There will be snow in Africa this Christmas

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: The Imaginarium

A 265 word Flash Fiction. When snow falls on Africa, What does it mean?

There will be snow in Africa this Christmas!


‘Papa! Papa! Quickly, come outside, It is snowing!’

Jubhala looked up at his little son who was jumping up and down with excitement.

‘Hush, now, Kalai!’ Jubhala laughed and stepped from his dwelling into the normally sun-drenched plains of the Kalahari. Only this day, the sun was not shining.

Dark storm clouds were forming overhead, the scorching heat of the sun had been replaced with an icy cold breeze, and large white snowflakes were falling from the sky.

Jubhala and the rest of the villagers were all out, staring in astonishment at the snow-filled sky.

Spreading his arms wide, Jubhala laughed as the cold snowflakes caressed his skin, the feeling was so strange, so alien to him, Jubhala shivered, not just from the snow, but also from the dark slowly moving object, hidden by the clouds, it was huge and round and cast its cold shadow over the land.


Black compound extraterrestrial eyes sat before the huge viewing screen of its alien craft. It watched as the carbon-based life forms below on the blue planet were covered in the cleansing dust. Soon this planet would be rid of its parasitic infestation and they would take this planet as their own.


Jubhala stopped laughing, his son, and all of the villages stopped laughing, and their wonderment was replaced with terror and pain and agony as their skin bubbled and blistered and melted. Within moments all that was left of them were pools of gelatinous red mush.

 And so the cleansing of the Earth had begun.


(265 words)

Submitted: January 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Celtic-Scribe63. All rights reserved.

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I will never contemplate anti-fungal talcum powder in the same way again.

Sat, January 9th, 2021 3:44pm


This was a fun little one, that came out of nowhere.

Best Wishes

Sat, January 9th, 2021 9:26am


This would make a fantastic introduction to what could be a really cool story, C-S.
I loved the way you took something that was seen as amazing and turned it into a real threat.

Sun, January 10th, 2021 7:34pm


Thanks, HB22.

I have not written anything for a while and just wanted to stretch the old grey matter and thought a little flash fiction would be a good exercise.

I have started writing another Sam Tunney Western story and should have it finished sometime this week.

Then I might tackle chapter one of Bri an Dugh!

Stay safe, Mi Amiga.

Mon, January 11th, 2021 1:54am


Wow, I love reading something that brings a smile to my face, and turn on a dime and makes my skin crawl. Loved it...

Sun, January 24th, 2021 7:53pm


Thanks' so much for your kind words.

I just wrote this on the spur of the moment. I have to say, I was very pleased with the outcome.
I am glad it hit a chord with you

Stay safe, my friend.

Sun, January 24th, 2021 2:05pm

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