The Legend of Philomena and the Contagious Spell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

After an unexpected visit from the last of the druids, Philomena discovers that she has the power to stop an infection-like curse of corruption that will destroy their world. Will she defeat it before the corruption transforms her home into a living nightmare?

The Legend of Philomena 

and The Contagious Spell

By Lily Hanson


Kaboom! The sound of a massive explosion spread throughout the forest nymphs’ tree house village. Then a very dark warlock with fiery red eyes like a demon’s appeared in the fire capturing every single forest nymph. “Help us, Enya!” they said. The cries were endless. She tried everything she could think of to stop the evil warlock, but nothing worked. Suddenly, the evil creature said, “Your world is going to die and the countdown begins now. Soon, every creature will fear my name, Ashante!” Then he drained the magic from the nymphs and cast a powerful spell. Everything it touched, it corrupted with dark magic. Then Ashante vanished.


I woke up with a start, unaware what I saw was not a nightmare, but a vision. “Phew. It was just a dream.” I thought to myself.


“What mom?!” 

“Hurry up! Breakfast is ready!”

“I’m coming!” I said, getting dressed and running downstairs.

After we ate, my friends from school came over to play. We were playing Texting Mafia when all of a sudden we heard a major commotion outside. We decided to go outside to find out what was going on. When we arrived at the town pavilion, I saw a beautiful creature that had a humanoid body with green hair, blue eyes, and wearing a bright green dress that looked similar to a few large leaves weaved together. I assumed she was a mythical being known as a Druid. As it turned out, I was right. I went up to her and helped her inside my house that grew from tropical flowers. I quickly introduced myself and my friends to her while quickly grabbing towels to clean off her wounds.

“Thank you for helping me, Philomena. I’m Enya, the last of the Druids and the leader of the forest nymphs.”

“You're very welcome. We pride ourselves on hospitality and are all trained for emergencies. Anyways, if you’re the forest nymphs’ leader, what are you doing all the way here?”

“Well, it’s a long story. A dark warlock appeared from nowhere and captured all of the forest nymphs for some kind of spell.”

“Was his name Ashanti?” I asked.

“How did you know that?”

So, I told Enya about my nightmare last night.

“Wow. That’s exactly what happened.”


“Philomena, you didn’t have a nightmare last night, you had a vision. You must be the chosen one I’ve seen in my dreams.”

“What do you mean?”

“I meant that it’s your destiny to defeat Ashanti and save the world.”

Before I could respond, the town's guards shouted that we were under attack. Enya and I rushed out to help. 

“Oh no.” 

“What’s wrong, Enya?”

Enya sighed.

“These bobcats were very friendly to us. Now it seems that they drank water that was contaminated with the dark magic.”

“If these bobcats were friends with everyone in your village, then there has to be a way to free them.”

“Philomena. The chosen one is the only one that can break the spell.”

“I’d prefer it not to be me, but if you’re right about me being the destined hero, then I’ve got to try.”

“Ok,” said Enya. “Guards! Stand back! They are our friends!”

The guards retreated as I advanced towards the cats. I could see where the infection was concentrated. I knelt beside the leader and braced her with a big hug. I talked gently to them with my eyes and with a powerful shockwave and burst of light, the wildcats were slobbering all over me.

Enya came over to me as I was laughing hysterically.

“That proves it. You are the chosen one,” she said bowing.

“So, what do I need to do to stop Ashanti?”

“Unfortunately, I don’t know, Philomena.”

“That’s a bummer.”

“But, I did see an ancient book in my dreams, though.”

“That’s a great start. Do you know where it’s located?” I asked Enya.

“Yeah. It’s located in a secret underground shrine in the deepest parts of the forest I call home.” 

“That’s amazing, Enya! I’ll go get ready for the journey and then we can set off.”


About an hour later, Enya and I were off to save the world and her people. We crossed many jungles, mountains, valleys, and meadows before we reached her forest home. It was so corrupted with the warlock’s witchcraft that it was unrecognizable. Withered flowers and plants with no sign of any animals anywhere all topped with a purple haze. 


“Enya. I knew it would be bad, but not this much.”

“I know. It seems we underestimated the speed of this corruption. I’d say we only have 24 hours before this spell engulfs the entire world.”

“We better get cracking then. Do you think you can still find the path to the shrine?”

“I do, Philomena. The Shrine is a holy place that has powerful wards in place. It’s one of the few places in the world that can’t be affected by this spell. Getting to it is going to be the difficult part though.”

“I figured that out already, Enya.”

“Philomena, you misunderstood me. I meant that there is a guardian creature that protects the sacred sight. We would need to answer his riddle correctly for him to grant us access, but the riddle he chooses is random.”

“That is a problem, but I’m sure we can solve it whatever it is.”


So, we trudged through the forest until we got to the most remote part of the forest and came upon a seemingly blocked cave entrance.

“This must be the place,” said Enya.

“If it is, where’s the…” I tried to say, but a deep booming voice interrupted me.

“Who goes there?” the guardian said.

“I’m Enya the…”

“...Leader of the forest nymphs.” 

“Yes and this is Philomena.”

“Ahh, the prophesied chosen one. Nice to meet you two.”

“Same here, Guardian.”

“You don’t have to say why you’re here. I already know. I will open the shrine for you, but the guardian code says that you must answer a riddle correctly first. Philomena, are you aware of that?”

“I am. Enya told me. I’m ready for it.”

“Ok. Here is the riddle. I shine brightest in the dark. I am there, but can not be seen. To have me costs you nothing. To be without me costs you everything. What am I?”

“Philomena, I have no idea what the answer is. It’s up to you,” said Enya.

I thought carefully about the words and almost immediately knew the answer.

“Hope,” I said.

“You are correct. You’re welcome inside. Good luck with your mission.” said the guardian.

“Thank you.” both Enya and I said.

A secret door opened and revealed the hidden path through the cave to the shrine.

As we turned the corner, the way lit up with crystals as bright and colorful as a double rainbow. In the middle of the room, there was the shrine, made of very rare crystal flowers surrounded by large cherry blossoms and fungi. At the very end of the room, there were two statues of people looking down on a small pedestal. 

“Philomena, these statues represent the heroes that defended our home from evil.”

“That’s very cool,” I said admiring the scenery.

As I walked closer to the statues, I noticed a very old book.

“Enya, is this the book we’re looking for?” I shouted.

“It is. Great job finding it. Let me take a look.”

So, I handed the text to her and she opened it. Then I noticed a puzzled look on her face.

“What is it, Enya?”

“I have no clue, Philomena. It’s in a language I’ve never seen before,” she said as she showed me the ancient book.

“I’ve never seen those runes, either. Are there any necromancers left in the world?” I asked.

“There’s one. Why’d you ask?”

“If the fairytales are true, then necromancers are known to be fluent in many languages.”

“Great thinking, Philomena. The necromancer I know might be able to decipher these runes. I don’t know where he is right now, but I can use my natural powers to find out.”

So Enya started chanting words from a foreign language I didn’t understand and suddenly, I felt the music of the forest through the gentle breeze of the wind. Just as quickly as it started, it stopped.

“Enya, do you know where he is?”

“I’ve got a clue. I saw him near an old witch’s house in a jungle full of withered trees and plants.”

“Well, there’s only one place that matches that description, Enya.”

“And that’s Deadwood Jungle.”


Fortunately, the jungle was very close to the forest. We just had to traverse a minuscule swamp that bridged the way between the Serene Forest and the Deadwood Jungle. When we made it to the jungle, it’s magical power was stronger than ever. The dead trees and plants had an eerie purple glow surrounded by a ghostly blue mist.

“We’ll. Here we are, Philomena. The witch’s house should be in the very heart of this place.”

“Good. We’ve only got 12 hours left before it becomes too late to break the spell.”

A few minutes later, we arrived at the hut to a horrifying scene. The necromancer was being attacked by a pack of shadow wolves. 

“Oh no! What are we gonna do, Philomena?!” Enya shouted.

“They’re not corrupted. I believe the way to tame them, or at least scare them off, is to combine both of our powers.” I replied.

“Let’s give it a try.”

So, we took each other’s hands and began to concentrate. Then, the campfire next to the witch’s hut exploded with a crackling pop and the shadow wolves fled the area. We ran over to the necromancer right away.

“Are you alright?” Enya asked.

“I’m fine thanks to you and your friend, Enya,” he said.

“Philomena, this is the last necromancer, Sergei, and a childhood friend.”

“Pleased to meet you, Philomena,” said Sergei.

“Pleasure’s mine,” I replied.

“So, what do you need help with, Enya?” he asked.

“Well, we believe this book has the answer to breaking the spell Ashanti cast, but we can’t read it,” she said as she handed the book to him.

“Of course you can’t. I can’t either as this is the language of the dead. Only ghosts can decipher these runes.”

“That makes sense now, huh Philomena.”

“It sure does. Sergei, is it possible for you to summon a spirit?”

“It is, Philomena. The stories that you read about us are true. We cannot only summon spirits, but we can revive the dead to help us as well. It’s a large spell, so it will take time. Let’s go to the graveyard close by. It’s the holiest place here. I will be able to cast the spell there, but it’ll be up to you to convince the spirit to help you.”

“Understood, Sergei. I will go through any trial to stop the darkness.” I said.

So, we walked through a very twisty path until we came upon a small hill. 

“At the top of this hill is where this very special cemetery lies. It has legends about hauntings that are told throughout the world,” said Sergei.

“So this must be the Bashful Woods Cemetery,” said Enya as we made our way to the top.

“You are both well versed in the myths and legends of our world.”

“Thank you.” we both said.

After we found a large enough area to cast the spell, we helped out Sergei by drawing a large five-pointed star in the dirt and placed different magical items on each point.

“Ok. It’s ready. Stand back.” said Sergei.

Enya and I both ran out of the area as Sergei began chanting the spell. We both held our breath as after a ghostly aura flowed across the star a bright flash happened. When we opened our eyes, we saw a ghost hovering in the air. 

“I’ve been waiting for you two.” the ghost said. “I already knew you were coming as I could see the destruction happening to your world. I can decipher the book, but only after you have passed a test. Get a gem from the undead dragon’s lair. I’ve marked the path with wisps to lead you there. And there’s a catch. Only Philomena can do the trial.”

Everyone looked at me with shocked expressions.

“Why me?”

“You’re the chosen one, so you should be able to tame any beast, even a powerful dragon.” the ghost said.

“You can do it, Philomena,” said Sergei.

“We believe in you,” said Enya. “In the prophecy, the chosen one has an aura that will protect them from harm. Go knock ‘em dead.”

“Thanks, guys,” I said. “Spirit, light up the way!”


So I followed the wisps to the dragon’s lair all alone and when I came upon the area, I saw the dragon sleeping. It was massive, with large scales, bat-like wings, and a tail that could send anyone flying across the room. I knew stealing wouldn’t work as that never worked in the stories I’ve read. I had to wake it up and use my powers. So, I made a large ruckus and the intimidating creature was woken. I first tried reasoning with it, but it showed a beam of fire at me which I was barely able to dodge. I rushed behind a large rock and looked carefully. I could see that it had been affected by the evil spell.  That’s what the ghost meant by that I’m the only one that can pass this trial. I thought to myself. Now knowing what to do, I focused harder than I’ve ever had and started using my inner voice to help the dragon overpower the evil within her. Then, with a thunderous roar, the dragon was able to break free. Using her telepathic powers, the undead dragon spoke to me. 

“Thank you for freeing me, Philomena. I will gladly give you a special Dragonfire gem and as I am in your debt when the time comes, I will help you and your friends defeat Ashanti.” said the dragon as she took a plain diamond and blew a soft stream of fire into it. After it settled, a rainbow crystal appeared and the dragon flew away.

After taking the Dragonfire Gem, I headed back to the graveyard. When I got there, I showed the gem. It glowed brightly in the moonlight.

“Well done, Philomena.” said the spirit. “As you have passed the test, I will gladly translate this text for you. The book says to break the spell and defeat Ashanti is to only believe in yourself.” 

“That must mean that if we combine our powers, we can overpower Ashanti,” said Enya.

“I will gladly lend my power to you after saving me from those wolves,” said Sergei.

“Oh. I think you should hold onto that crystal. According to legend, it is said that it can greatly boost your power.” said the spirit. “And good luck. All of us are on your side,” it said as it slowly faded away. We were ready for the final battle and it was very fortunate as we had only six hours remaining. 


To find out where Ashanti was hiding with the captive forest nymphs, Enya used her druid powers again. It was at an old haunted mansion that was 5 hours away from where we were 3 hours from where Enya’s home was. So we traversed slowly through all the areas we had been previously as part of our journey taming any animals we came across. We finally arrived at the castle-like mansion with only one hour remaining. 

“We’re here,” said Enya. “Are we ready to face Ashanti?”

Just before both Sergei and I shouted, we heard a roar and all of us looked up. The undead dragon was hovering in the air getting ready to land.

“Philomena, what’s the dragon doing here?” Enya said.

“I’m here to help.” said the dragon.

“Ok. That was unexpected,” said Sergei.

“Long story,” I said.

“Anyways,” said Enya. “Are we ready?!”

We all hollered, “YES!”

Then the dragon melted the metal lock on the door and it was open so we headed inside. It was pitch black at first, but then the wall torches and candles lit up all on their own as Ashanti appeared from a black void.

“Free the nymphs now and stop the corruption, Ashanti!” said Enya.

“You think you can stop me. Go ahead and try. You’ll be wasting your time, kids. The destruction is almost complete. Even if you do defeat me, you won’t be able to stop the spell. Everyone will fear my name!” Ashanti said with an evil cackle. Then the dragon let out a burst of fire, which the evil warlock dodged.

“Leave him to me. Focus on breaking the spell!” she said.

So the three of us went behind the stone pillars as we all placed our hands on the Dragonfire gem filling it with an enormous amount of magical power. 

We all chanted, “Free the world from evil!” and after the third time, we held the crystal in the air. Then the dragon came and breathed fire into it and the gem activated a rainbow beam that went directly at Ashanti. He noticed it and tried to push it back with a black beam of darkness. As the two opposite powers clashed, the lights in the mansion were going crazy. Then, after the dragon made an almighty roar, Ashanti was overwhelmed by the combined magic in the crystal and was banished to the depths of Tarturas. Then the crystal launched a rainbow beam into the sky spreading northern lights throughout the world that freed everything imprisoned in the spell. Enya then freed the forest nymphs and we all went home, Enya being first as we were the closest to her home. When we got there, the news of Ashanti’s defeat had already spread like wildfire, and people from my home came to set up a celebration that lasted throughout the rest of the night and into the next day. After that, we all said our goodbyes and went back to our homes, and our world and the forest nymphs remained in peace for centuries throughout.


The End


Submitted: January 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 SoulSavior23. All rights reserved.

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