and bring his dish to the table.. That's not too much.. Just you being you.. As for the Ship with Sunil... everybody can see how uncomfortable you both were...chill dude.. he is from the industry. He should know what's real and what isn't.."  Vipul gave her a hug and left the room. The next day, for the shoot she had to apply two layers of  concealer  beneath her eyes yet again.

Pugal walked in carrying a cup of hot tea with Mani jabbering in his ears. Mani exclaimed seeing the younger girl smiling to herself. Turning around she exchanged glances with Pugal who raised his shoulders conveying he too don't know what's going on.

"Pappa.. we brought some tea.. Whats up.."

"Huh.. Ana! " Shubhangi quickly stood up and hide her phone in her pocket causing both Mani and Pugal to be surprise.

"What is going on.. Why are you so jittery? Why you hide the phone ?"

"Nothing Ka.. Is the tea for me ?"

"Aii...there is something.. your not..I will find out.."

"Nothinggka.. I was just checking message.."

"From Sunil ?"

"Mani ka !!! He is just a friend!!!.." Mani grinned and left the topic at that. The other TT stars soon joined the room with Ms Anjali whom informed them that the shoots about to start. Shivangi gulped the entire content and pass the cup to Ms Anjali smiling sheepishly.

"Sorry ka.. I.."

"Sigh.. ok..ok.. get ready.. Shanita adjust your dress please... Pugal the jacket ... Salim your hair swipe it to the right.. Mani dab your lips...Ok everyone we will start in 5 mins ... Look for the red light .."


"What do you mean ? Aarthi...seriously !! Can't you go some other time ? NO..Hey.. Aarthi!" 

'Damm her for cutting the call!'  Ashwin growled and clenched his fist. 

" You ok boy ?"


" Girlfriend problems ?"

"What.. no no ..that's my sister master..."

Master ji smirked and proceed to style his beard. Ashwin starched his back and slightly swing his hand around his hips.  He then sat in front of his stylist waiting for his hair to be done.  One of the crew , came inside and hand him a dabba. 

"Sir.. for you from Mrs Krishi .."

"Mrs Krishi.. Are you sure its for me ? I don't know anybody ..that name.."

"Yes sir, for you.. The madam said got a note for you inside .."

Ashwin nod his head and looked at the dabba. Master guffawed loudly. 

"Looks like you got Admirer eh boy.."

"Master... somebody's wife !..he said Mrs no.."

" So what.. maybe some Mammi looking at catch you for their daughters or even themselves !  "

Master once again laughed out loud and slapped Ashwin's back and left the room. Ashwin sighed and placed the dabba on the dressing table and left for the shoot. 


Trichy Thirumugam is a famous stand up comedian, actor and reality show judge. Aarthi and his mother loved watching his shows. Ashwin snickered watching him make another lame joke and the DJ's giving out memes songs for his jokes.  It was the time to pick the Jokers for this week. So far Master had choose the knife and Pugal came out looking like a guitarist.  Ayesha choose the pestle and mortar while Kanika selected the large pot. Ashwin laughed along with the others whenever the Jokers stepped out. Trichy Thirumugam was so concerned on which Joker he will choose and asked Ashwin whom suggested  to look under the cooker. However Trichy Thirumugam selected the grinder and Mani became his partner for the day.

"Next.. Ashwin Kumar.. come and select your problem of the day" Rashaan boomed 

"Dude...don't curse me na.." Rashaan smirked stating that there are three impatient jokers inside growling to be chosen by him. Ashwin blushed and quickly choose the cooker. 

Chef Venky and Dhamu guffawed while Rashaan smirked and welcomed the Joker. Be fore he could process what's happening a small petite figure ran down the aisle, jumped and turned around facing the judges and clapping her hands. Ashwin smiled widely and shook his head...of all the people ..its the midget he helped last week...

Rashaan looked at Shubhangi and raised his eyebrows " Come up here... who ask you to go and stand next to him ?"

"We need to go and cook na ! "

"Who you...cook.. Remember Reshma ji last season ? " Chef Venky , Dhamu and Rashaan guffawed loudly. Shubhangi whined . "Rashaan ana... thats different... this time is different.."

Ashwin convered his face torn between amusement and exparations. There were so many questions swirling in his mind yet he knows right now isnt the place to discuss it. After Rashaan dismissed them, he walked confidently while the little midget run to the nearest table. Facing the camera , she grinned widely and waved her hands.

"So why did you choose the cooker ? Did you know it will be me ??"

"Actually, I wanted to choose the flask..but somehow ended up with the cooker.."

"Hurmph.. you always insult me !"

" insult..just..nevermind..."

Ashwin quickly turned his face away when she smiled widely at him. He urged himself to calm down and focus on the task ahead. These unwanted emotions creeping up again making him fear his reaction.

When the first task is given, he groaned internally while Shubhangi cheered loudly . 


"Hey..hey...calm later..first we must do okay.. you ready ?"

Shubhangi grinned widely and nod. Soon each table was given  two dozen plastic cups and sticks, a yellow color liquid syrup  a slab of ice chuck and the olden days ice breaker. Ashwin pinched the bridge of his nose when Shubhangi asked how to make the ice cream.

"Have you watched the Memoirs of Geisha.. you must do like that.. the ice ball with some colour syrup."

"Memoirs..I don't know.."

"Its ok..ok.. wait I will put the ice on the machine okay.." 

Ashwin placed the ice slab on the machine and Shubhangi immediately started to push the ice against the machine and ended up yelping in pain.  He quickly stopped her and used the scraf she wore to wrap around her hands.

"Okay now you try again"

Shubhangi grinned and tried again ..and again... and again.

After the judgement of the first task, Shubhangi looked at Ashwin and apologized vigorously. Ashwin waved her apologies away saying they can work it out in the second task. The director then announced break and gestured the TT stars to go inside the cabin. Shubhangi hummed and twirled around while tittering to the camera on the difficulties of the task and the ways she is going to make Ashwin win the second task.  When its her turn to go inside, she waved goodbye to Ashwin and ran away.

" So Shubhangi, what do you feel about the first task ? You can share your opinion when  I signal the red light ok?"

Shubhangi nodded. Once the red signal was given she narrated her point of view.

" The task was very hard. The ice burned my hand but that moment he took my scarf and wrapped my hands , I felt soo whole heart felt like a thousand butterflies around me.. I felt very gulu gulu ..hehehehe.. but yes no matter what I will make sure he win the second task.."

"Alright you can go, ask Mani to enter.. we will start shooting in an hour.. Make sure you eat something before you come back ok.."

"Okay Anna ..Thank you !!"

"Maniiii kaaaaa ...your turn.."

Spotting Ashwin standing beside Ayesha, she skipped towards the them.

"Hi !! "

" What did they ask ?" Ashwin enquired smiling down at her. Shubhangi grinned and told him its a secret. 

" wont even tell me huh.."

"If I tell then you will be disqualified... I don't want you to be.. so I won't.."

"Shubhangi !! "

"Yes akka.."

"Your brother is here .."

"Vipul ? Here ? Okay ...Okayyy bye bye I will be back soon!!"

Ashwin smiled watching her retreating back. Ayesha nudged his ribs smirking at him.

"Can't take your eyes of her huh.."

" What.. nothing like that ... she is a handful.."

"Oh yea.. Ashwin did you forget that you and I did a short film together ... You know how many takes it took to get this look in your eyes..."

"Ayesha.. nothing like that okay... she is a child !..."

" Just because she sound like one doesn't mean she is...  "

" You know me... Career is my main focus... stop creating and  fueling rumors..." Ayesha simply smiled and walked away leaving Ashwin to collect his thoughts.

The second task came with a twist of freeze. When it was her turn to freeze, she took the opportunity and asked him of his relationship status. Ashwin paused for a millisecond and then nonchalantly asked her " What will you do if I am single...or if I am committed ?"

" I have no problem with neither " She giggled causing him to smile and shake his head.

" Soooo you want me to sing you a song ?"

"Hm..ya go ahead ..."

"Yay okay.. I will sing you my fav song !" 

She then started to sing a joke song comprised by Bala and Pugal during last season. Ashwin sighed and shook his head causing her to giggle.

"You and your song..."

"Do you know this song ? "


"Heishe.. its very famous.. I am soo disappointed.."

"Oh no...oh no.."

Ashwin glanced at her and saw her fidgeting. " What wrong ?"

"My hair is tickling me.."

"What. Which hair.."

"Which hair.. how to explain.. oh gosh its tickling me.. oh oh.."

Ashwin smiled and took the garlic skin , using the garlic skin he pushed her hair back from her face. Shubhangi gasped softly and raised her eyes to meet his. The air felt so thick for a moment...before Ashwin quickly push her hair back and tease her. Once he left she winked to the camera and grinned widely to ensure they don't capture her exhaling her breath .

TJ Rana , one of the upcoming actor decided to promote his latest movie in the show. Chef Venky asked her to sing. When Shubhangi started singing , Ashwin was totally mesmerized. He can't keep his eyes away from her.  Her voice transformed when she started singing and he felt like he could listen to her singing for all eternity.

As she promised, she helped him win the second task. However during the third task , she insisted on cooking and forgot to add salt into the pasta.  Ashwin was disappointed however he didn't voice it to her when he watched her face fall. He wanted to support her however he failed to do show it due to him mulling over his lost. 

Once the shoot is wrapped up he strode to his car . Just as he was about to leave, the make up crew ran towards his car. He rolled down the window and boy passed the dabba.

"Sir.. you forgot this is the room."

"Oh...thank you...sorry for making you run all the way here.."

"No problem sir.. Have a safe drive.."

While driving away, he looked at his front view mirror and saw Shubhangi looking at his vehicle before nodding something to someone inside the car and then getting inside the said vehicle.

He slammed the door and stomped up the stairs. He placed the dabba on the dining table and walked away to his room. He groaned and roared facing his ceiling .  The door opened and little Nanthini ran towards him.

"Mama..are you ok... I think there is a lion inside your room..."

Ashwin grinned and roar into her face causing the little one to squeak and jumped under the blanket. Aarthi walked smiling cautiously. She sat on the foot of the bed and hold his hand  massaging his palms. Ashwin sighed loudly.

"I messed up..." Aarthi hummed but otherwise kept quiet allowing her brother to continue his rant.

" I shouldn't have allowed her to cook. I am the cook.. the jesters are people who don't know how to cook... dammit .."

" Then why did you allow her ?"

"She was insistant... She..just.. Oh god she has that effect on me !"

"Uhuh..  so she burn the dish ?"

"NO...It was almost perfect..."

"Then ?"

"She didn't add salt when she boiled the noodles..."

"I see ...what bout the sauce then...if there was salt in the sauce.."

"It was Oglio Alio... "

"I see...what were you doing ?"

"I was there.. I watched her.. but I don't know..."

" if there was salt.. then ?"

"I would have won and not needed to go into elimination cook off..."

Aarti smiled and ruffled his hair. Nandini giggled and hugged his neck. 

" Well then your going to prove them your a good cook and next time you will be extra attentive to the taste...okay..."

"Sighs ya.. she wanted me to win just. I guess.."

"Well that means  she didn't deliberately do it.. so you okay now ?"

Ashwin nodded. Nandini cheered loudly and skipped out of the room. Ashwin smiled fondly and shake his head.

"She soo childish..."

"She is six.. what do you expect.."

"Not Nandini...her.."

"Which her are we taking about … you partner for today or the girl you helped last week..."

"Both are one.."

"I she gave you that dabba as well.."

"What no...some Mrs Krishi Kumar.."

"You do realize that her father is Mr Krishi Kumar...and her parents are both in the music industry..."

"What.. her parents ?"

"Yes her mom was a famous singer around 16 years ago ...she used to sing for Bollywood movies... her dad is a Carnatic singer and musician.. they perform live shows and etc..."

"How.. how did you know all this ?? "

"We watched the singing competition she joined.. they use to ship her with another singer Sunil...Poor girl always tried to divert the topic..."

"So...that's why she is flirting with me in this show too.."

"Don't be an idiot... she was clearly uncomfortable when the host did that...and didn't you say so that there is no script for this show except for some basic things ? .."

" But...."

" I will decide if she is acting or not after watching this week.. You go and take a bath.. Mrs Krishi was kind enough to send us Gulab Jamun..."

Ashwin ignored his sister and rushed towards the kitchen. His mother smiled while Nandini giggled before biting the delicious sweet. 

" Make sure you thank her for giving you this..."

"She didn't ma.. it was her mother.."

"Then at least text the father !"

"What if he don't know ?"

"It doesn't hurt to do.. Call him now .."

Ashwin sighed and made the call.  He made attempt to leave the dining room and answer in private alas the whole family was against him. Glaring at them he leaned against the counter and cleared his throat when the call was answere.

"Hi.. can I speak to Mrs Krishi Kumar please ?"

"This is her.."

"I.. Hi ma'am.. This is Ashwin.. thank you for the sweets.."

"Oh hi , Thank god ..I thought Vipul did not deliver it to you .. those two trouble makers aren't home yet  so I cant ask him and he didn't answer my call ..oh silly me.. I hope you like it .."

"Yes ma'am.. the entire family loved it too.. thank you once again.."

"Your very welcome... Take care.."

"You too ma'am.."" There happy now ? "

Aarthi and his mom nod. Naren snickered and walked away with his daughter on his shoulders.


Chapter 2 done. This whole chapter is inspired by this song. I will post the song video here :) 

  The song video is not owned by me. Credits to Vijay television and  Shivangi -cook with comali YouTube channel. Not impersonating anyone. This is a fanfiction .

Its a beautiful song and when she sings it , she manage to mesmerize everyone <3 




Submitted: January 06, 2021

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