Strange Taste, Pt 11 - Keepsake

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by AdamCarlton

‘That was really lovely, Alyn,’ she said, ‘Thank you.’ (18+)

After Georgie had finished rubbing her moist cleft against his tensed thigh, Alyn watched her squat beside the bed and wipe herself dry with a wad of pink tissues from the dressing table. He adored her like this, recovering still, her nipples stiff, burned caramel, engorged with blood, her breasts heaving, her soft hairy mound glistening with intimate dew, the protruding scarlet lips. She smiled fondly at him, stretched out lazily on the bed, his hands behind his head, a puddle of grey messing the manly growth of hair on his belly, testament to her hand’s tender caress,

‘That was really lovely, Alyn,’ she said, ‘Thank you.’

‘I’m so glad. Did you come on?’

Georgie blushed, then laughed, ‘What do you think?! Here!’

She wiped a thin run of jus off the inside of her thigh then handed Alyn her wad of wet tissue. He was thrilled for her,

Georgie came on lying on top of me, with me, as I cradled her in my arms.

‘What am I supposed to do with this?’ he asked.

She pulled up her panties, ‘Keep it as a memento of our love.’

‘I will keep it, always.’

Alyn sounded deadly serious. He treasured Georgie, dreading the thought of losing her. The clutch of congealed mess in his palm, her intimate keepsake, would remind him of her scent, her strange taste, in his dark-lonely nights; recalling when they first made love.

Mildly surprised by his reaction, she pulled on her t-shirt and laughed, ‘I was only joking!’

He changed the subject, ‘Where are you from, Georgie?’

‘I grew up on a farm outside Adelaide. Dad owned a million sheep. I used to help him dip them, watch them being sheared, fed the baby lambs, helped Mum around the farmhouse.’

‘A million! That’s a lot of sheep. How did you manage?’

‘Daddy hired a load of casual farmhands for shearing, and during the lambing season.’

Alyn grinned. Coming from a council estate, he couldn’t begin to imagine what life must be like living on a sheep farm out in the wild. He loved the twang in Georgie’s voice. He could listen to her talk all night. She hitched up and zipped her jeans, in front of him,

‘When Dad died, four years ago, Mum sold the farm. We moved to a large house on the outskirts of Adelaide. I suppose you could say we’re well off: we have a maid, gardener, someone to do the cleaning. You’d love Australia, Alyn, the bush, the Outback, the white, sandy beaches, the wildlife. We had a veranda when we lived on the farm. I used to sit and watch the kangaroos play as the sun went down.’

Alyn could tell by her sad, dreamy, expression, the faraway look in her eyes, that Georgie missed home. He felt a knot forming in his chest, a rising sense of panic, fearing he might lose her. He wanted to keep Georgie safe, well, happy in his loving embrace, always. He could never let her go. The drug-crazed mask of Lyndsey’s face flashed through his mind,

‘That sounds incredible. Were there any spiders or poisonous snakes where you lived?’

Georgie slipped on her pumps, ‘Sure! Spiders, Funnel Webs, Red Backs (Black Widows). I always checked for them before I got into bed, whenever I sat on the toilet. You get used to it. But a bite from one of those beauties can maim, even kill, you. Dad’s arm swelled to three times its normal size when the Red Back bit him.’

‘Your Dad was bitten by a Black Widow?’ Alyn was intrigued, fascinated, by poisoning.

‘Alyn, the bite killed him. Dad’s lungs gave out before we could save him with antivenin.’

Georgie stared at her feet. Alyn turned to face her, propping himself up on one elbow. He felt for her, but he needed to know the gory details. If he could just push her a little farther,

‘I’m sorry to ask you this, but did he hurt when he died?’

Georgie bristled with anger, ‘How can you say that?! You’re talking about my Dad!’

‘I was only asking.’

‘If you must know, Dad had terrible chest pains, stomach cramps, he was sick, he sweated with fever, he had a seizure, which killed him. There, is that enough for you?’

Flushed with temper, she ran to the door. Alyn leaped out of bed, and caught her, gripping Georgie’s slender forearm, tightly, just as she turned the key. She screamed, blue murder,

‘Let go! You’re hurting me!’

Worried she might be overheard, he spun her round to face him, holding her thrashing body against him until she calmed,

‘I’m sorry I said that, Georgie, so sorry.’

‘It’s okay,’ she exhaled, ‘You gave me the creeps, that’s all.’

Alyn held her damp head in his hands, and kissed her on the lips. He felt her body relax, an easing of her tension. She giggled, his naughty little girl-child,

‘Careful! You’re all sticky!’ 

‘Can I see you again, Georgie?’ he pleaded, letting go of her.

One last time, she wanted to make love to him one last time. She played mind games with him, running her fingertips, seductively, along her lower lip, ‘Maybe, where do you live?’

‘15, Brierley Road, Ifield, Crawley,’ he recited, ‘Off the main drive from the station. You can’t miss it.’

He felt her soften, emotionally exhausted, felt her body slump against his, as she gave in,

‘Say it again, Alyn, I haven’t got a pen and paper.’

‘15, Brierley Road, Ifield, Crawley.’

‘I’ll find it…’

He crushed her to his bare chest. Breathless, blushing, sweating profusely, she memorized his address, kissing him on the lips. Then, she freed herself, opening the door. The landing was deserted. She heard the others, leaving. It was time for her to go home,

‘Tomorrow night,’ she whispered to him, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow night. I love you, Alyn.’

‘I love you too, Georgie.’

He locked the door after her, annoyed that she hadn’t mentioned the copperheads or death adders commonly found in Southern Central Australia.  

Love you more than you’ll ever know.

Submitted: January 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 HJFURL. All rights reserved.

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Bats? I'm sure there are bats? ;) Love it when you mix it up...

Wed, January 6th, 2021 8:17am


Adam, you're right - I missed the bats! Perhaps, I have an aversion to them, after Wuhan!? Stay Safe, Adam, please, stay safe!
Warmest Wishes,
Bat Woman x

Wed, January 6th, 2021 4:57am

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