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i just want people to know about what I think is right


 January 6, 2021

Dear world,


2020 was a crazy year we had so many things happen, a lot of bad things happened such as Kobe & Gianna Bryants death and everyone else that was on that flight, which was only only the start of the year we then had covid 19 and many friends and family were lost that year for all of us i had so many fights with my friends and my parents and i got into so many arguments that year which caused our relationships to become less happy i'll explain it like this if you take a cookie and put it in pieces and each time you take a bite out of it it slowly goes away such as a relationship with people.

It was such a stressful year for the teachers too. They were having to plan out so many assignments each night and were learning how to teach online, plus they have been trying their hardest to keep the kids and their family safe.

So for this year's resolution I want to form a huge group of people around the world to pick up all of the trash around the world. It will probably take a while but it doesn't hurt to try, I also want to try to have everybody recycle it would have such a huge impact on our economy and society.

I have one big goal for this year, to stop people from body shaming, I am not the skinniest person and yes I might not think that i'm very pretty but i've learned to encourage myself to try and come out of my shell and say hey world I may not be perfect in your opinion but to me i am so perfect and you can't say even one thing to make me think different you know why because i am sure you will not find the perfect person people will have their own flaws but we need to embrace this, Every unkind word you say to someone will have such a huge negative impact on them I have so many friends that tear them self down everyday i have a friend that has attempted to take themself away from this world because of people tearing them down and you know what I got a text message from them that left me crying all night i was calling his cousin which he is currently living with and she wouldn't answer until the last minute so in my opinion she is a hero.

 My friend is the bravest person in the world to me, he goes out into society every day getting judged by every angle and chooses to stay in this world with so many people that don't deserve to say a word because every time they do something bad comes out of their mouth.

So in my opinion we need to work on social and emotional health because you know what one day somebody could be perfectly fine and the next they are gone.


Sincerely your Writer

Jessica Murphy


Submitted: January 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jessica Murphy. All rights reserved.

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Criss Sole

This made me smile as i read it. A kind word can have a lot more impact than we may think. I think you have some great ideas.

Fri, January 8th, 2021 6:22pm


Thankyou so much! i really appreciate it.

Fri, January 8th, 2021 1:05pm


Last year was a very hard year for everyone and I think we're all hoping for a better one this year. Sometimes a little bit of kindness can make a huge difference. And sometimes all someone needs is a good, supportive friend like you to help them.

Sat, January 9th, 2021 3:52am

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