accidentally dating

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

keith and meridith have been best friends since childhood and they practically know everything about each other.
now its one year remaining for them to end high school for good and keith has decided to tell cherry stallman that he likes her but tables turn and everyone thinks that keith and meridith are dating.

"She's staring at us" Meridith whispered into Keith's ear as they walked to the counter "I think she's staring at you"

They were in the Tweens sirens club to celebrate their official one year to highschool.

  "Do you think I should go meet her?" Keith whispered back as he pulled a stool for Meridith to sit on "I think I'm ready"

"Ready for what?" Meridith smiled "to be rejected and become the laughing stock of Jobabs high?"

"She won't reject me" keith frowned "I'm sure of it"

Meridith shrugged "if you say so" she turned to look at the girl who was staring at them; Cherry stallman "I think you should go meet her, who knows whether she also  has a crush on you."

Keith stood up from his stool, determined but as he turned he saw Cherry walking towards them smiling brightly. Cherry stallman was Jobabs high beauty and cheerleader and his dream girl. She was pretty and popular and blonde too.

"Hey Cheery, how's the party going for you?" Meridith asked. Cherry and Meridith had been friends once in junior high but Cherry had gotten more popular and had left Meridith in the side lines.

"Pretty well" Cherry smiled as she sat on the seat that Keith vacated after giving him her best sweet smile " I just found out that one of my friends had a boyfriend and I already posted it on page"

"What Friend and what boyfriend?" Meridith asked knowingly but Keith was clueless.

"Don't try to hide it Merry, I've been staring at you guys for hours" she stared at Keith and then back at Meridith "when are you guys going to admit that you're in a relationship?"

Keith coughed and Meridith gasped "we're not in a relationship and besides he is not my type. Why would I want to date someone who is chicken to express how he really feels."

"What?" Cherry and Keith gasped

"I'm going to say it" Meridith frowned at Keith. "Cherry, Keith is......."

Keith rushed to Meridith and covered her mouth with his hand making Cherry's eyes to sparkle with curiosity "what's going on here?"

"Mmph mmph" Meridith tried to get out of Keith's hold but he was already pulling her out of the club and before they got out, they heard some shout "hey guys!!, look, it's Keith and Meridith"



Keith let go of Meridith when they got to the parking space "oh my goodness" Meredith groaned "they all think that we're dating, we have to correct this and tell them that we're not"

"Wait" Keith said "did you mean what you said earlier"


"That I'm not your type?, I know its crazy that I care but....." Meridith cut him off "keith,you're my best friend, liking you would be against the friends rule" she said as a matter of fact

"But what if I wasn't"


"In the last crazy forty seconds, I came up with this crazy idea"

"Don't tell me about it" Meridith groaned as she crossed her arms under her breasts"

"Just hear me out, what if we did date"

"We can't"

"Cherry will see that I'm a good boyfriend and she won't think twice about dating me"

" You want to use me to get to Cherry?"

"I'll owe you for a lifetime"

"Only, if you take me out to Forres next weekend"

Keith growled in frustration "You witch"

Meridith laughed " I'm your ticket to Cherry Stallman and taking me to Forres is the price you will have to pay.




Hey, look over here

The story is not over yet and if you are interested in reading it just go on the internet and search for WWW.NOVELBEEF.BLOGSPOT.COM

or just search this link in case the website can't upload on your browser thanks.


Submitted: January 05, 2021

© Copyright 2021 azeh miracle. All rights reserved.

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