The Silent Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Silent Girl


“I have all a man could wish for and seek only pleasure.”

She knew not how to respond and so said nothing.

“I have made my fortune, I own this splendid house. I am safe from any misfortune, so what else can there be, but for me to seek pleasure?”

Again, how to respond? She did not.

“What say you; what else is there for me to do? It would not be good use of my time to make more wealth, for I could never use that which I already have. I need no other property, for I can only live in one place at a time and where better than here? To marry and maybe have children; oh but I have not the inclination; I wish not to be beholden to another and to have the responsibility that offspring would bring. Some may think me selfish, but I am self made and so is it not my right to choose the course my life takes? To marry falsely and to have children I wish not to have would be selfish surely, do you not agree?”

Many questions, but not one answer would come to her lips.

“You sit quietly, but I can tell you listen and take in what I say. Why am I here, may be a question on your mind; why has he invited me here to his splendid house only to ask questions impossible to answer? You are young and beautiful and find yourself in the presence of a stranger, in a strange house, being asked strange questions. What a strange situation you find yourself in young miss. Strange indeed, but do you have the right inclination to take advantage of such a situation; Is your youth and beauty something that maybe you think you may put to good use? I had inclination enough to go out into the World and make my fortune. I had not the beauty you have, indeed a thorn in a sea of roses some may have thought, but I did have youth and the inclination to set foot on the right path and now that I have neither youth nor beauty, I have wealth and experience and a knowledge of Worldly matters. You still have your youth and have been blessed with beauty; one of the roses that us thorns sit amongst. But now miss, do you have the inclination, such as I had, to set your dainty foot on the right path; will you make your own fortune, whatever that may be?”

A silence; he looked intently into her eyes; she tried to find answers to these impossible questions, but non would come.

“Would you show me what you do have; would you give me a glimpse of your own inclination; are you prepared to share that youth and beauty that you possess? I have already said that I seek only pleasure, for there is now nothing else I have an inclination to seek. Are you one to give that pleasure; is your inclination to set your dainty foot on the path of pleasure giving, in order you may bring pleasure to yourself; what else is there for you? there may be much, or there may be nothing, how would I know; only you can know the answer to that question. Look at your options miss; what is it you definitely have; youth and beauty, neither a skill, or affording experience in themselves, but two things you definitely possess and that can be used to your advantage. Are you inclined to take advantage of that which you possess?”

A silence again and again he stared intently into her eyes. It seemed now to have gone beyond simply answering the impossible questions he was asking; he was making her think; to think in a way she never had thought before. To think of herself; what she had to use, to give, to take advantage of. Youth and beauty, yes she did have both these attributes, but had never  before thought how she may use them to advantage. What was the stranger getting at; how so to set her dainty foot on the path to her own fortune; he sought only pleasure, pleasure from her? But how so; what pleasure was she to bring to him?

Her thoughts were interrupted at this point.

“Ah, I see you question my motives. What is this pleasure I seek and is it from you I seek it and if so, how are you to give such pleasure, when you have only youth and beauty and how so will it set your dainty foot on the path to your own success? But why else would I have invited you here to my splendid house; do you still have those other wonderful attributes of innocence and naivety; but of course you do, why else would you have such questions on your mind? I shall be candid young miss, for you deserve nothing less. Yes, it is from you I seek the pleasure of which I speak; it is from your youth and beauty that I wish to take my pleasure. Will your naive innocence allow such pleasure to be given though?”

A silence between them.

“Come miss, take my arm and consider it the arm of experience and Worldly knowledge, extended to you, in order it may import some of that experience and Worldly knowledge. Bring with you that youth and beauty; that innocence and naivety and allow me to lead the way.”

She took his arm and together they left the room in which the interview had taken place.


The End


Submitted: January 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 H W Lustre. All rights reserved.

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Compelling, broody, suggestive prose, elegantly presented, and beautifully written.

Thu, January 7th, 2021 6:28pm


Thanks HJ Praise indeed and very much appreciated.

Fri, January 8th, 2021 1:26am

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