Concerning Zombies

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cthulhu Mythos short story.

Zombies are fairly predictable in their habits. They're generally pack animals. They tend to congregate like birds; it's just something they do. They don't like to be alone. I'm not sure if it's instinct or if they have just enough intellect left to realize that their effectiveness increases when they're in numbers.


Otherwise, they're stupid. Deeply stupid. I don't think they're much above flat-worms in terms of intelligence. A closed door is quite beyond their mental capacities. With effort, they can negotiate a flight of stairs. They'll push at a window, but it almost never occurs to them they can break it. And whatever ones does, the others do, even if it leads to disaster.


Pound on the wall; you have to do that sometimes, if you want to get their attention. They don't always sense the living [contrary to what some films would have you believe].


People have died of natural causes and not become the living dead. And sometimes, they have. All I know is being bitten or clawed by the things is always fatal. There's a brief incubation period, fever, unconsciousness, then the victim rises again and you have another ghoul on your hands.


While I have no evidence that it causes them direct harm, zombies seem not to like sunlight.


Zombies are cannibals. They do eat the living, though it's always a haphazard and inefficient business. They eat about half of whatever they catch - they'll eat anything - and then wander away, distracted by something else. This is unpleasant for obvious reasons, even more so because the remains occasionally come back to life.


So the dead do eat the living. The old movies got that much right.


Zombies aren't weak, either. The only weak zombies are the badly decayed ones. Otherwise, they're quite strong. If they get hold of you, you're in trouble.


The government put stuff in the water, you know. They put stuff in the water so people stay calm. Make 'em open to suggestion. That's what TV commercials are for, you know. They distract us with things we want, so we won't realize that the creatures from outer space are here among us -




I say this as some mantra, the true path, the answer to everything.


The zombies get to you when you panic and bolt. I'd seen people do it before, and they almost invariably blundered into disaster. Zombies caught them and they were pulled apart.


Death. This is rot and ruin and the end of everything. This is now the Kingdom of Death.


Submitted: January 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Mad Prophetess 1981. All rights reserved.

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