Handsome and the Beastie

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Princess Catherine turns into a hideous monster by a witch. The only way to break the cursed is to learn to love and earn love in return.

Emily Ross is happy. She is about to marry the man she loves. When an evil witch Rose threatens to curse the kingdom if Martin Ross does not give one of his daughters to Loki as a wife. Martin's only daughter that is not married is Emily. King Alex force Emily to marry Loki to save the kingdom from being curse.

Isabelle is in love with Andrew Madison, but her father Jack Ross force her to marry Mark Hatchings. Isabelle cannot stand Mark.

Table of Contents


Princess Catherine is turned into a monster
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A Dream for a Better Life

Two women make plans for their future.
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The Bad Hand

Mark won a game of cards for Isabelle's hand in marriage
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A Pleaded for Help

King George asks King Alex for help.
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