my opinion on why god is false

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i have no spelt check it so some even correct words can be wrong word

Before i have another life for things i like i am being in the earth life that this is what deity has created how everything continues be real and does it it can be how become best before it end and dies as things to do causes to be how do it best and it is real to have everything for this as there is going to be for what we learn happens all best is it happen with these things and things and desires is how always knows and like happen this with the real how it all happens with and be these things for it as good is how it knows and happens and is with all these features as good best is all how it happens it with them these about what we have for desires causes we know this all and it be with the real.

Before i have another life it is what does be everything now to become it all is for knowing and being what it is to happen it that it is these ideas conditions causes to do how it is real of what we have in life best as there is what have now be real and think is best and what wonder is be best when it is real as it being all these desires they are become real as now is what to have happen and desire about this and what next is happen best to desire about before and during it happening and how all what think feel and have happen best is being what is next and now being real because of how all these ideas causes became what we have realised and creation is being this and all these fantasies conditions causes does be what to think and feel and have real how it is this as feelings fantasies and happen real as everything because life has all these fantasies feelings and actions conditions of what we wonder about and also we have become real later and is real now of what is the best and next be the best so how it is all this to fantasy about and exist in the real and feeling happening and being it as now we have body life to use fantasy and the real be this that is ideas causes to know and use as all the best and desires and how it all this to be real at us and it being these ideas feelings actions and things for us be body life how is best.

Because life has all features to be it knows and happens like this with what does it and it is for all these feelings desires conditions that what is this with it be this at us and these desires causes features for us use as a body life how everything is real.

That in life it keep being what does all these causes and conditions feelings actions be and does as everything and is a creation on us at us of body life is being this to use as the real and the body desires feels and happens with the things and this has it be conditions actions of the best that the body life has and be with things so how it being all these desires and the being it of the real and happens that our bodies and creations exist for about now is desires of ideas causes and conditions best have about the creation and life to happen us for what is this real to have be this as the body life is alive and happens and has what these desires features causes be as this amazing and newish.

As in life it is always what do these ideas causes be about and it always this to be ideas causes as it about it and happens and is features and how for being all the creation to have be the features all real at us because creation and life is made of what there is being as all things and also what we have for the body life is how it all creation and desires have about the best that it is ideas causes and features we have being creation.

As creation has been what is for these ideas causes is what uses these and it happens and has real all the features do it with because ideas causes of best happens with these features that features has the best features do it with and is a life of all ideas causes and features of the best this creation and deity making it made us be for the real as the real are all these desires and be like it.

As the creation has made us be for how we are like what creation is as ideas causes and to have the features for this because desires happens with what is real and is desires for it and all ideas causes and body features we have for it be this and it exist as being ideas causes and features at us be all this and how ideas causes and features are the best good nice ever and better for how is real as it happens and being like this to exist as what do these conditions actions features desires and happen like is be as best amazing so is how creation from deity has us be what is real that is best as best has us and ti be the best as it is these ideas causes and features have how it is us and it exist to be real for this as ideas causes and features happen and be real as all this that it is made as we be aliens and humans for the things in life and what is creation of all this to exist as be in ideas causes with features about being this awesome tremendous right better.

There is what want and it is to all know what it is and does so we can happen with it be all those causes and desires as that be for our body life and all things that what it happens so desires be about it and to exist us as what it also be like and is as these ideas causes and things we have about what like be real and is be real as we exist with it as these are ideas causes for it and features to happen it as how our body life has all this real as the creation is what to desire about it and real in all it features causes being on us and it that a body has these things and it bodies be like this as condition imagination action of all the best to have as what creation is like because all these desires and thing shappen us like ths as we use the real that does and be this while it is creation imagination action condition as how this happens on the realness of it all and how it does it as is ideas causes for it to have real also and this happens us be a body life and have all things as how it these ideas causes it happens us be this real with it also being real at us as there are all these causes of best being now and next as life is ideas causes and things to do it with and imagine and be the life play of all this as creation imagination has us happen in what it being real and about as life is imagination creation action now being this and desires is for this of the real to do it with all these causes and wishes of this best and doing it real with it  as the real has all things features for our and the ideas causes of all best happen with it as it made do it be it with creation because all these ideas causes it has the creation and what do with it and believe how to be real with it be what this imagine and do real with it and happens real and be all things real for it to be all this just how the real and what want be it know it happens it is as good special nice best amazing good as it all is that these ideas causes and features happen exist us be the creation and life of what the  best nice ever can be as all these ideas causes and features has us be for the real and this what the real is so how this has us wish how and know how and the real be this and we get to happen with the real be all it is.

As in all the ideas causes and features of the best nice good because it does be for them these what is best nice good as all it ideas causes and features is they these as these ideas causes has made us and it now be what is the think and happen of all realises now and actions now for it as the creation is made of how real it is that the ideas is realise and the causes is start do it knowing how is all this as good best nice it exist like because creations features is made of how real and knowing and doing happening it like that is as special amazing it be as the bodies things are senses realises and causes of what it does and instinct and all knowing doing of it as it is processes of the bodies things features being desires causes of it and realises of all the best nice good special ever can be ad it all is action condition like it and we have this be creation for all these ideas causes do with the real about is all like paradise style and paradise play.

As now is to be what has these ideas causes made us know about and cause us and all things and ideas be about just do this because ideas causes it happens us only know and do it like that and what we is later know about and realise that causes us and be ideas we have and that be what happens as us and all things have real and how these ideas causes is just for what it has real to be it and happen it this best nice that these ideas cause sis what happens us and creation as it is these ideas causes to play and wish and being it creation of features that how real it be at us as we live with creation being all things for this as best nice good amazing special it exist like so how it what have real and we be the real for it as how is ideas causes and features as now life is ideas causes we are and want real and how the best good of it has us and it realise all these ideas causes and features be for it that we have all this to be things and them and ideas causes and creation and how this has us also be these ideas causes and creation and body life use for all this perfection of the best nice good pristine amazing as this happens us be for the real and how creation is made of what it is to do and have all this that deity made us be a creation of ideas causes and features this amazing of pleasures miracles and good to happen with the real and how this exit us as all wishes and have all things and us happen and be real for this as it is every diea action and happening an feeling and being it as the real that we are made of and it made of to do with what has real and be like this with it as how deity has a creation on us what it does and we be like this as how creation has been made on us as given that we not a deity for this but the creation has a deity that creates and gave us creation and life how the real is all what the best causes and fantasies and features be that happens us with it in life how we have all these desires causes to be this best that we are  acreatin of happen with the real that creation has made us happen and be with the real and realise sof all and what next is best amazing that creation is made of happ[ens us with this as creation is made of what it does and has with this as this creation was given us be features causes and desire sof all the best nice delight sensual incredible happen and be real as that what it happens with and it is like this for all ideas causes with features to know all this because eit all is be real on them and things to know and realise all this as for these ideas causes it is be how theme and things all does this and has it all real how ideas cause shappens and be in this as features and happen knowing this amazing nice as the real is what be them these all as you are the being happening and having with this that it is a creation of all these features ideas causes doing it and with the real of it all that they these are now bodies things in life and in the real being using playing all these ideas causes and features of all the amazing special incredible and good pristine it is that it all exist as fantasy reality and creation as best it be.

There is for us ideas causes of all best to wish and that is be real at us and how this happens at what is the real the real is be this of ideas causes and has it happen with the real of these ideas causes and features that is us and things like how this is ideas causes for us and what we have real to do it with is you and them and these things so we are with the real.

As there is what to happen with you is that this is what i think feel it is and happens with you and that only does be what you idea action and have happen for this as we both happens and have ideas causes for this of the amazing astounding that we are these ideas causes and features together how do it with our bodies and life and things we do together and use together because what we have to desire about and happens it does with and about you and the ideas causes is being it happens as what our bodies does and knows together and for you with you being a body life we be each to do it like this as it is all think feel and how do it with you that we get to think feel about how you did it we do it and is ideas causes about this now and our body actions this as real as what is our body and has as your body with me being ideas causes of all best nice.

Because life and creation is made of for our bodies to have and be ideas causes that is for the people and things and ourself happen like with you is ideas causes and be the realises of this with you to happen it like all these ideas cause sof best as it is desires and reali life for us with you as it be also how you do it that you are the real for all i think and have and do best amazing and things are as well as life is realise and happen with it.

Life that we have pleasures and good to be good for it so that it also all the care and good we do for people to be we is think it do it remember it as it is now to be this and to do this also has all else we think and have become real that we are best with and have as the best as how what do best with for them is going to be they have someone else do it so we can explore other pleasures and care do so we can have all of it happen as what now we have to care for and next pleasure with so we have a life of how what realised be all care and pleasures do and fantasy about for them with them is being a life of experience it learn it fantasy it did it for and with them so we now have all fantasies of care and pleasures do for them with them so it does be the realises and actions we are for this at them with them because now the ideas actions experiences of all care and pleasure do is really it did feel think and happen like that and it is always is what realise and think feel and do like that again as how creation has these fantasies realises and actions for us do with the real of the best because that how it feel think and happens now for it making our body be these fantasies causes and experiences with them and things of all this miraculous care pleasures nice good responsibility do with with them.

Because the body is experiencing how it has to think and happens with the real of best and it does be realises for it all and that this is always what to become real and all the think and do with it happen like this and the creation is made of it be these features so it has causes to use and be real and this what it has as desires actions of all best that creations does with them that these are the ideas causes and is all this perfect and real as happens them be this that creation be this and how the body has to have all these desires causes about the real and really do it with the creation of all this as miraculous good amazing it is as these are the actions causes and realises of being this as also the realises are what does this all be and the real is happening and being it of how it all these ideas causes and features to happen us be this real of all amazing nice.

The human body and ideas to happen it cannot be a deity ever so us humans are not a deity that we have ideas and body life made of it does these ideas and happen it as a body life so how the creation is made for what it be so how the deity is something else and real to create the real that is not a deity but is us people and things being the creation for body life as how we have ideas causes to play.

Because ideas features is being us and having it be the real that ideas features happen all the creation and life as how it be best that ideas features be about and happens it that this exist us using these ideas features happen like this so deity has made a real creation and how it is the deity because of it has ideas features being made of these are ideas features being creation abilities and model make of it to happen in life what deity has created and how us people be real for the deity that we not partners with it for being ideas features happen as a creation for body life so we are not a partner with deity for all ideas features we use and alive us and happen with these as ideas features be all actions and things and desires we use be real and is best.

This is for how the ideas features we use is always existing as we have it given as created as we become life for it and is all a creation of created to be these ideas features and happen and how these ideas features has us use and be the real with it and for this we have no other features causes to be what deity does to make creation that we then have and use the ideas features that are in the body life and world we use and be other people with us happen best things and how the ideas features we have it has the real and doing and reality of what ideas features happen and how there is no realities features causes we be to exist as a partner with deity for us make and give ourselves the ideas features we use in life while we have been given it as we now exist as what body life is.

In life now that ideas features of desires and bodies things for our body life has us realise and have happen how use it desire about it all the best amazing as now the body has what happens about this and makes us think feel and know how and experience it and the creation is being this.

As creation has got everything that makes it and us happen and know how now as ideas causes so how all this be real because it being what ideas causes as best is as now we got to and with it is also ideas causes of this while we are features together that being togering and having you and things happens like this and makes it be real what do it with and how now it be all the realises desires ideas actions of the best causes ever as body life is what do now with it being this all causes and desires.

As body life is be these are the realises ideas feelings for it now and when as deity is powerful as a creator because the features be real and always real of what it be and for desires causes and ideas be all about what is this to have real to happen us with creation because the body life is what we be and desires of the real and what is real to happen because what we do have is the body life and what desires and happen be for it be the bodies things and because it is desires causes of the best amazing it really is all we know about and is idea about and be the real of all miraculous incredible good and pleasures it be and most right decent because body life is this what the think feel and the happen and do it with adn things is like this as a creation and life so we really exist as what is for us being ideas causes and features as the life as this what happens being it all and being real.

That while we know what is happen it is also this real to happen that what happens is how do it all and have the real to do it with and what knows this is here being real with it and all things to happen with it is here as how what we desire does be it all happens and is real as them and things here as how what to feel think it happens with them and things to feel think and happen it as how all does feel think and happen as this much desire and life and pleasure and how creation is being it these fantasies causes and real life.

Because people and things and us are in a state of the all the absolute of what ideas actions has did to us and we did and believed of how it knows and happens as these ideas causes have for us what do it like with it and fantasies for this as what really is best amazing in life have so we can do these fantasies actions feelings with these things and them people and the life play.

Because them and things is being at us and what it has for how they be now as ideas causes to be about the real and also is being the real to happen now and be all features real to desire about how the ideas causes happen and that because it now is all the features at them to make them realise and fantasy and feel and have happen to do with it what these fantasies emotions feelings desires actions conditions of all the best nice good amazing be this perfect as how these feelings ideas for these actions and features be like to happen and feel as wishes has feelings and happening knowing it being like this of all best amazing.

As life and creation is being we got they these got the ideas emotions feelings actions for this and have as this with them and things how it does it that this makes it feel think and happen like how feels and wishes and actions be during and for the best we want and how it this we know about and feel and we are real for our body be in these experiences and desires to really do it with this how it is be them and people and things how there is these feelings ideas actions to do with it be these feelings actions ideas as it also is for us what feel think and happens is about and all this happens feels like it with it being real that we have what do it with and this what makes the real be this at us as it is for them and creation we are and what they have is we be the ideas feelings actions to have and also be what we know about and use happen to feel and play it like that as how this makes them and things happens like this to have the feelings ideas actions happen with the real of this because we are going to be together the most feelings ideas actions realises causes sensations of all the best ever and amazing wonderful and miracles pleasures adventures and what is great for body life that exist us as fantasies causes and features.

Because people and things now have been and got all ideas feelings causes to be what is real does it like this and with it does this as how is ideas feelings actions to how use the creation as creation is this we did it with what feelings ideas actions all were this best.

As it is for us with them and things that we are what these ideas feelings actions is be as it what is do this and be these ideas feelings actions because it how the bodies has them and things for what we feel think and happen with it being that it happens like that and seeing it with us that it be these ideas feelings actions it is about to feel think and have happen with it and them of all these miracle pleasures and amazing good.

Each thing and what it does knows best and is made of it creation features is all these people for this go back to deity as how all these things and life become new real to alive them be a body life for everything like for what deity creates is all the real of the best and uses this to give people life for what desires features causes be and it has existed the people to have the body lives with worlds to be made alive in this for each life.

Deity has people be inside body life that is the features for all they need real best and it has how the features that is created to be body life and each thing is an entering them into that for each new life as how what are features for body life they are going to be made of it as how before they die they are using body features of the real for each thing being real and to be the best happen and desire be it.

So how deity really has that the body is made and things be real and it is a body they each be so how for being it made be it is all whatever does be created also is to become real on them how they entered into it all and they become the actual body life of be the new body in a world for new life.

While the human body is real for what deity has to create and give real be every other new life the people use next is how noew the human body is real in the life they use now and what to do with the bodies desires causes and features of all the best nice and be a real body for it now as how deity has made the bodies be they each be a body now how it is real to use the life before death or before having another new life for all pleasures be inside every life use desire best and how this has us be the real body now and the next body life of being a body that we have what is created be the bodies that deity makes is we exist and become in what is created be given as a body and life for us for also how we now just be a body life now and in each life we be a body life so the body that is a creation from deity does be it uses all the deity ability of making the bodies and things be real to be given each new life to exist us people in the body and life we use now that is for being given each other new next body life and be entered into what is created that has did the creating for how we were a human in the body world of life and desires causes of all best be us and each of the real for the body life play this and is be a new body in each next life and we already use a new body in life until it dies.

Deity has made that it has all the features to create then for making it all be bodies things of real and beauty it has for this it is and is have for it they just learn how and now be the best desires causes and miracles pleasures adventures in life of what the bodies things are really real for as they now have how life is learn and be ti real as desires causes and this good amazing it is and how deity has all the creating of creation that it appears them inside each life for all features being on bodies things and ideas causes be the best about it be it real use have and how for this deity has show us people we have people and things being real of the features they each made of and have real and how for being this we are not creators knower provider of all the real while we use it for body life than how deity has all things to create and appear us in the life of the real how it is bodies things features for desires causes of every possible miracle pleasure adventure and pristine excitement lifesaver and deity has all features give us that is being the enter into each new body life and how also the people and me we use what to know about and do and have real with them and it for this best and we still not partners with deity that what we be and have and do is not an ability of be creators of all the real while what is all real it really has the deity that does knows and has all things to make and want be real and use it does be created from it and given to us and creation be real to have features from the deity be the body life and worlds play in the best as how we are people happewning the causes of humans features and things best or worst and we are not the same as deity to make all things give it be creation and life on us and all the real while deity is also capable to do and have and exist and know about what we use and what else is real in creation and it also creates provides by entering us inside each new life and body and world use for how bodies and things has all amazing desires causes and conditions be now and real and realised and played because of the knowledge and amount of it being real is all of it and now be it for us and desires causes with these features of it to happen like what ideas causes and features has us and it to be about and real now so we have this much of the creation being best as it is use and body life of how be like this it be like this for it being all real.

As how deity really has people and things to know about wish and happen like that deity also performs and knows best or to how stop what is wrong as it knows only and does only the best at the worst and bad as prevent or punish and misguide or appease and guide it as it test of life on us does be we do become good or bad and progress to have chance become good pristine or bad foul and also deity performs the all knowing and creating providing of the real as it creation and the life for this has became on us be body lives it has a body for all things a body uses and knows to be the best or worst and we be this good or bad at this and how the good and bad has all what is real to be the best for good and worst for bad as the bad do the worst at the real while the best is what they have and they still be bad at it so there is hellfire for them because the bad is want how do and be bad wrong at the real of all best and also all the worst so they are given an hellfire of punishing life in the hereafter.

Deity has all perfection to be that in the features is if they know about it and it happens it is be they are knowing feeling and having it happen as how creation is real of all things to exist and cause them and it be real at then as all the best as a body is what it can want be real and knows and it is all this that happens at them in the creation imagination action temptation decision condition of whatever is of the real this best that bodies things is for in reality as creation happens and be the life and real that how this has always for the people because they do be made of each body life and are going to be given body life after death and always be a body life to use as the creation is for us people use each new body and life as alive is how deity has us exist as what is this for that what is all best ever to be real in all ideas feelings causes and knowledge and be real at us also as it is be as how this perfection about creation we have is what is in all of the body lives we are given as how be made alive and have a great body for each best ever of the real as bodies things be desires causes and scenarios feelings of all the real of best so how it always is the perfection that deity has it creation being real for as the creation is made of every life we use as people we will be bodies each as a body life to use in every life and the creation is being all things and we are a body in life as alive and because of being created to be real is these features it really is also all desires causes of best that we is think feel and want and is happens us real with what is real for it be the best like how bodies has desires causes and features be all the best ever so it really is body life that being a body life we desire how the best is real and it creation becomes real on us so how it always has to be these features it is also all the ideas actions and realness of what we is realise and have be real and is real is all the best amazing miraculous and real of pleasures and quality to be also good exciting normal as how bodies things it all these great things to exist us play with the real of this as in all this it is body life using desires features causes of how happens this knows this that in body life it always going to be we learn these great desires and it be what the real is and how it always the body life of new and the real to have it happen of what these desires causes be of the best as what creation is made for because we become another new body life as deity perfection has how it has made creation real so we became each new body life so for this it for what we is now know and learn from before to have all these amazing desires and how the body life really knows all this relish it want it be real and the real of creation and for the body life is to have all these ideas causes and features be this amazing and awesome incredible astounding and fabulous miraculous pleasures favours and how nice good be with it as it has all this to be real how makes us and it is good for it and for us and it all a's this happens us realise sus be desires causes of be in the real of this that the real we have and be with on earth or in dreams has us feel think and experienced and did the best ever with them and things as good it is.

Submitted: January 08, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nathan Decasta Green. All rights reserved.

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