Endless Summer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A recently engaged thirty something couple decide to celebrate their engagement by spending a weekend at a secluded Beach resort. Unfortunately they soon find out something is very wrong.



No honey this way. Don't miss the turn” Eric made a hard left. “Are you sure this is the way?” “Yes it is.” Answered an exasperated Donna. Eric and Donna were a recently engaged couple, early thirties, with no kids. To celebrate their engagement they decided to spend the weekend at a little Beach resort called Gran sol playa. Donna had found it online. But Eric was leery of it. Donna insisted it was legit. Pointing out that it had a privacy policy and contact info posted on the site. “OK now where?”


Eric asked, the agitation in his voice growing. “This way.” Donna answered “How do you know? Why are there no signs pointing this place out?” Eric asked sounding irritated. “It is just a small place.” Donna offered as an explanation. “Look down this road.” She pointed out. Eric and Donna drove down a long lonely stretch of road. It appeared like they were heading nowhere. And for a minute Donna had thought she had gotten them lost. But then she spotted the quaint little hotel up ahead, just like on the website. “There it is!” She shouted jubilantly.


Eric parked the car and the couple climbed out and embraced each other. “That was a very long drive. This place better be great.” Eric mused. “It will be. Trust me.” Donna leaned in and kissed Eric. “I will go ahead and check us in. You go ahead and stretch out those legs.” She kissed Eric sweetly on the cheek before coyly walking towards the hotel.



Eric ventured out to the Beach and was greeted to a welcoming site. The Beach was beautiful. Gorgeous white sand sprawled out endlessly before him. The radiant sun hung majestically in the sky with no more than a couple clouds lazily floating on. A gentle breeze carried with it warm salty air. The surf rumbled passively as it ran into the shore before pulling back leaving foamy residue in it's wake.



But Eric could not help but wonder where everyone was. He also found it odd that there were no birds on the Beach. No seagulls, no sandpipers nothing. He did however spot a lone elderly woman on the Beach constructing an elaborate sand castle. Impressed with her work he went out to speak to her. “Hi, how are you?” But the old woman did not even look up. She just continued to work as if she never heard Eric. The surf rushed in and collided with her sand castle, causing parts of it to crumble away. “Maybe you should try building further away from the surf. That is a lot of work for nothing.” She smiled passively as she continued to ignore Eric, acting as if he wasn't there. Eric finally gave in and left her alone. He then noticed someone sitting all by himself on the fishing pier. Curious, Eric decided to walk out to the pier and speak to him.



Eric walked out to the edge of the pier. The man sitting in the chair passively looked up, doing a double take when he realized he had never seen Eric before. “Hi I am Eric.” The man in the chair stood up and shook Eric's hand. “I am Tim. Welcome to eternity. Have a sit.” Tim gestured to a neighboring chair and Eric sat down. “So, did you come here with your wife or girlfriend?” Tim asked. “I came here with my fiance.” Eric answered. “Great, where is she?” “She went inside to check us in. Hey Tim, what is up with that old lady on the Beach? Also where is everyone?” Tim just laughed. “That would be Beatrice. Beatrice doesn't speak to anyone. As for everyone else? Well it is Friday so they are inside the hotel with Melissa.” “Who is Melissa?” Eric asked curiously “Melissa is this loud mouth who runs the weekend orgies. Maybe you ought to check on your wife.” Answered Tim with a mischievous wink.Fiance.” Eric said firmly. “Same thing.” Answered Tim as he turned his attention back to the ocean.



Eric sat in his chair not knowing what to do or say next. “And what exactly do you mean by welcome to eternity?” Eric asked suspiciously. “Well I meant just what I said. You are stuck here. You cannot leave.” “What do you mean I cannot leave?” Tim stirred in his chair seemingly agitated. “People come here and they are trapped here. No one can ever leave, no ever has and no one ever will.” Eric just stared at Tim. A look of disbelief came over his face. “You actually expect me to believe that? Tim only shrugged his shoulders. “No I don't. But you will see in time.” Tim seemed to be deep in thought, prompting him to speak again. 

"Although I suppose that is not really accurate. You see periodically or maybe annually, it is hard to say because I haven't kept track of time. These things come out of the ocean and take us away.” Eric glared at Tim wondering if he was simply joking or maybe just nuts. But the look on Tim's face was unnervingly serious. “So.” Eric began as he leaned back in his chair. “You are trying to tell me that some kind of sea creatures come out of the water and drag someone into it? Tim silently nodded his head. Eric shook his head laughing. “You think I am lying?” Tim asked? “No, I think you are nuts. Maybe on drugs or something.” “We have none of that here unless of course you brought some with you?” Tim answered with a smirk. “No.” Eric said sharply. A uncomfortable silence again came between the two men. Prompting Tim to speak. “Maybe you should go check on your fiance.” Eric just glared at Tim before getting up and heading back to the hotel.




As Eric walked back to the hotel a feeling of unease began to creep over him. Eric then noticed something peculiar about the cars in the parking lot. They were from various eras of time. Eric saw a 57' Chevy Bel Air convertible, a Beetle from the sixties, a Stutz Blackhawk, a Honda Accord, a Toyota Camry, and a Nissan Altima. There was nothing strange about the cars themselves. But for such a small parking lot to hold such a wildly random assortment of cars was odd. Not to mention the older cars paint jobs had faded drastically, burned away by the hot sun. As if they have been just sitting here.




Eric!” It was Donna. She came running out of the hotel. “The people here are a little weird.” “No shit.” Eric answered sharply. “Get in the car.” “What?” asked a shocked Donna. “I said get in the fucking car. We are leaving.” “But our stuff?” “In!” Shouted Eric as he opened the passenger side door and shoved Donna inside. “Eric what is wrong with you?” “Nothing is wrong with me, but something is wrong with these people.” Eric turned the key in the ignition but nothing happened. Eric took the key out and tried again, nothing. “Is the battery dead?” Donna asked? “No the battery is not dead.” Donna flipped on the switch for the interior lights, they did not come on. “Eric the battery is dead.” “Can't be that is a brand new battery.” Eric insisted. Finally Eric popped the hood and peered into the engine. There was nothing wrong, nothing a miss. A crowd had gathered on the hotels balcony, watching with amusement as the couple struggled with their car. “Hey Donna, is that your fiance? “ Yelled an obnoxious woman. “He is handsome! Why don't you bring him up here? “Shut up bitch.” Eric shouted over his shoulder as he slammed his cars hood down.



Donna try your cell phone” Eric pleaded. “I already have, I can't get a signal.” Donna answered. “Well then restart it and try it again” Eric insisted as he tried the same with his. “It won't work son.” Said an old man from up on the balcony. “Nothing works. These cars haven't moved since the day they got here.” Eric experienced a sense of panic beginning to take hold of him. “This can't be real. This can't be real.” He muttered to himself under his breath. “Donna I am going to go for help, stay here.” “Where are you going?” Donna asked confused. “I am going to walk out of here.” “You can't leave son. The Beach, those things won't let you leave.” Replied the old man. “Hey soothsayer of gloom and doom. I wasn't asking for your advice. Eric curtly replied.



Eric started to walk away. “Eric this is crazy what are you doing?” Donna pleaded. “Just what I said I would do.” “Eric I think this is bad idea.” Donna grabbed Eric by the hand but he threw her hand back.You want to know what I think is a bad idea? Eric began. “You and your asinine insistence on finding the hidden paradise, the secluded utopia. We should have just gone to Siesta Key like I suggested. But no we had to things the way you wanted again. All this?” Said Eric with a wave of his hand. “Is your fault.” And Eric walked away. Donna just stood there. The hurt hit her suddenly and was readily apparent on her face. She watched Eric walk away.



Eric walked down the long stretch of road, all the while muttering to himself. He guessed it was about 5 or 6 miles maybe further to the intersection up ahead. But then Eric noticed he didn't seem to be getting closer. The intersection looked just as far away as it had shortly after he started walking. Eric looked behind him and was shocked to see he hadn't gone very far at all. How could this be? Confused Eric continued to walk for several more minutes. But again he wasn't getting any closer. He dared to turn around again and look behind him. He couldn't believe it. It was like he was walking on a treadmill. It was beginning to get dark and Eric was tired. He turned around to head back to the hotel. It didn't take him long at all to return.



When Eric reached the hotel Donna was waiting for him. She looked angry and she slapped him across the face when he approached her. They started arguing bitterly blaming one another for what was happening to them. Their fighting escalated. They opened old wounds, they brought up the past, and unrelentingly laid low blows to one another. And just when they needed each other the most they left each other alone. Donna stayed in the hotel, Eric slept in the car.



Eric woke the next morning from a fitful slumber to see that this day was very much like the last. He got out of the car and it occurred to him he hadn't eaten much yesterday, but he wasn't hungry. Which he logically attributed to the nasty fight with Donna as well as their unsettling predicament. He glanced up at the hotel and thought about talking to Donna. Instead he walked out to the Beach. There was the old woman, Beatrice again building a sand castle. But Eric walked past her and saw Tim was sitting alone on at the fishing pier. He decided to continue his chat with Tim.



Eric walked up to the empty chair next to Tim. Tim looked up and motioned for Eric to sit down. The two men sat in silence for several minutes before Eric finally spoke up. “So what else can you tell me about this place?” “Well people only show up here every few years or so. No one is really sure how or why people end up here. But while you are here you will never get older, you will never get sick, you will never get hungry or thirsty.” Tim Paused for a minute before he continued. “And each day, everyday is the same as the last. Every... Goddamn... day.” Tim just stared despondently at the ocean.


You said something about these things that come out of the ocean, and take us away?” Eric asked.Yes.” Tim began. “Again no one knows who or what they are exactly. We call them monsters, dwellers of the deep, devils of the sea, whatever suits you best. Every so often someone becomes “marked” this marked person is in a unbreakable trance like state. And then that night they take him or her.” Hasn't anyone ever tried to stop them? Eric asked incredulously. Tim chuckled before he answered. “Oh yes they have tried, and I really want to stress the try part. But these things they are huge, intimidating.Have you seen them?” Eric asked. “Yes a few times.” Tim answered.




In fact the last time I saw them was when they took her.” Tim said quietly. “Took who?” Eric asked.Kate, when they took Kate.” The two men again sat in silence for several minutes. It was then Eric noticed he could hear the distant ringing of a Buoy. “I am sorry.” Eric said finally breaking the uncomfortable silence. “I sit out here because it was the last place I saw her. I keep thinking that maybe...” But Tim never finished what he had to say. “How long ago was that?” Eric asked. “It is hard to say. After they took her I stopped caring about time. I just stopped caring about everything.”



But, I wasn't totally correct when I said there was no way out of here. There is a way and others have done it. Tim said. “What, what is it?” Eric asked with sudden enthusiasm. “Suicide.” Tim said flatly. You can take your own life. Several people have done it. I thought about it but, I just couldn't bring myself to do it” Tim said. “I really don't know what to say, all of this is such a shock.” Eric said with despair in his voice. Tim only nodded. “It has been a while since they have taken someone. It wouldn't surprise me at all if it happens again soon.” Tim replied.



Well I just can't sit here and do nothing.” Eric said with determination. “What are you going to do?” Tim asked. “I am going to try and fight them.” Tim shook his head defiantly. “I told you, others have tried that is a bad idea. A very bad idea Eric.” But Eric just walked away. He didn't care what Tim or anyone else had to say. The way Eric saw it what else could he do?



For the next several days Eric searched the entire Beach resort looking for anything at all he could procure for weaponry. Unfortunately anything of much use was very hard to find. He did find a few rusty fishing spears, empty glass bottles he used for Molotov's, a tree pruner, and other random tools he may or may not be able to use as weapons. And yet no one asked or offered to help him despite knowing what he was planning to do. This caused Eric to feel an increasing amount of rage building up inside of him.



Using a hammer he tried to straighten out a blade by hammering it against a rock. He struck it over and over. His forearms aching as he held the blade down, flecks of rock flew into his furrowed brow with each strike of the hammer. Sweat leaked from his forehead and into his eyes stinging them. His fingers started to cramp up. With each strike of the hammer he found himself getting angrier. Anger for fighting with his fiance, anger for being trapped, anger for those who refused to help. But most of all his own anger for refusing to accept his fate. The next strike of the hammer broke the blade clean off the tool.



And then late one afternoon it finally happened. Someone was marked. It turned out to be Melissa, the loudmouth that Tim had mentioned. There was a lot of commotion at the hotel and Eric wanted to see for himself. In her room Melissa sat perfectly rigid in her chair. She stared straight ahead. Her breathing had become very shallow. But her eyes, her eyes now cast a pale blue glow. They were empty and emotionless, almost lifeless. The mood in the hotel was eerily similar to a wake.



The old man that had talked to Eric earlier from a top the balcony approached Eric. “Young man I see what you are trying to do. And while it is very admirable it is futile. You cannot stop it from happening. None of us can. Nor can we stop those monsters.” “I have to see that for myself.” Said Eric with a quiet determination. “I understand.” The old man replied as he placed his hand on Eric's shoulder. “How long have you been here?” Eric asked. “I have been here since the 1950's. Beatrice and I have been here longer than anyone else. Almost everyone of us has lost someone. I lost my wife in the 1960's. But Beatrice lost her husband soon after she arrived here.” Answered the old man. “How, why did this all come about? Eric asked. The old man just smirked as he answered. “If we knew the how and why we might not be here.”




Eric went back outside and made a point to distance himself from everyone, for they sickened him. He began to assemble his crafted weapons the best he could. Then something struck him as he was getting everything in order. His Glock! He ran to his car and opened the glove box. His gun was loaded and he even had an extra magazine. Feeling more confident he readied himself, the hardest part was the waiting.



Eric waited on the Beach as the darkness slowly crept in. One by one more and more people solemnly walked out to the Beach from the hotel. But Donna was not among them. Then suddenly the gentle breeze that been constantly present was no more. The ocean became still. And the pale blue moon reflected in the motionless water. Then Melissa appeared. She walked methodically onto the Beach and positioned herself facing the surf.



Eric drew his Glock gripping it tightly. Everyone stood in complete silence. Eric could feel his heart beating faster and harder in anticipation of an eldritch confrontation. His vise like grip on his gun was beginning to make his hand ache. Time seemed to stand still as if life itself was put on pause. And then they appeared.



They rose up from the still ocean, their heads breaking the surface. They lumbered slowly towards the Beach. They were immense and vaguely human like in appearance, though in the darkness it was hard to get a good look at them. They were well over eight feet tall their massive bodies were covered in barnacles with seaweed clinging to their limbs. They carried with them a putrid stench that smelled of rot and decay. As they walked they conveyed a great sense of mass leaving a wide three toed imprint in the sand. They had narrow slits for eyes which emitted a pale blue glow, just like Melissa's. They had no discernible mouth. Yet Eric heard a deep murmur coming from them. It was an unsettling noise that sounded like whale songs. They were communicating.




Eric raised he gun aiming squarely at one of the monsters. He pulled the trigger and fired. In the tranquil silence of the night it was deafening. But the monster did not react. Eric fired a couple more rounds but again no reaction from the monster. Eric grabbed a Molotov lit it and threw it at the monster. It lit up for a couple seconds but was immediately extinguished, as if someone snuffed it out.



Feeling bolder Eric again raised his Glock and stepped closer to the monsters. He unloaded the rest of the magazine, slapped in another and unloaded again. But he got no reaction from the monsters as they continued their lumbering towards Melissa. Eric could not believe it.



Eric threw down his empty Glock and lobbed the other Molotov's at the monsters. But they paid no mind to it. Overcome with sheer desperation Eric grabbed the fishing spears. He hurled one at the monsters but it simply struck them and dropped to the ground. With an unrivaled bravery Eric charged directly at one of the monsters with the remaining fishing spear. He stabbed the spear into the monster but it snapped like a toothpick. Eric only stood there in shock.



Eric pleaded with Melissa as the monsters positioned themselves between her. He yelled, screamed and slapped her across the face. But he could not break her trance like state. But when he tried to pick her up the monsters finally reacted. One of them grabbed Eric by the shoulder almost crushing it and flung him back on the Beach. Eric landed with a painful thud on hard packed sand, knocking the wind out of him.



Eric struggled to get to his feet. When he finally did the monsters were already waist deep in the ocean. Like a mad man Eric charged after them. He jumped onto the back of one the monsters, cutting himself deeply across the chest on the barnacles. But the monster flung Eric off it's back like a rag doll. Eric hit the ground with another painful thud. And when Eric looked up again they were gone.



Eric lay there defeated. As he slowly stood up the gentle breeze picked up again. The surf flowed once more. But Eric was hot with anger. He turned to face the others on the Beach. Their faces expressionless. “Cowards!” He shouted. “You are all a bunch of worthless cowards! You could have helped me! We could have saved her! But you just stood there! You worthless, shameful cowards!” Eric collapsed on the Beach. He sat there in a crumpled crestfallen heap.



One by one everyone slowly returned to the hotel, until only Tim remained. He thought about walking out to Eric, perhaps in an effort to comfort him. But he stopped short when he saw Donna who was now on the Beach. Tim and Donna exchanged glances, and then Tim retired to the hotel.



Donna approached Eric as he sat on the Beach. His head was down, he appeared to be exhausted. She stood over him and she was reminded why she fell in love with this selfless brave man. Eric happened to look up and saw Donna standing next to him. Her long white nightgown fluttered gently in the warm salty breeze. She sat down next to him and embraced him. He started to babble incoherently. “I tried to save her, I tried to stop them.” Donna lifted Eric's head up by the chin. She kissed him deeply, meaningfully. Eric returned the kiss in kind. And when they broke from their kiss they stared intensely into one another and it was understood. For they said more than they could ever possibly say with mere words by saying nothing at all.



Eric stood first. He held his hand out to Donna who took his hand in hers. They turned and faced the ocean, interlocking their arms as they did so. They walked into the cool surf and when the water was waist level they held each other even more tightly. The ocean burned Eric's chest as he was made aware of his wounds, but it no longer mattered. A few more steps and Eric and Donna had disappeared into the ocean's depths.


The next morning started out just like every day had before it and every day after it will. Beatrice was again on the Beach building her elaborate sand castle too close to the surf. The ocean rushed into it, causing part of it to crumble away. Beatrice only smiled.






Submitted: January 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jason Scott. All rights reserved.

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