Fad Diet

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A woman who has struggled with weight loss her whole life finally finds a diet that works. But at what cost?


Kaylee slipped into a size 4, it fit her perfectly. She spun herself around in front of the dressing room mirrors like one of those ballerinas on top of a music box. She still found it hard to believe she was once a size 14. She had never been this thin in her entire life. Kaylee had tried numerous fad diets. If it was endorsed by some washed up celebrity you can bet she gave it a shot. But of course none of them worked.

She first heard of this diet online. It had the straight forward tag line "The last diet you will ever need." It was called the Fini permanent weight loss plan. Or just the Fini plan for short. The plan promised you could eat as much as you want and still lose weight, it seemed to good to be true. Kaylee recalled the first time she stepped into the office of the young upstart company for her consultation. The company was staffed with young attractive people with painted on smiles and a almost too cheery disposition. Kaylee was skeptical however and to quell this doubt the company had her meet other clients who were on the Fini plan. And when the cost of the plan was revealed to Kaylee, she almost fainted. This was not meant for a working class person. But desperate to be thin or at least thinner Kaylee decided to give it a shot.

The process for this diet was impossibly simple. All you had to do was drink a pint of this strange milk like concoction and one "maintenance" pill a day, everyday. That was it, period.

Kaylee had always been that cute but fat girl. Her well meaning friends efforts to fix her up with someone always failed. And one by one Kaylee watched from the sidelines as her friends were whisked away by the men in their lives. There now busy lifestyles caught up in a whirlwind of society weddings and newborns.

But the now the only problem Kaylee had with men was deciding who to go out with. Her cell went off night and day with calls and text messages from men. At first Kaylee played coyly with the advances she received. But then Kaylee discovered feelings she never felt before. Empowerment, confidence, and courage. She turned the heads of men and even women. She could hear the jealous whispers of her female co-workers. She noticed the stares from her male colleagues. She wasn't used to all this attention, but she loved it.

Kaylee stood in front stood in front of the dressing room mirrors. She was going out with Vic tonight. Vic had a house on the lake, a boat, and a brilliant smile. She wondered how he escaped the grasp of so many women. Kaylee loved the dress. But she figured it would look better with her hair down. She pulled off her scrunchie sending sandy blonde hair cascading onto bronze shoulders. Kaylee struck a pose. She was gorgeous.

Her night with Vic was wonderful. But as the fading darkness surrender to the morning rays, Kaylee found herself back at work. Where her experience would be much different. Her corporation was downsizing. Kaylee and several other employees were being let go. Kaylee had spent 11 years of her life working for them. And now it was all over within a few minutes of half hearted hand shakes and obligatory empathy.

Kaylee spent the next couple of days at home moping around. During which she felt like she was getting sick. Initially she attributed this to the anxiety brought on by the sudden loss of her job, but there was something going around at the office. However Kaylee felt even worse after another couple of days. She could not keep food down. She was coughing up blood and passing bloody stools. Her body ached all over and she felt very weak. Her skin was pale and she was sweating profusely. Kaylee promised herself she would see her Doctor tomorrow. But for now all she wanted to do was sleep. She threw herself down on her bed and passed out. She would never wake up.

After Kaylee lost her job she decided to stop taking her Fini diet maintenance pill, due to the exorbitant expense until she found work. How much weight could she gain in a couple of weeks? Though the employees at the Fini clinic stressed to Kaylee the importance of taking the maintenance pill, she felt it was just a marketing ploy to make more money.

But that innocuous concoction she drank was no placebo. She had in fact drank millions of tiny parasites that had been genetically engineered by the Fini clinic to consume human fat cells. The maintenance pills kept the tiny parasites subdued. But without the pills the tiny parasites multiplied at an alarming rate. Their appetite no longer sated by merely eating fat cells the ravenous creatures consumed all of poor Kaylee's visceral organs.

And after several days without anyone seeing or hearing from Kaylee. The apartment staff prompted by concerned friends, entered her loft. They were greeted with an appalling sight. There on her bed lay the horrific remains of Kaylee. Her abdomen appeared to have collapsed into itself. Flesh hung loosely around her body. Her mouth was agape exposing her missing tongue. Her eyes stared upward vacantly. The horrified staff called the police. No one had ever seen anything so unsettling before.



Submitted: January 07, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jason Scott. All rights reserved.

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I think there is a good lesson here to be aware of what you're taking and the actual cost of some things. I know there's diets like this year, but I've heard of swallowing a tapeworm which isn't that far off it. I really enjoyed your story, it really showed the other side of being thin. I liked that the other side of risks that a fad diet can have. It certainly isn't worth risking death.

Sat, January 9th, 2021 3:48am


Thank you for reading my story and writing a review.

Sat, January 9th, 2021 4:51pm

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