The Black Book

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Life doesn’t come with instructions. However, it would be helpful if we were given basic instructions and information about the world, before entering it. This book is made for people of color to educate them on life as a colored person.


Topics of discussion:


  1. Fear


  1. Recognition


  1. Education


  1. Segregation


  1. Sufficiency


  1. Exploitation


  1. The enemy’s plan.





They fear us. Colored people are more likely to die to the hands of police officer more than any other ethnic group. Most of the time when a person of color dies because of a police officer, the officer is usually from a different race.

Interestingly, I have never heard of an innocent Caucasian dying to the hands of a police officer. But if you were to ask me to name an innocent colored person that died by the hands of a police officer. I can easily name Trayvon Martin, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Gabriella Nevarez, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, 12-year-old Tamir Rice and the list goes on.

But the question is, why do they fear us? The answer truly comes down to stereotyping. It is human nature to see a person and to immediately place them into a category in our mind. Unfortunately for us, colored people are considered “dangerous”. 

On numerous occasions I would be walking approaching a female and I would notice that she would clutch her purse tighter the closer that she got to me. I’ve never stolen a purse in my life, but in some minds, when they imagine a purse thief, it looks something like me. 

Stereotyping is what causes the fear of colored people. Rest in peace to Stephon Clark who died while standing in his grandmothers’ yard. The officers thought that Clark was holding a gun and then shot him 20 times. They later realized that he was only holding a mobile cellphone.

Breonna Taylor was unfortunately also murdered by police officers, in her own home. They kicked in her front door and didn’t announce themselves. Her boyfriend who was unaware that it was the police, fired a warning shot, to scare the intruders off. His gunshot was then answered by a hail of gunfire which ultimately ended Breonna’s life. The officers in question, however, were not charged with the murder. But charged with reckless shooting of a firearm into a residential wall & not for the murder of Breonna. As if the wall was more valuable than Breonna Taylors life. 

Some would argue that colored people are more violent than other ethnic groups. However, what they fail to acknowledge is that the living circumstances are different within black communities. Factors like the drug-trade, contributes heavily to the violence. Whether because a person stole narcotics or a person tried to skip out on paying a supplier. Situations like these usually turn violent and, in most cases, deadly. 

If there were better opportunities for lower class citizens, the drug trade would not seem like such a lucrative business opportunity. Poverty combined with a lack of education leads numerous individuals into a life of crime. They then acquire felonies that permit them from certain opportunities, further forcing them to continue their life as an outlaw.

Black people are the leading ethnic group in poverty. & Instead of coming up with ways in which they can help the black community, the government does little to nothing. While being extremely quick to highlight whatever wrong doings has been done in urban communities.

Respect is exceptionally important within black communities. If someone was known to have a weak personality, they will become easy prey to bullies. Therefore, disrespect is generally not tolerated. Disrespect is usually the reason behind most fights and disputes. The words “sorry” and “excuse me” go a long way and can save a situation from going all bad. 

Domestic violence also plays a factor. Children that are heavily abused at home by their parents tend to take out their anger on their peers or other people. Children that witness frequent fighting between their parents tend to believe that fighting is normal.



Recognition and the need to be seen or heard is a problem. It is also the reason why we spend so much money, the reason why rappers incriminate themselves and the reason why people brag about their accomplishments or crimes. Many of our brothers and sisters were unfortunately, born into poverty. A circumstance that creates a deep thirst and hunger for financial wealth and material possessions. Psychologist, Ralph Smart once said, “many people spend money that they don’t have, just to impress people they don’t like”.

Have you ever noticed the difference in races after they achieve wealth? What is it with us blacks & chains? We spent years wearing them against our will, received our freedom, and willfully bought more. I’ve never seen Bill Gates wear a gold chain or Steve Jobs in a Gucci belt. But when a person of color becomes a millionaire, you will know. They will see to it and make sure that you know.

The thirst for recognition is so real that rappers would intentionally incriminate themselves on records. As if they have forgotten that the police are regular people that listen to music also. Bobbie Shmurda is an example of a rapper whose lyrics was used in court against him. 

But rappers aren’t the only ones who like to celebrate their wrong doings and accomplishments among their peers. Teenage boys and young adults also partake in regular bragging of their endeavors. They would usually brag about sexual encounters with peers in order to be recognized as experienced with women.

The glorification of material possessions is having a negative impact on our youth. Most kids don’t understand economics, and when they see a Lamborghini in a music video, they become infatuated. Due to the lack of education, they immediately place the super car on their bucket list. However, they don’t know that these luxury cars are designed to tie customers in to spending large amounts of money for service and repairs. 

Rapper, Lupe Fiasco once had a Ferrari whose transmission had a problem. He took it to the dealer and was surprised to hear that it was a minor issue. But if it was another part of the engine, it could have costed up to $50,000. After repairing the super car, he sold it the next day.

Material possessions are actually a smoke screen and most people don’t even realize it. Would you rather someone fall in love with you for who you are or what you have? The answer should be simple right? Luxury lifestyles creates jealousy and envy among peers which causes robberies and sometimes even death. 

A lot of people say that rappers rap about negative things. But what they seem to forget is that they are regular people. We all have egos, but it’s just that some people conceal their egos better than others. Give a person a ton of money & it will not change them, it will only magnify who they really are. 

Sometimes I wonder, if some of these rappers weren’t millionaires, would they have avoided a drug overdose? Having a drug problem is one thing but having a drug problem and a lot of money is ans even bigger problem. Rest in power to Mac Miller, Pimp C, A$AP Yams, Fredo Santana, Juice Wrld, & everyone else who we lost over the years to a drug overdose.



It is important to for us to educate ourselves on our laws, family history, a trade of any kind, black freedom fighters who came before us & our culture. There is power in the knowing. The more you know, the more beneficial you become towards yourself and others. 

Firstly, by knowing the law, you will understand what your rights are and how to live accordingly. But it also gives you the opportunity to recognize when someone is abusing their power. People do not usually abuse their power intentionally. It is usually those who are uneducated or those who have been influenced by others. 

If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is abusing their power, try to record the event. This can be by means of a voice memo, video or even having a witness present. That way you can prove to a judge in a court of law what occurred.

Secondly, learning a trade of any kind. This can be very beneficial. By learning a trade, you will create the opportunity to render services and earn residual income passively. Carpenters, plumbers, and barbers are a few examples of occupations that operate independently. Which allows them the opportunity to generate an additional stream of income, legally.

Thirdly, our family’s history. This is also very important. In order to understand who, we are, we must also understand our family. Are things such as diabetes, alcoholism or cancer common in our family? These are important questions to ask. Because by identifying your family’s weaknesses, we can help prevent the spread of illnesses and bad habits.

Lastly, knowing the history of the black freedom fighters that came before us. The people that came before us fought for hard so that we can have the freedom which we enjoy, today. 

People like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King & Nelson Mandela were hated and became people of interest to local authorities. Not because they were violent, but because they were trying to unify and empower our people. They fear us so much that they didn’t want to see us stand together as one, so they tried their best to keep us divided. 

As a black person we cannot rely on the educational systems. Because the educational system is controlled by the government. & the government is who made the laws that said, it is okay to enslave black people. Why should we choose to rely on such people?

The FBI created a program called the “Counterintelligence Program” this program was designed to disrupt, misdirect and neutralize specified organizations. Commonly referred to as “COINTELPRO”. 

Malcom X was a target of COINTELPRO. The bureau documented in their files that they were trying to widen the rift between him & Elijah Muhammad. They did so by publishing news articles, instigating the feud between them. Malcolm X was, unfortunately, later assassinated by one of Elijah Muhammad’s followers. 

COINTELPRO is also responsible for bugging Dr. Kings house and hotel room. They sent him an anonymous letter where they asked him to commit suicide and threatened to expose him. Mr. King was unfortunately, assassinated outside the same hotel room. 

A Caucasian called James Earl was convicted for the assassination of Mr. King but always maintained his innocence. James says he was ordered by an unknown person to place a gun and other items at a specific location at a specific time. He says that he was framed for the assassination of Mr. King. & suspiciously enough, his lawyer was frequently caught changing his statements.

Officials claimed that James shot Mr. King from a motel window but witnesses on the scene said that the shot came actually from a sniper rifle assassin, who was standing in the bushes by the fire department. The witness said that Firemen were jumping down after the shooting occurred and the shooter casually joined the men jumping down after the shooting occurred.



We are in several ways a divided people. Divided geographically, by ego, gangs, religion, culture and language. Segregation makes it unfortunately, easier for us to remain oppressed. We were stolen from Africa and brought to different parts of the world.

We were given new names by our oppressors and forced to live in a foreign land. After the slave trade ended in 1865, we received nothing. No information about our ancestors where we came from, no land, no money, absolutely nothing.

Divided geographically, people of color can now be found in almost every corner of the world. We came from a negative situation and worked until we earned everything that we have today. 

Our mother land, Africa, has also changed immensely. European entities discovered how vast the land was & decided to claim the land for themselves, in an act called “colonization”.They raced to claim different parts for themselves. The decolonization of Africa began in 1980. However, South Africa still remains home to a large European population & many places are still under European control. Africa holds the tile of the most languages spoken on a continent. Being home to more than 20 official languages.

Furthermore, ego is another thing that divides us. African Americans consider themselves different from Black British people from England. Caribbean natives consider themselves different from African people. The difference in culture and language play a role because people usually view foreign entities as strange. But it should not deter from the fact that we are all the same. 

Neighborhood gangs are seen by law enforcement and others as small terrorist groups. However, they have never lived in an impoverished area. So, it is logical for them to not understand urban culture. Our first best friends usually stem from our neighborhood. After school we usually play outside in the neighborhood. & when we are going out there’s a high chance that we might bring someone from the neighborhood. If a fight ensues? Who might help me? Most probably someone from my neighborhood. 

It’s also common for neighborhoods residents to rename their neighborhood. A neighborhood gang is usually a group of people who represent and police a specific neighborhood. They distinguish themselves with specific handshakes and colors.These gangs were initially made to protect the neighborhood from things such as burglars and weed out bullies. 

It is a fact, that when two gangs are at odds the chance of chaos is very high. The world is filled with a vast amount of people, all with different personalities. A gang of 50 members can be at odds with another gang of 50 members. 

& when 1 person takes it upon himself to commit a murder. That one decision creates a cycle that is irreversible for the other 49 members. It always effects the gang who experienced the loss. Because this was a person they knew, talked to and most likely will want to avenge. But the gang of the killer will also be affected. They will receive pressure from local authorities and also paranoia from the probability of revenge.

In the face of a crisis like a social injustice or police brutality. We quickly stand together. But if we can find a way to stick together during hardships, we will be truly be unstoppable. It starts with black love, we are not enemies, we are the same, we are one. 



In the past, Europeans scholars wrote books and novels on their point of view of life which in between the lines drew a picture of white supremacy.The Christian religion was under heavy scrutiny in the early 1930’s. This scrutiny led to the birth of the Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam was commonly referred to as the religion for the black man and is home to members such as Malcolm X & Muhamad Ali who changed their names after joining. 

Too many of our sisters live by white beauty standards. It is common for colored women to put chemicals in their hair for softer hair. Some would iron their hair to make it flat. 

I see nothing wrong with modifying the natural state of your hair. However, you should know that your hair is part of what distinguishes you from others. Why is it that we are sometimes so afraid to embrace our nappy hair? What happened to the pride we took in wearing our afros? They even refer to it as “good hair” when a person has soft hair these days. As if having hard hair is a sign of bad hair. Which is false, because our nappy hair knots naturally and creates locs with no chemicals needed. A healthy natural hairstyle that can be designed and modified in many ways. 

When a colored person dyes their hair blonde it is also almost as if they were trying to say that they truly wish that they were blonde. It is not as if we don’t have options. Our culture offers a wide variety of hairstyles such as locks, bantu knots, afros, braids, cornrows, twists, finger coils, curls, buns, puffs and more. I’m also not trying to shame you for wearing blonde hair but just know that the white supremist love it, when you blonde your hair. 

The reason they chose to enslave Africa, was because of the immense strength we possess as a people. We are hard workers, but we are also a soulful people. Usually while working as slaves’ our forefathers and mothers would sing as they endured the hard labor. This slow, deep, emotional singing gave birth to what we call the blues, today. Other than the blues, we are also responsible for the creation of Reggae, Gospel, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Soca, Calypso & Dancehall. 

Soul food is a term that describes food so delicious that it feels as if it touches your soul. This style of cooking was created by blacks in the South of the United States. It was commonly, no secret that we were good with food. That’s why European companies would put colored people, mainly women, on their packaging. Because food coming from a black kitchen was considered a delicious and a luxury. 

Dark complexions are sometimes made fun of by other people of color. An act which has to stop. How can we put an end to racism if we are acting and racist against ourselves? It’s a shame. How dare we hate on the amount of melanin that lays within someone else’s skin? 

We currently live in a modern world. But if all electricity were to stop working within the world. Black families will still prevail. Because we naturally possess the necessary knowledge to sustain ourselves. Washing clothes by hand and cooking outside is still being done today in 2020 by blacks all over the world. 

We are more than enough; we are an abundance. An abundance of strength, soul and wisdom. The only humans whose melanin allows them to stay outside in the sun and not become burned. People so strong that when surveying the world to find strong slave workers we were chosen. With a culture so beautiful it created music genres and foods still popular today. 



Knowing that we are strong, hardworking, intelligent and soulful people. Foreign entities would sometimestry to manipulate and use us in order to benefit their personal lives or organization.

With the rise in “soul food” business owners realized that “delicious foods” were quickly becoming synonymous with black culture. Frank Brown is known as the colored man posing on the packaging of the famous “Uncle Ben rice”. Frank was paid $50 by the rice company to use his face and he never received any additional payments. Uncle Ben’s rice, however, was a success and it became the bestselling rice from 1950 to 1990. 

The Quaker company is currently also changing their name of their “Aunt Jemima” syrup. The company acknowledges that the origins were actually based on a racial stereotype. In a 2015 article the New York times professor Riche Richardson stated that the name actually came from an old Minstrel song. “Old aunt Jemima” where white actors in black face would mock black people. 

The lady who posed as Aunt Jemima was Nancy Green and she was a slave until the Civil War. She died on, August 30th, 1923. She was unfortunately, buried without a headstone. Sherry Williams took 15 years to find Green’s resting place. After finding the resting place of Nancy Green, she requested permission and was granted approval to place a headstone on the grave. 

Williams reached out to the Quaker company and asked if they would donate to purchase a headstone. The Quaker company declined and said that Nancy Green and Aunt Jemima weren’t the same person. Aunt Jemima was a fictional character they stated. But in 1893, Nancy Green took a picture beside a 24 feet high flour barrel in Chicago as the beginning debut for Aunt Jemima. Nancy Green received a headstone on September 5th, 2020, thanks to Ms. Williams.

Colored people around the world drink Jack Daniels whiskey with soda or pure with ice. But what is the origin of the whiskey and who was the inventor? The person you have to thank for Jack Daniels whiskey is Nathan “Nearest” Green. 

Green was a colored man that was born into slavery and freed after the Civil War. He taught Jack Daniels how to make whiskey. Jack Daniels then opened up a whiskey business and made Nathan the master distiller. Nathan eventually created his own whiskey called “Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey”. 

Miss Childress was a colored woman living in the southern part of the United States. She was known for her fried chicken. Colonel Sanders used Miss Childress recipe and started a fast-food restaurant. After opening the fast-food chain, he then gave Miss Childress $1200. 

Since 1933, immigrants are being received by the Dominican Republic from Haiti mainly to work the sugar cane fields. The immigrants are usually housed in small villages close to the plantations and these villages sometimes lack basic health facilities. 

In these villages Haitians would be paid less than $2 an hour for a 12-hour workday. Because the Haitians are living on a working permit, their children are often denied citizenship, schooling and public services.

In West Africa more than 1 million children are employed in hazardous work on Cocoa farms. They are working with sharp tools, dangerous chemicals and carrying heavy loads. And unfortunately, as cocoa sales increase, child labor will too.


The enemy's plan

The enemy has multiple plans. They plan to keep us uneducated about our history, to maintain control of the media, increase market shares, create an illusion that we are appreciated and to keep us institutionalized.

By keeping us uneducated about our history they can focus on their culture and strengthen their supremacy. When showing picture of angels in heaven people of color are not to be seen. Additionally, dolls that are made are generally dolls of the Caucasian race. The first colored dolls were created in 2001 while the creations of dolls date back to 200 years BC. 

Increasing their market shares is also a priority. The Government has shares in fast-food restaurants, the better these organizations do, the more money the government receives. Processed foods are becoming increasingly available everywhere and available for cheap prices. At my local supermarket, a kilo kg of kiwi costs 4 euros while the price of 2 cheeseburgers is merely 1 euro. Processed foods pose the risks of cancer and diabetes but are unfortunately becoming increasingly popular and more affordable. 

Black History month is a tradition made to show appreciation to colored people. The tradition is however only recognized by a hand full of countries. Namely, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, & the Netherlands. 

There is big money in jails. Private prisons are paid $150 per day, per prisoner. They call them correctional facilities, but these institutions don’t correct inmates. Majority of the inmates usually return to the real world with trauma rather than tranquility. Misconduct and excessive force are unfortunately practiced regularly with prisoners by guards.

Rather than decrease, the violence of correctional offers seems to be steadily increasing. According to September 2011 report made by the U.S Justice inspection office, arrests of prison guards increased 90% over the previous ten years. 







Submitted: January 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tyrone Schmidt. All rights reserved.

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Peter Piper

Hi Tyrone I have just read your narrative The Black Book. My heart goes out to your feeling of dislocation and persecution. I am also troubled by the thought that you seem to feel so disenfranchised. Its disappointing because Europe in general and the Dutch in particular are a tolerant and inclusive society. I’m just an ordinary bloke like you and all I can do it try to make the world I live in more inclusive; people like us can’t change human nature. Its a paradox; but if you think you are different and like your narrative you tell all us white folk you are different; eventually everyone will believe it! We are all the same! Only by making people understand that will we foster social cohesion. One final suggestion when you next see a lady or girl “clutch her purse closer” give her your best and broadest smile. Good luck with your writing Peter. If you get a chance have a look at my article “A Contemporary Look at UK Racism"

Fri, January 8th, 2021 3:13pm


Dear Peter Piper,

Thank you for taking the time out to give a read to my latest short novel. I hope I didn’t come off as racially biased. Because I have friends from many different cultures. But, I did want to show my people, facts. Too many of us colored folk are trapped in toxic cycles of self hate. Which makes us remain divided. I just was trying to encourage people to think outside the box. & you know what? Because you read my novel, I’ll also read yours. It’s only right.

Thank you again for your time, I really appreciate it.
Take care bro!

Fri, January 8th, 2021 9:08am

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