Watch Out For The Internet Plagiarists

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Recently I was given information regarding what happened to all my missing files - and ONLY those files written under one of my pen names. NOT the others. Let this missive stand as a lesson for all of us. Nothing on the Internet is protected.

Plagiarism in The Age of the Internet


By Alexander Guinevere Kern





*** Note, the book about to be discussed is nothing special, unique or all that good.  The REAL issue is that someone hacked my computer and stole all the files and any references to the book, as well as files of letters and emails which were written under THAT pen name.


Nothing else was deleted or stolen, no matter WHAT name I used as author.


This is the story - As I have shared before - I made a most upsetting discovery several years ago, while ensconced in my house in Baltimore, MD.


One evening, as I was talking to my friend on the phone, we heard a brief click, the lights flickered and our call was cut off. Moments later, the lights came on, so we thought nothing of it. Baltimore has some seriously stormy weather at times.


Now that I reside in Sunny SoCal I cannot believe I put up with Baltimore’s awful cycles of seasons, all are uncomfortable and it is just plain expensive to cool or heat our houses.


After my Senior friend and I completed our chatter, I went into my writing room and sat down at my computer. I turned it on, but could not get the screen to light up. I am VERY computer ignorant and was not sure what to do.  So I called over my neighbor, who is quite informed regarding such matters.


She opened the tower and discovered my hard drive was gone. The screws literally fell out into her hands.


Mystified, I did not know what to do. She was aghast. My Senior friend’s son took my external hard drive and transferred the data to one of his old laptops.  I used that for a while, until I got the Blue Screen of Death.


People kept asking me why I did not back up my files on my Windows before it crashed. It did not take floppies, there was no indication of HOW one could create back up copies.  At any rate, the computer was dead and that was that.


My friend’s son, God bless him, took home the computer and after several weeks, salvaged as much of the data as he could.


I did not look to see what made it and what did not. I was thrilled to have a computer back - period.


I moved to LA shortly after. My SIL took that laptop, with its impossible Password on a disc and I have not seen it since.


I bought a Mac and my ex sent over what he had and my friend’s son sent over what he had saved and my SIL downloaded or transferred all the information onto this very iMac.


I was scrolling through my Pages file, trying to find some of my Bloodfellow files.


I was shocked to find ALL of those files were empty.


Mind you, I’ve written a load of stories and poems and novels and letters/emails and there were ALL there -


EXCEPT for anything, any email, and even emails which REFERENCED my novel Bloodfellow which I had written to friends and family, emails to and from my Editor, emails to and from my publisher, Xlibris, emails to and from a well-known literary agent, ANY email at ALL which mentioned that novel, (it was one novel, not two at the time) were gone. Simply empty files.  And I had MANY files, as I edited my novel a number of times.


I also noted any emails written under that pen name - and there were a LOT of emails, as I kept up correspondence with scads of people on Novel-Writing lists, all of those email files were also empty, just gone.  This is stealing mail, a federal offense. The thief says he is NOT going to return those files to me.


My friend’s son knows what he is doing and he would never have taken those files. He did not give a hoot about my work. He would not have noticed they were absent; he didn’t even know I wrote books, etc.


I have written a number of books, stories and poems under other names. They were all there, on my computer, untouched, unmolested. Writing is simply my hobby!


As far as the Bloodfellow books, it seemed as though someone wanted to erase ALL mention of those novels on my computer. I wrote it under a pen name and how was I to prove *I* was the author?


Like I said, it is NOT a compelling literary masterpiece and was written half-way for fun. Nothing special there, folks. I could not figure out who or why anyone would hack into my computer and help him or her Self to my work.


Fortunately, Bloodfellow was copyrighted legally in 1995 and I have a copy of the Copyright Office document.


Since I had never heard of anyone who might have published my work under their own name, I saw no reason to think anyone did. Still, although they exist in hard copy - no one reads them and where the heck were all my files? I wanted to rewrite some of those chapters. My ex forced me to finish the novel LONG before I wanted to.


Recently someone told me WHO took my novel and why. I was so astonished I still can’t focus on what the hey was going on in his mind.  He’s a published author himself!


You can see where this is all going, right?


I am now urging people to make copies of all of your work, put it on a flash drive (I now have them and still have NO idea how to use them) and send copies to a trusted friend, put them in a safety deposit box - whatever however.  Just make good and damn sure it is copyrighted legally. Yes, legally. I don’t know how to use a flash drive, because I am disabled, never leave my apartment and don’t know anyone but my daughter and SIL. They are as afraid of COVID 19 as everyone else.


For instance, any person who writes Blogs, some of which are 15-20 years old, copy your work, put it on a flash drive, just get it copyrighted, please.


Before some kook decides he or she LIKES your work and wants to change a chapter or two, or a paragraph here and there and pass it off as THEIR work.


Some part of your blog could be re-arrranged enough to turn into class work and handed/emailed to a teacher.


Be advised that I personally know Hollywood screenwriters. They told me long ago that there simply aren’t any more subjects or topics or stories that are brand new and exciting enough to keep a mini-series going, Never mind some longer series like GOT.  The lady complained that is has come down to spin-offs of spin-offs, off of Spin-offs.


It takes NO TIME for a good screenwriter to turn your work into something usable for their purposes.


I was told this fool hacked my computer and took my novel because he liked it. That is the explanation he gave his teacher. He still maintains he wrote it!!!


I have the copyright notice and I am happy to upload it, and I will when I find the time.


Color me stunned.  But you cannot trust that your work posted on FB or Instagram or anywhere else, is private and safe from plagiarists and thieves. My Epic browser picks up 200 data miners per day - all legit businesses that make money off our information. And we don’t get a cent of it.


People like to say, “Well, we just have to accept there is no such thing as privacy anymore.”

What a damn pity. And I mean to continue writing hand-written letters to friends, who can, of course, take a photo or scan it and share it.


This is a future I never expected. And it horrifies me as I am VERY private.


Protect your stuff, Friends. The person who hiked my novel and my notes ALSO took a small file which contained a basic outline, a summary, some chapter notes and a few characterizations. I assume because it contained some real life contemporary (at the time) experiences with which I had been involved which aroused his prurient interests.


The person who hiked my stuff and altered a paragraph here and there has his OWN books, is wealthy, is highly-regarded, and has no earthly reason to have done it. None. Perhaps it is some bogus nasty crap he does to other people!  I have little understanding what goes on in people’s heads.


So I took the time to sign all the copies I printed out long ago, I signed the hard copies.  I have the copyright and GEEZ LOUISE, there is naught exciting or special about those novels.


How did he even know me? Why on Earth would he hack my computer!? I have never met or heard of that man in my entire life!


Yet, there it is. John Johnson Alexander stole my entire novel and every reference to it. He deleted on my computer all evidence that I had written my own book. It makes you wonder how much of his OTHER work has been swiped from other authors, without their permission or consent, and then published under a pseudonym.


What a strange story - and true it is. I guess I had better learn how to use a flash drive, huh?


Yours for privacy in The Internet Is Forever Reality,


Submitted: January 09, 2021

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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