Strange Taste, Pt 12 - Ecstasy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Janis had never seen her twin in this state. She crouched beside her on the bed, scared of what she’d found. (18+)

Janis was relieved to hear the pounding strains of Brown Sugar ascending through the floorboards from the living room downstairs. The music helped her to stay composed as she fought to quell her rising state of alarm. She stared down at Lindsey, lying naked, flat on her back on the bed, clutching her breasts, pressing the flats of her palms to her chest, in a vain bid to control the bizarre tremors undulating through her body. Janis had never seen her twin in this state. She crouched beside her on the bed, scared of what she’d found. Lindsey ground her teeth, her eyelids flickered involuntarily, her pupils dilated. Janis felt for her heartbeat. It was racing wildly. She was pouring with sweat, running a high fever,

‘What did he give you, Sis?’

Lindsey felt her mind drift upwards, out of her head, her soul flit and float, lazily, above her body, loving the star-spangled red-dwarf universe that she existed in: exploding suns, flash-by comets, pulsing quasar stars, kaleidoscopic shards of red, orange, yellow, indigo, spinning incessantly in her mind. Her heart tried to beat out of her chest. She fitted, feeling her muscles spasm, her wonderful orgasmic, shuddering, juddering, palpitations coursing, like hot wires being sewn through her flesh, vaguely hearing the alien girl-roar in her ears,

‘What did he give you?’

Close to tears, Janis brushed the soaking wet hair off her deconstructed sister’s face, and kissed her forehead. She rolled Lindsey onto her side, in case she felt like being sick, then quickly left the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Georgie nearly collided with her. She recognized her pen pal at once from the photo: short, stocky, blushing cheeks, bronze suntan. Only her hair was different. She had dyed it: cupric red,


Janis was stopped in her tracks by the accent; the girl sounded Australian, ‘No, I’m Janis. We’re twins, people get us confused,’ she sighed, her head still in a daze, ‘You must be?’

‘Georgie. I’m Lindsey’s pen pal. From Adelaide.’

‘I know, I’ve read your letters to Lindsey. We keep no secrets.’

Janis turned to face her. Her eyes were red.  She looked as if she had been crying.

Georgie was shocked. The letters were private and confidential. They contained intimate revelations of the two of them growing up, becoming women, their love-lives and dreams.

What else did she know?

‘I saw you playing in the garden, on the swing,’ Janis admitted in a hushed voice, ‘I saw you take your top off, saw your breasts. You’re a beautiful girl, a naughty girl. I saw you playing, with him. Looks like you were enjoying yourself!’

It suddenly occurred to Georgie, how she must look: her straggly damp hair, dragged thru a hedge backwards, his wet patch on the front of her jeans. Janis edged towards her, tired, strained, seeking relief, in her clingy pink summer dress. No bra, or panties, just her dress,

‘Did he fuck you?’ she said.

‘No, I straddled him.’

Georgie blushed. She couldn’t believe, she just said that. Janis was blocking her way out. There was no escape. She didn’t want to go. Janis needed stress relief. Georgie found her sexually attractive. She let her kiss her throatily. They stumbled into the spare room. Janis bolted the door, told her to tear off her top, pull off her jeans, and drop her panties. There was a chest of drawers under the window. Janis made her stand with her legs apart, palms flat on the chest, and stare out of the window, while she took off her dress. Georgie felt Janis’s squashy breasts press against her shoulder blades, her belly rubbing her buttocks. The twin caressed her, gently exploring Georgie’s splayed cleft with her fingers, the back of Janis’s hand firmly massaging her clenched bum, as she sighed - then relieved herself,

‘That feels lovely, girl, so lovely.’

Georgie gasped, sagging at the knees, her nerve endings tingling, in ecstasy, ‘Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.’

After they had finished making love, the girls kissed and embraced, then they got dressed.  Georgie asked after Lindsey.

‘She’s not well, not feeling her usual self, I’ve put her to bed,’ Janis explained, motherly, caring, intensely fond of her twin, ‘Lindsey’s had a bad trip. She’s really suffering. Think I should call a doctor?’

Georgie was stunned, ‘A bad trip?!’

‘Yep, she takes drugs to get high but I’ve never seen her this bad. Someone’s fed her dirt.’

Speechless, shocked to the core, Georgie shivered - as the distressed twin fled the room.

Submitted: January 06, 2021

© Copyright 2021 HJFURL. All rights reserved.

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