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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some good self-help tips.

This is a good life,

Change with time,

What you face is such experience,

Think about wise and foolish past moments,

Dont regret on anything,

Welcome such recycled feedbacks as a great experience,

Dont hurt your wounds,

Heal your thought attacks to make good things happen,

You are sole responsible to what happen with your life,

Be disciplined and capture the empires of mind,

Thoughts rule the world and imagine this power likes you within,

From your messes say everything can be done,

If you self-love the courage by the ones you dared take the first steps,

All time loved very much pursue to catch happiness in yourself,

The risk of faithful living adopts one such pet,

You can hire its life coach in all of life to banish the fear to be afraid of,

Life is your mirror and the outside world positions all the time in its imprisonment,

The greatest solutions to be grateful for each day feels we understand our power to accept and dream again,

Like survivors closer to this day we fall into to honor this greatest gratitude,

When we are prepared to make some sacrifices to make others daily life better,

You own this story every moment in charge of this truth that set you free,

Once more freedom means the responsibility to make up this happiness to be our search ever noticed,

This request I choose to grow up every thought to change in order to be happier,

Clearly take the selfishness out of my own vision wandering I never lost it somewhere else,

I can change the experience in ways to inspire the past, present or future;

I try to challenge to change myself and be happy not judge another to turn his life around,

The wisdom to know the difference step out of our ruts and how relationships matters,

I start searching for truer answers when all temptations depart into understandings,

I release this resistence to understand my soul I cannot erase,

What makes its emotional energies and intentions conquered determine my feeling process,

I make this pure thoughts always to train your skills, talent and knowledge to be wiser being,

This extract the positive possible power to bless some moments so manipulating,

And always will keep what matters most to take charge of my life I claimed,

Not like a victim of circumstances,

But by the ones I catch every dream dared never to end this discovery,

If our momentary awareness welcome and entertain them like an unexpected visitor in the great love,

May you find this awesome blessings on the living Earth going through the best ever beautiful moments you are blessed here.

Submitted: January 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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