Esskray #19

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nature is crying! The Buddha is dead!

Brief Introduction
The Balance is in deep Negative! 
The Originals are in a panic and the world of Infinity is now suffering from a great depression, the Buddha is dead!
Nature cries as its friend leaves the physical world, leaving behind a legacy that has the ability to become something more, but in order for this to happen depends on how the inhabitants of this life respond! 
The All Life Queen, The Sage and Eve Adams keeper of light make there moves,  hoping, praying they can save and turn this disastrous situation around.
They harness the Buddhas teachings, his inspiration and his legacy to motivate and mourn in a bid to move existence forward.
However, the Buddhas death is just the start! 
The Chaotic D’rk spreads, irritating those with Demonics and those effected by the D’rk.
Word spreads of ‘the devil kings' return and the rise of an empire of D’rk, a NEW Heydell! 
The Church of Julaiham declare a state of emergency and the Order put Capital city into lockdown! 
There is a storm coming and it brings a state of D'rkend Chaos with it  And the battle for survival.
Age of D’rk! Secrets
His breath held and his eyes closed, still spinning, he focused on the ringing still bouncing around his head and the urgency growing stronger, he let’s them pull him towards his goal. The spinning stopped suddenly, Jragon opened his eyes and sees Spef and Chucky-T standing there in some sort of trance.
He rushes over to them and eases them down to rest then in a low tone filled with anguish Jragon speaks
“ Wherever you are Sneeky I hope you can feel what we are feeling! The D’rk has become heavier and the soul has become filled with a sadness" 
Sneeky who flickers in his holographic form sighs 
“ I do! The Buddha is no more!” 
Jragon smirks 
“Your wrong! The Buddha was always preparing life for after his, his teachings and legacy will take hold and he will live on" 
Sneeky looks confused
“then what is this horrid feeling? Why has the D’rk become more physical? If not the Death of the Buddha and the return of Natas!” 
Jragon turns and faces Sneeky 
“I never said this wasn’t because of the Buddhas death, but it is not how you think!" 
Jragon continues
“ this great depression is down to the one linked to the Buddha, an Original named Gautama, the Keeper of peace and tranquillity!
The Originals are powerful beings who are the Keepers of the Balance, they live by strict rules and one of those rules is they must have an apprentice , someone with humanity to share a soul with, together it makes them stronger and wiser but also weaker and when the Buddha  died a piece of Gautama died causing this great depression!” 
Sneeky let’s out a curious thoughtful noise 
“If you couple that with who and what killed the Buddha it would explain this crazy aftermath sweeping Esskray!” 
Jragon looks at Sneeky curiously so Sneeky continues
“ Natas the advocate of the Un-holy war and a warlord dubbed
 ‘the Devil king', born in the shaded lands of the Infinity Mountains, Natas and his brother where born fatherless with the D’rk but without the Demonic, a true rare case!” 
Jragons face drops, he had heard tales of Natas and none of them were good
“we have to take action!” a deep voice echoes from behind
“We shall head to the Buddhas temple, there we can assess matters further and try restore some calm" 
Chucky-T steps forward followed by Spef
Jragon is quick to question there mentality following the state he found them in but he is quickly shot down but Chucky-T 
“We are fine, just some adjusting, nothing we can not handle!" 
The wind has become frosty and the air thick, a silence flows through the lands as the shadows grow larger.
The Syndicate Spef, Chucky-T and Jragon make there way towards the Buddha monk temple and when they arrive they are greeted by a nothingness! A Void of emptiness! 
They venture further inside until they find a large gold tainted room with flower blossoms covering the walls filled with meditating monks and in the Centre of the Monks lay the Buddhas Robes! 
The Syndicate say there prayers to the Buddha and go to leave when a feint whisper speaks out to them 
“the Bodhisattva, lord Maitreya is currently in the gardens” 
The Syndicate venture into the stunning moonlit gardens of the Buddha monks where, standing beside a great hollow tree stand three monks, staring over the cliff face overlooking the grand Omni Forest. 
The three Syndicate members approach slowly as the three monks turn and face them 
“my name is Maitreya, to my right is Li Lee Chan and on my left is Red, I am the Bodhisattva and temporary leader of the Buddha Monks" 
Maitreya was young looking but had an aura that oozed confidence, he was small in stature but his presence more then made up for it.
“ The Lord Buddha spoke of you, Hybrid Demonics.... The perfect Balance of D’rk and light, in fact the Lord Buddha done extensive research on the D’rk and the Demonics!”
Maitreya steps towards the Syndicate as he continues in his soft tone
“ there are three types of known Demonic, you Spef and Chucky-T are Hybrid Demonics from the mother shard, humanity with a D’rk persona, you need your Demonic just as much as the Demonic needs you!” 
Jragon asks
“ what are the other two types?” 
Maitreya looks at him and replies
“the second is the D’rk curse of Belial, this is the one that is covering this world with its twisted mind killing hatred, a formless Demonic power sucking the light out of life and then we have the Demonic least known by the Lord Buddha, his work on the D’rk Demonic led him to a lot of dead ends but what he did find was, the D’rk  Demonics come from the shard of the first Demonic and are pure black! Created to disrupt and destroy the Balance, the Lord Buddha believed this to be the most volatile and hostile of the Demonic powers" 
Chucky-T questions Maitreya 
“why was the Buddha so interested in the D’rk and the Demonic?” 
Maitreya closes his eyes and sighs 
“ the Lord Buddha was a man who could always see the light even in things that clearly had no light left” 
Chucky-T is not satisfied with this answer so Maitreya has no choice but to  continue
“during the Un-holy war the monks suffered, the Lord Buddha tried to save as many as possible, one of these monks was a disciple named Tenebre, Tenebre was a gifted monk and was one of the fist to offer his services in the fight with Natas, unfortunately he was attacked by Natas himself!” 
Maitreya opens his eyes and stares at the Syndicate
“ he was infected by the D’RK!
 Not one to give up, the Lord Buddha place a seal on Tenerbre and locked him deep below the temple until he could find a final solution, problem is, with the Lord Buddha death the seal is fading and if this happens not only will Tenebres powers be unleashed it will surly draw the attention of Natas, and we can not afford any more attention from Natas!” 
Maitreya falls to his knees 
“Natas apperated in! No-one saw it coming! And  he...he was gone before any one could REACT!......” 
Chucky-T reaches down to the clearly overwhelmed young Bodhisattva 
“ what can we do to assist you?” 
Then a rough voice is heard from behind Maitreya 
“this is one who could replace the seal!” 
Up stepped  Lee Li Chan, the gruff looking Monk had clearly fought some battles and was still here to tell the tale 
“the Buddha was an apprentice, if we can find Gautama he would be able to replace the seal” 
Maitreya looks back at Lee Li Chan and sniffles 
“that would be impossible, Gautama is in hiding, not in this realm!” 
Lee Li Chan responds
“There is a way..... the Island of Serenity” 
 Maitreya stands up and regains some composure 
“That could work....but we are not the Lord Buddha , what if the Island does not respond!” 
 Lee Li Chan steps closer
“I will offer my service, I have been serving the Lord Buddha for a very long time and I have been to the Island!” 
Chucky-T also offers his services 
“ I too will go, together we will find and bring back Gautama!” 
Jragon has his doubts as he has also been to Serenity Island and knows first hand how unpredictable it can be 
“do not underestimate Serenity Island, its not just the unpredictability  or  the fact  we will not be the only ones who seek its powers, the true hurdle will be the Islands defences, the Island will test you! It will push you to your limits!” 
Lee Li Chan responds 
“ This is true, the Island has the ability to drive a sane man mad!” 
Spef then speaks! 
“ Serenity Island will be fine! It will know your purpose and it will know us reaching out to Gautama will bring some ease to this great depression” 
Everyone looks at Spef as he turns away 
“ I’m going to go to Nest to rendezvous with D-mon and Yeshua, we will need to work out where Natas will strike next if we are to prevent further damage” 
Spef seemed different, his constant silence echoed that of the world and his presence was more focused and compact.
Jragon decides to stay with the Monks as Chucky-T and Lee Li Chan also depart.
The other Monk that was present was a man they named Red, down to his lack of name and his bright hair
“Mr. Jragon is there anything we can assist you with while you are here?” 
he says in a polite well spoken Manor 
Jragon pauses for a moment before answering 
“ is it possible to see the Lord Buddhas work?” 
Inquires Jragon 
“Unfortunately all that he wrote is contained in one book and is locked away with the secrets it contains" 
Replies Red 
Jragon pauses once more, he needed to know more about the D’rk and the Buddhas knowledge was the most complete he had heard of so far
“ is it possible to see Tenerbre to observe the seal?” 
Jragon asks 
Curious of Jragons direction Maitreya answers
“yes of course, you can even speak with Tenebre but I would advice against that, Tenerbre is not the nicest of people" 
Red leads Jragon down a spiral of stairs, long never ending winding stairs, after what seemed like forever they reach the bottom, Red goes to open up the huge layered door that blocked their path 
“ behind this doors is Tenerbre, be warned Tenerbre will try and provoke you, he will insult you and play mind games, please try and keep your composure or we will have to leave” 
Warns Red as he swing the hefty door open.
Jragon steps inside to find a unique chamber, there was a natural force flowing through the walls as Tenerbre sat in a chair staring at the door.
He had a white glow emitting from  his chest as he looks up at Red and Jragon.
Tenerbre smiles as he stands 
“ the Buddhas death has made me popular” he crackles swinging  his arms out 
“so, what is it this time? more talk about Natas? Or is it about my connection with the D’rk?! Wait!” 
Tenerbre springs forward and stares at Jragon 
“ You have a ME!” he snaps laughing hysterically 
“you want to know about the seal!” groats Tenebre revealing the symbol of light etched into his chest, illuminating and pulsing a number of symbols 
“ This little trick will not help you in your situation! For starters the one who created it is DEAD!” 
Tenebre chuckles as he turns his back on Jragon and Red 
“ the seal prevents me from leaving this room and keeps my power grounded making me powerless and motionless, you do not want this seal, it is a curse worse then the D’rk itself!” 
Tenerbre stalks off as Red and Jragon take there leave, Once the huge door is closed behind them Red asks Jragon
“ what is it you hope to achieve? What answers are you looking for?” 
Jragon clutches a Medallion hanging round his neck  and looks at Red 
“ I need a cure, a cure for the D’rk!” 
To be continued

Submitted: January 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 L.R.Hutchings. All rights reserved.

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