Chapter 2: In the Dead of The Night

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Abandoned

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“This weekend the movie ‘Out of The Darkness the Robin Blakemoore Story’ will premiere, but how much of the movie based on the truth?  I’m Drew Acula and tonight on Entertainment Nightly we will be answering that question.”

The image on the TV zoomed out from the face of a beautiful woman with slightly oriental features to show the house she was standing in front.  It was a medium-sized two-story house with boarded-up windows and a for sale sign in the front yard.  Painted in bright red paint across the front was ‘The Mole Man Lives’.

“Five years ago, Robin Blakemoore was just another missing girl among hundreds but then she burst from the basement of this house telling a horrific story of kidnapping, rape, and murder.  The full story may never be known since Ms. Blakemoore disappeared soon after the police investigation concluded that the man behind this was dead.  Her only statement to the press was to say, ‘He is still alive’.”

“The Mole Man as he came to be known was never identified.  Some believe that Ms. Blakemoore is right, and he is still alive, maybe even taking more gi…”

Stabbing her index finger into the power button Robin shut off the TV.  Her hand was shaking as she dropped the remote on the end table.  It didn’t matter what the police or FBI said he was still out there in the dark waiting to take her again.

She moved to the window and looked out at the rainstorm that was turning her front yard into a swamp.  The storm was playing havoc with the flood light’s sensors causing the front yard to be bathed in bright light.  He wouldn’t come not if the lights were on, so she would be safe tonight.

Ritual and routine were what kept her from curling up in a ball with panic and the ritual before going to bed were to make sure all the doors were locked, and the windows were still nailed shut.  That done she went upstairs to her bedroom.  It was a small room almost a closet with only a mattress pushed into a corner.  The small window in the room had been boarded up and when she pushed the door shut and dropped the crossbar into place, she was sealed in.  She laid down with the light still on and closed her eyes hoping and praying that she wouldn’t dream tonight.


Her friends had all left and her parents had gone in to watch a TV show leaving her in the yard to play with her new toys.  She was playing with her new doll when she heard a noise from the crawl space under the shed, but she ignored it.  A few minutes later the sound happened again, and it sound like a whimpering puppy.  She thought about getting her dad, but he would just chase it off, so she walked over and peeked around the corner.  Someone grabbed her from behind holding a smelly rag over her mouth and nose.  She tried to breathe and the world faded to blackness.


Robin sat up in the dark scrambling for the flashlight beside her mattress.  A noise had woken her, and she knew it was him come to reclaim what was his.  The beam cut through the darkness showing the barred door and empty room.  Trying to stay calm she grabbed her cell phone and hit the speed dial for the local sheriff department.

“Brookline Sheriff depart, Officer Adams here, how may I help you?”

“He is here.  You have to send somebody now before he takes me again.”

“Calm down ma’am.  May I have your name and address?”

“Robin Blakemoore at 1036 Cherry Lane.”

“You do understand that prank calls are agai…”

“Listen to me you fucking asshole.  I am Robin Blakemoore and The Mole Man is here.  He cut the power and is in the house.”

“The power was knocked out all over the county Ms. Blakemoore, but I will dispatch a unit to check on you.”

“Make it quick.”


Adams grabbed the mike.  “Hey Charlie you out by Cherry Lane?”

“I’m about a mile away, what’s up Doug.?”

“You ain’t going to believe this but Robin Blakemoore just called the station.”

“Robin fucking Blakemoore, you are shitting me.”

“No, I’m not dude.  She is flipping out, so I need you to drop by and calm her down.  Check out the house whatever just don’t be an idiot ok.”

“Yeah, what’s the address?”

“1036 Cherry Lane.”

“Got it, I’m on my way.”


Shivering in fear Robin grabbed the knife she had under her mattress.  She held it in her hand thrust out in front of her as she crept towards the door and pressed her ear against it.  Holding her breath, she listened until her lungs began to burn and gasped for breath.  She set the flashlight down and quickly lifted the bar out of the way before snatching it up.

The hinges creaked as she opened the door and she swung the beam of light up and down the hall.  The other doors along the hall were shut tight but taking no chances she ran to the top of the stairs and pressed her back against the wall.  One step at a time she descends the stairs moving the light quickly back and forth.  On the bottom step, she waited as her heart pound against her rib cage.  To reach the front door she had to pass between two doorways and then unlock four deadbolts to get outside.

Her back slid down the wall as a whimper escaped her lips.  She could feel him in the house watching her, just waiting to pounce like some hungry predator and she was his prey.


Submitted: January 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ian D. Mooby. All rights reserved.


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Some great tension building, here.

Your dialogue is so real and natural, it brings a sense of realism and said tension to the writing.

A good follow-up chapter.

Nice work.

Sun, February 7th, 2021 1:05pm


Thanks Celtic.

Sun, February 7th, 2021 6:58am

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