Girls night out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

“I’ve been thinking about these lips of yours since this afternoon at my shop,” he said while raising his thumb to brush them delicately across my lips.
“I want to kiss you. See how you taste…” he whispered in a heavy breath next to my ear, his words begging for my permission.
Feeling his breath against my skin sent shivers down my spine and I could feel my core throb. My stomach clenched and I started breathing heavily.
“Can I taste you?” He asked me needily, his eyes boring into mine.
I couldn’t speak, his words made me absolutely mute. And his eye contact was alluring. But I did want him. I wanted him badly.
I nodded and he took no time in crashing his lips to mine.

The music buzzed around the air in the bar like static electricity, loud and full of energy. All three of us stood up from our seats at the bar, leaving the bartender a tip before heading to the pool tables. 


"I'm just letting you all know, I suck at pool, and I make no guarantees one of you won't get hit with a ball," Addie said. 


"Uh yeah, we know. You've always been more of a darts person, but I want to play so we're playing," Liz demanded. 


Liz took some quarters out of her pocket and put them into the pool table, releasing the balls and grabbing the rack. "Since it's just the three of us, we can just take turns playing the winner. So basically it'll just be Mara and I playing after I kick Addie's ass," she said while wiggling her eyebrows at Addie. Addie flipped her off and stuck out her tongue. 


"You guys are ridiculous," I laughed. 


"I'm breaking, so rack 'em,  Addie," Liz commanded. 

"Sooooo... are you going to tell us about coffee-shop guy or what?" Addie questioned and smirked while she placed the balls in the rack, rolling them around like she knew what she was doing. She lifted the rack leaving a triangle of pool balls on the table. 


"Yeah, tell us about hot-coffee-shop guy," Liz insisted. 

I could feel my face flush red. "There's not even anything to tell! Nothing happened," I said covering my face.

"Ok then why are you as red as a tomato right now?" Addie questioned. 

"Yeah, I call bullshit." Liz added. 

These girls were my best friends, and I knew they wouldn't stop pestering me about it. 

"Ugh fine!" I groaned. 


Liz took her pool stick and hit the cue ball, scattering the balls around the table. "Solids," she said while lining her next shot up. "Well?" She said looking up from the table. " We're waiting Mara!" 

"Okay okay okay. So there's this new owner of the coffee shop I go to all the time. You know, the one a couple blocks from my house." 


"Yeah we know which one, continue ma'am," Addie said while trying to angle the pool stick to hit the cue, missing the ball entirely. She really was awful at pool. 

"Well, I was in there ordering my usual. I wasn't paying attention and just bumped right into him, sending my drink flying all over his shirt. Just soaking it entirely. Thank God I usually get an iced coffee."

"Uh huh.... aaaand?" Liz said leaning down to look at a potential shot more closely. 

"And I fucking gawked at him like a teenaged girl. Jaw dropping, eyes wide gawked. It was like looking at a male wet t-shirt contest, I couldn't look away. Has it really been that long since I got laid?" I asked my friends. 

"Yes," they both said simultaneously. 

I rolled my eyes, "Thanks guys. Anyways, after I was done staring at his amazingly sculpted body, I was so embarrassed I couldn't even make my mouth move. I just looked at him stuttering like an idiot." 

"Yeah that sounds like something you would do," Addie laughed. 


"He was super sweet about it though. Like super sweet. After I could finally compose myself enough to tell him how sorry I was, he told me it was no big deal, then asked if I would have lunch with him." 

"Seriously?! How do you pull off a lunch date like that?" Addie questioned. 

"Eight ball corner pocket," Liz announced before sinking the 8-ball. 

"You're up Mara. Come take on the champ," she said, setting the pool cue on the table lifting her arms and flexing like a strongman. I laughed and rolled my eyes at her.

I shrugged. "I honestly have no idea. I couldn't have lunch with him though, I was already running late for a meeting at work," I pouted, pulling out quarters and putting them into the table. "So that's the hot-coffee-guy story. Told you there wasn't much to tell."


"So did you get his number? Did you give him yours? Is this the end of the hot-coffee-guy romance?" Lizzie questioned, leaning against a wall with her pool stick.

"No numbers. I was so embarrassed I kind of just left," I shrugged. I couldn't stop thinking about him, but there was no way I would admit that to them. So I opted to drink. It always helped me find a confidence in myself I didn't normally possess. 


"Addie, will you rack for me? I'll be right back. I'm going to get another drink from the bar before I whoop Liz's cocky ass," I said confidently, sending Liz a wide grin and wink. 

"In your dreams, Mara. Bring back shots!" Liz yelled, and Addie nodded in agreement. 


I walked over to the bar, and settled on a glass of Cabernet for myself and tequila shots for my friends. As much as I loved them, I couldn't keep up with their drinking. I liked to stay in control and did not like to be praying-to-the-porcelain-god-later, drunk. I could handle being buzzed, but not when it interfered with my decision making. 

The bartender handed me a tray full of our drinks and I turned carefully to carry them back to our table by the pool area. I immediately collided with a hard body, sloshing the drinks around the tray. 

A hand from a man caught my wine swiftly before it tipped over. 

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry," I apologized while trying to regain control of the tray. 

"We really must stop meeting like this."


I looked up from the tray and saw him. The man from the coffee shop. He was wearing a crisp, dark navy blue button up shirt, sleeves rolled to his elbows, hugging his hard, sculpted body. His eyes were a captivating deep grey, and he had just a hint of a 5 o'clock shadow. I looked at his face and saw him wearing a disarming smile, eyebrow slightly raised in amusement. I blushed from being caught taking in his body again

"Uh... yeah... I'm sorry. God I really need to stop doing this," I said to the man, trying my best not to fall over my words unsuccessfully. 

"Here, let me help," he said, taking the tray from my hands. 

I looked over to Liz and Addie and saw them staring at me, both wearing matching mischievous grins, doing the strange wiggle they do when they get excited. 

"Lead the way......" he said, letting the question hang in the air.

"Oh! Mara, sorry. I never got to tell you earlier when I covered you in my iced latte."

"Mara, I like that. Well, Mara, lead the way and I'll make sure your drinks arrive safely," he said in a stern sexy voice. 



The way he said my name was having me pressing my thighs together and blushing so hot I felt like I was on fire. 

"Right, er... we're just over here. My friends and I."

I led him to the high-top pub table right next to the pool table we were playing at and he set the tray down. 

"Hey Maraaaaa, who's your friend here?" Liz asked with purpose. 

"Oh, uhmmm..." I stammered embarrassed. 


"Evan, nice to meet you beautiful ladies. I hope I'm not intruding on your night."

"Not at all! You just made our night that much more exciting," Addie blurted out. 

I shot Addie a wide-eyed glare and mouthed the words stop behind clenched teeth. 

He caught me and chuckled heartily, causing my blush to deepen even more. 

"Would you mind if my friend and I join you in your games?" Evan asked. 

"Yes! We were just about to start another game, we can team up," Liz practically screamed in excitement. I put my palm to my face. 

These two are going to send me into an early grave

"Okay, I'll be right back," he said, giving me a wink before walking off. His backside was almost as beautiful as his front. His straight tailored tan corduroy pants were just tight enough to show off his ass and muscular thighs. 


When he was out of ears reach, Addie said, "ok fuck hot-coffee-shop guy, who is THAT?" She and Liz were on the verge of drooling. 

"Ummm... that IS hot-coffee-shop guy," I admitted. 

They both looked at me with their jaws dropped. 

"No. Fucking. Way." Addie said. 

"Well, this is just the universe's way of telling you to get laid, Mara, "Liz asserted, leaning on the pub table. "That man is walking sex. I would hop on and ride him like a damn rodeo clown," She said unapologetically. 


Addie and I laughed at her no-nonsense attitude.

"I can't just go around demanding sex from someone I don't even know. I don't even know if he's into me," I said honestly. 

"Oh he's into you," Liz said while twirling her pool cue in her hands. 

"Definitely into you," Addie added.


Evan walked back through the crowd with his friend not far behind, and gave me a heated smile. 


"This is my friend, Lucas. He's also my business partner and helps run some of our other shops in and out of town," Evan introduced. "This is Mara, and her friends..." 

"Addie," I said pointing to my tall blonde friend. "And Liz," I said, gesturing to the other who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. 


Addie had a long term boyfriend who adored her at home, but Liz and I were both single. I caught Liz looking at Lucas, and taking in his appearance. He was just as handsome as Evan, but his opposite. He had dirty blonde hair cut into a pompadour, sea green eyes, and wearing similar attire to Evan. While Evan had dark jet-black wavy hair, and rich caramel skin. 


"Let's partner up. Mara and I against Evan and you," Liz said, smirking at Lucas confidently. Liz was definitely more sure of herself than either Addie or myself. She didn't mind having casual relationships, and had the beauty and confidence that all of us dreamed of. She had an exotic look, being of Native American decent, and long silky hair she usually wore flat-ironed straight. Tonight, she was wearing white skinny jeans that elongated her already tall figure and a skin-tight pitch black top, showing off her cleavage and voluptuous curves.


"Ladies first," Evan said in a subtle but playful tone.

Liz walked confidently up to the pool table leaning down seductively, and looked up at Lucas over her long lacquered lashes. She brought the stick back and sent the cue ball flying towards the other balls, scattering them all over the table. 


Oh man. He's going to be putty in her hands by the end of the night

Addie and I gave each other a raised eyebrow that said we knew exactly what Liz's intentions were for tonight.

"Stripes," Liz said, and lined up her next shot. 


We got into a groove of playing, and I relaxed as the night went on. Addie decided to call it an early night and called an Uber to take her back home, leaving Liz and I with the two men. 


"I've got to pee, I'll be right back," I announced as I made my way through the crowd and to the bathroom. 


Exiting the bathroom, I again collided with a body.



"We really must stop meeting like this," Evan laughed. I bit my lip and looked up at him through my lashes. I didn't miss how his eyes darkened as he brought his hand up slowly, releasing my lip from my teeth. 

That small action had me clenching my thighs together, and I could feel my heart racing in my chest. 


"Or maybe we should," He said suggestively. 

"Yeah... I mean..." I said blushing even harder.


He closed the distance between us, making me back up into the wall behind me, catching me slightly off guard. 

"I've been thinking about these lips of yours since this afternoon at my shop," he said while raising his thumb to brush them delicately across my lips. 

"I want to kiss you. See how you taste..." he whispered in a heavy breath next to my ear, his words begging for my permission. 

Feeling his breath against my skin sent shivers down my spine and I could feel my core throb. My stomach clenched and I started breathing heavily. 

"Can I taste you?" He asked me needily, his eyes boring into mine.

I couldn't speak, his words made me absolutely mute. And his eye contact was alluring. But I did want him. I wanted him badly. 

I nodded and he took no time in crashing his lips to mine. He tangled his hands in my hair, making me absolutely weak. If he wasn't pressing me against the wall, I would have certainly fallen. His kiss was hot, his tongue working effortless with my own. He pulled my hair slightly to deepen the kiss even more, eliciting a small whimper from me. He groaned, liking how responsive I was to him. 

He delicately bit my bottom lip, bringing it into his mouth then releasing it breaking our kiss, leaving me panting and needy. 


"Come on, let's check on our friends," He smirked, setting his hand dangerously low on my back, leading us toward our spot in the bar. 


"I think your friend is interested in Lucas."

"Uh yeah. She's a vixen and if he isn't careful she..." I started before stopping abruptly from the scene before us. 

Liz and Lucas were making out, with seemingly no care in the world. 

I chuckled and set my hands on my hips. 

"Yup. That's Liz. She takes what she wants with absolutely no shame." 


"And do you as well? Take what you want I mean?" He said looking at me. I didn't miss how his eyes traveled up and down my body, drinking me in before looking back into my eyes. 

Is it hot in here? It feels really hot. 


The two of them finally broke free from their heated kiss, and made their way to Evan and I. 

"Yeah.... we're going to take off. Evan, make sure my girl is safe, will you? And call me Mara, when you get home or wherever it is you're headed," she said with a wink, taking Lucas' hand and pulling him toward the exit. 


"Oh, she's going to ravage him. Your poor friend. He has no idea what he's gotten himself into," I joked. 


I looked back at Evan and found him staring at me with very obvious intentions. I tried to channel my inner Liz, and take what I wanted. I wanted him. And from the kiss we shared, I was certain he could give me what I needed, at least for tonight. 


I walked over to him with all the confidence I could muster, bringing my hands up to his hard, muscular chest. "Why don't we get out of here, and I can show you what been imagining all day." 

He looked at me surprised by my forwardness. He pulled me closer and set both of his hands right above the waist of my skirt. 

"I guess you do take what you want," he breathed against my neck, sending those shivers down my spine again. 


We made our way out of the bar and headed towards his sleek black car. He opened the door for me, and I glided into the leather seat smoothly. 

Evan got in the driver seat, and asked where we should go.

"Let's go back to your place," I said, looking at him, my cheeks flushing slightly. 


The air was thick with sexual tension. Evan started the car and began to drive. Once we were on the highway, he reached just above my thigh-high suede boots, and started rubbing small, torturous circles with his fingers. I could feel the wetness between my legs and tried to squeeze them together to settle the throbbing I felt. 


"Do you want me to touch you, Mara?" He asked.

I looked over at him, and breathed "Yes".

"Then open your legs for me," Evan commanded, his eyes still on the road.

I slowly opened my legs for him.

"Wider, Mara," He said with a dominating tone. The way he said my name had me clenching.

My heart stammering in my chest, and I opened them even wider. He continued touching my inner thigh so softly that goosebumps started appearing on my skin, making my nipples stand at attention as well. 

His hand crept higher on my thigh, making my skirt rise with it. His nimble fingers brushed up against my soaking wet panties, earning a deep inhale from me. 

"Already so wet for me, Mara." He said, pleasure visible in his tone. 


He removed his hands from my thigh, making me pout.

He smirked, and put the car in park. I was so addicted to his touch I didn't even realize we had stopped moving. 

"Don't worry, Mara. I'm going to fix that ache you have," he said, looking at me darkly. 

I bit my lip and closed my legs to relieve the pressure building in between them. 


We swiftly got out of the car and made our way up the steps to the front door. The second we were inside, he had me pinned against the door, his nose running along my neck. He hooked his hands behind my knees and I instinctively jumped up wrapping my legs around his waist. I pulled him into a passionate, needy kiss, tangling my hands in his wavy hair. He tilted his head and deepened our kiss, plunging his tongue into my mouth. He grabbed my ass to hold me up. I moaned and threw my head back at the touch and he used the opportunity to ravage my neck. Sucking and nipping at the nape, causing every nerve in my body to respond to him. He groaned and started walking. 


I was suddenly thrown down onto a bed. I yelped in surprise and he took no time in climbing on top of me, making the mattress dip. I wrapped my legs around his torso and moved my hips up to grind against his hardness. 


"Fuck, Mara. So needy for me. What do you want me to do to you?" He questioned, running his lips along my neck. 


I couldn't speak. It had been so long since I was touched like this, and I was drunk with need for him. 

"Tell me what you want, Mara." He said while taking my hands and pinning them above my head. 

"Do you want me to see how wet you are for me? To taste your throbbing pussy?" He said in between biting and licking that sweet spot on my neck. 

"God Evan, yes," I moaned breathy. 

"Beg me", he said, running his fingers down both of my arms, sending shivers all over my body. 

"Please, Evan," I whimpered. 

"Please what?" He said as he rubbed his hardness against my core, making me wish there was no material between us. 

"Fuck. Please touch me," I begged. 

He leaned down and gently bit my bottom lip making me needy as hell, then released it from his teeth and stood up from the bed. 

"I want that shirt of yours off now," he demanded. 


I sat up from the bed, my legs dangling over the frame. I looked at him and spread my legs for him, my skirt rising revealing my lacy thong. I slowly brought my hands to the hem of my shirt and lifted it over my head before tossing it in on the floor. I kept his gaze as I unhooked my bra, and watched his eyes darken as my hard nipples escaped from the thin, lacy material. It was turning me on even more watching his eyes travel all over my body. I let the straps fall down my arms, throwing the lingerie to him, smirking as he caught it. 


"You're so fucking sexy, Mara. I'm going to worship your body like the goddess you are, " He said as he flung the lacy bra to the side. 


I followed his hands with my eyes as he brought them to his shirt and started to unbutton them. The anticipation of seeing his body was killing me. 

His shirt flew open, and he quickly removed it, revealing his perfectly chiseled body, his skin a dark caramel color. I drank him in, licking my lips.


I reached my hands out, touching his rock hard torso, not being able to resist. I then trailed my fingers across his abs down to where they disappeared into a "V" shape into his pants, hiding his impressive bulge. 

"I need to taste you Mara," he said while looking down at me. 

I looked up at him and breathed, "taste me then."


He let out a deep guttural sound, and pushed me back down on the bed. His hands cupped my breast and my breathing hitched. He captured my lips into a heated and needy kiss. Our tongues fought for dominance, and he started drawing torturous circles around my hardened peak. He broke our kiss and started ravaging my neck, sucking and biting until I was moaning from the sensations. He made his way down to one of my breasts and licked everywhere but my hard nipple with his hand working the other in a similar fashion. 

"Your skin is so smooth," he breathed against my breast. I could feel wetness pooling between my legs, and I thrust my hips to meet his to try to rid myself of the growing ache. I wanted him to touch my hard nipples, the teasing was driving me wild. 


“Please”, I whimpered. 

He looked up at me, and gave me a devilish smirk, before dipping his head and taking my hardened nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. 

"Holy fuck!" I screamed. Never in my life did I know I could be edged to nearly creaming just from my tits being teased. I felt my entire body clench from that one move. 


He lowered one hand to my completely soaked panties, cupping me with his strong muscular hand, making me inhale sharply. He started rubbing my folds through the wet material, up and down, teasing me. 

"Fuck, Mara. You're so wet."

He hooked his fingers around my panties and rubbed my swollen folds. He teased me until I was begging him to enter me. 

"Please, Evan" I moaned loudly, arching my back. 

"Please what?"

"Please, I need your cock inside of me," I begged. 

"Not yet," he said, as he plunged two fingers inside of me, curling them up to hit my sweet spot. 

"Oh my fucking God!" I screamed. 


He worked me over, pumping his fingers in and out of me, stopping every so often to circle my clit while still flicking his tongue around my nipple. 

I clamped around his fingers, feeling the familiar build until he suddenly stopped. 


I frowned, my breathing heavy. He looked at me then eased off the mattress until he was kneeling on the floor. Quickly, he yanked my legs to the edge so my wet panties were inches from his face. I yelped excitedly. He lifted my leg and unzipped my boot slowly, removing it before doing the same to the other. 

"Lift up your hips," he said in a deep dominating voice that I willingly obeyed. 


He swiftly removed my soaking wet lacy thong and my skirt, lifting my legs and draping them over his shoulders. He immediately got to work licking my folds, paying close attention to my clit. I could feel his tongue circling around my swollen bud as his fingers pumped mercilessly inside of me, hitting my g-shot whenever he curled them up. He sucked in my clit while applying pressure on it with his godlike tongue.


"I love the way you taste," he said with heavy breath, licking me up and down. 

 My hands gripped the sheets, and I arched my back out of sheer pleasure. He lapped at my throbbing core until I was so close I could feel myself tightening around him. 

He stopped, making me gasp with need. I needed more of him. 

"You're not going to cum until my cock is deep inside you," Evan said, his eyes dark with lust. 


He stood up and unbuttoned his pants, dropping them to the floor along with his boxers. My eyes widened at the size of him. 

On my god. I don't know how that's going to fit inside me. 


His cock sprang up, and he grabbed it, stroking it slowly while looking at me heatedly. I was getting so turned on from watching him stroke his long, girthy shaft. 

"Do you want me to fuck your tight, wet pussy?" He said, looking right into my eyes, the tension thick in the air. 

I spread my legs wide, rubbing myself for him and nodded. 


He knelt on the bed, and positioned himself at my entrance, rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit coating himself in my juices. I leaned back on my elbows, and watched him tease my clit with the tip until I almost couldn't take it anymore. 

"Please, please fuck me," I begged. 


He looked at me and smirked before pushing himself inside. He took his time, slowly filling me up and I couldn't help the moan that escaped my mouth. I winced slightly, having not been fucked in so long, but he noticed and gave me time to adjust to his size. He leaned to me and gave me a passionate kiss before slowly moving out of me. He hooked his arms around my shoulders, and slid inside me deeper. 


"Fuck Mara, you're so tight," he groaned, sliding in and out of me, his hips meeting mine and allowing me to take more of him with each thrust. The pressure was building quickly inside of me and I wrapped my legs around him. 


"Oh God," I moaned, gripping his shoulders, my tits pressed flush against his chest. I brought my hips up to his, mirroring every thrust until we found a rhythm that had both of us panting. 


He began to move quicker and deeper, making me scream out in pleasure. I felt my pussy clench around him, so close to exploding. No sex had ever been this good or this intense before. 

"Fuck, Evan!" I cried as I felt the pressure become too much and I came hard. 

He sank into me deeper and harder, making my orgasm last even longer. He watched me as I came all over his rock hard member.

When I finally came down from my euphoric high, he pulled out of me and flipped me onto my stomach. 

"Watching you cum on my cock was so fucking sexy, Mara," he said then slapped my ass.


"Lift your ass up for me," he commanded. I lifted my ass and arched my back, granting him more access. 

I brought my hands to my sensitive clit and started rubbing circles around it, waiting for him to enter me again. 


He pressed the tip of his cock on my dripping wet pussy and sunk into me. I screamed out of pleasure, taking every inch of him. My hands balled into fists around the sheets as I felt him move faster. He fucked me with longer thrusts, pulling himself almost all the way out before sinking himself back inside my throbbing core. He grabbed my hips and sank into me even deeper, making me scream and moan even louder. 

I felt myself clench around him, the pressure building up again. 


He pulled all the way out of me, his cock springing up, and rubbed his thick veiny cock between my ass before sliding himself all the way back into me. He groaned loudly with each slow deep thrust. 

"God, Mara. You feel so good."


He did this over and over, causing me to clench around his cock harder each time. He was edging me, getting me close but pulling himself out entirely before I could release. 


I was whimpering and moaning loudly with every full thrust, bringing my hips back to his with need. 

Finally, as if he knew I couldn't take it anymore, he slapped my ass hard and grabbed my hips roughly. 

He plunged into me with force, picking up his speed. In and out he thrust into me, his hands digging into my hips.


"Cum for me, Mara" he growled, and that's all it took to send me over the edge. 

I screamed as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. He sank deeper and harder into my tight pussy. He groaned loudly and I felt his cock grow harder inside of me, making me clench even more. 

"Fuck, Mara, I'm going to cum," he said before thrusting into me wildly. I met his every thrust, taking in every inch of him until he squeezed my hips, holding me in place, groaning and spasming inside of me, filling me to the brim with his thick cum. 


Evan rolled me over, and laid beside me, sweat dripping from his body. 

never been fucked like that in my life," I admitted, my breathing coming out heavy. I looked up at him and ran my fingers over his chest. 

He looked down and smirked. 


"I could fuck you like that over and over and never get tired of it," he said setting a small kiss on my forehead. 

He pulled me close to him, draping his leg over my body and pulling the covers over us both.

"We should do this again in the morning, maybe stop at my shop for some coffee afterwards."

I nodded, before falling into the best sleep of my life.


Submitted: January 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Kaye Everett. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

I was looking for something fun, cliched and a little bit nasty, and this delivered really well. The narrative was quirky at times, just the way I like it. And the leading man is a certified Adonis, the way he should be. ;) Thanks for this entertaining read!

Thu, January 7th, 2021 2:10pm


Thank you so much for the feedback! I just came back to booksie after a nearly 9 year hiatus, so lots of growth since then. This is my first attempt at erotic/romantic fiction so I welcome any criticism.

Thu, January 7th, 2021 6:46am

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