Chapter 99: (v.64) Humankind’s Evolutionary Journey

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Message From The Angels And Masters Of The Christ Circle

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Thoughts For Today 25th November 2022

Humankind’s Evolutionary Journey

Only less than four weeks to go until the day of the Winter Solstice, which takes place on 22nd December 2022 at 08.20 Greenwich Meantime. On the 25th December of each year many in your world still believe that it is the date when the birth of the Christ child took place in a stable in Jerusalem, placed in a manger that’s surrounded by animals. This is the main cuckoo’s egg that once pushed humankind’s knowledge of the natural world out of the nest of its consciousness. As many of you are aware these days, on the day of the Winter Solstice each year the Sun’s light increases to flow into one part of your world, while in the other it begins to diminish.

 It’s a natural event which is easily explained and understood in astrological terms. For a long time the Winter Solstice in your world’s northern part, and the Summer Solstice in the southern one, was replaced by the legend of a saviour and redeemer who had appeared in earthly life. His name was Jesus and he was thought of as being of half human and half Divine origin. We are glad to observe that ever more of you these days realise that someone even remotely like the legendary Master Jesus never took part in earthly life.

All along he has never been intended to be more than a symbolism that represented every human being’s higher God or Christ nature. And that’s because every one of you is a young God in the making. This has nothing to do with wherever any one of you may presently be on their own evolutionary journey. But the further you advance on it, the more you become aware of your true nature. From then onwards you do everything you can to behave in keeping with your high and holy destiny. This explains why every human being, without exception, is the only one who eventually can and will save and redeem themselves, as well as the whole of humankind and everything that exists in your world.

There is nobody in the whole of Creation who possesses the power of doing this for anybody else. And that’s because everything is part of everybody’s nature. It’s up to each individual to develop and unfold ever more of that which is good, right and beautiful, whilst leaving that which is dark, evil and ugly behind.

The cross has always served us a symbol of life on the earthly plane. The undesirable parts of your nature need to be nailed to this cross. First you get to know them through experiencing them. After having done this during one and sometimes several earthly lifetimes, handing suffering out to those around you, the picture changes. In future lifetimes, when your spirit/soul has matured sufficiently to cope with what’s coming the way of its earthly personality, you find yourself on the receiving end of suffering.

There is no-one who can do this for you and that’s because you alone are responsible for every one of the thoughts, words and actions you ever send into your world. The Universal law of cause and effect or Karma ensures that in due course, each one of them returns to you and you then find yourself on the receiving end of what you once did to others. This is how every human being develops, in the course of many lifetimes spent in the earthly school of life’s attending its lessons, one after the other. And that’s how, in the fullness of time, every one of you slowly but surely evolves into a Christed one.

Each can only do this in their own right. And that’s why steadily every one of you always has been and forever will continue to constantly move forwards and upwards on their own evolutionary spiral which, at the same time, is part of the one for the whole of humankind and your world. For each one of you this journey is of a predestined length. Taking part in every astrological sign and house’s lessons, time and again, is compulsory and cannot be avoided by anyone. And that’s how for many lifetimes, you are firmly nailed to the cross of experiencing everything that’s likely to turn up on the earthly plane.

Earthly life is a school and a place learning, no more and no less. When at last you have reached the end of this institute’s compulsory curriculum, the time has come for shedding all your fears and anxieties, once and for all. You are not alone in any part of your evolutionary journey, including this one. We, the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle have always been with every one of you and forever will be. Serving us on all levels are countless spirit friends and helpers who are keen to show you the way and help you. But they are not allowed to do this unless someone asks for their assistance. So, don’t be shy, turn to them and be not afraid of asking. They are there for you and glad about any one of you who follows this advice.

With their assistance, every one of you can nail their fears to the cross of earthly life. Rise above its difficulties and problems on the spiritual wings that have grown since you became aware of your spiritual nature. Through trying them out and experiencing them, time and again, they begin to develop quite naturally. That’s what the symbolism of Jesus nailed firmly on the cross of material existence and bleeding to death has always been trying to tell humankind.

This is what every human being, without exception, eventually has to do while taking part in life on the material plane. And that’s what you actually do when you let go of and overcome the urge to do that which is dark, ugly and evil in your nature. You then prefer to bring forth, also from deep within your own being, only that which is good, right and beautiful. This continues until at last you have evolved into a Christed one in your own right. The latter is then all you are interested in, so you make sure to keep it. Everything else has become useless and you are glad to let it go.

And when after reading about the non-existent Jesus, you take in what someone is telling you about equally non-existent viruses that are causing worldwide epidemics to reduce the number of people on the material plane, please pay attention to your built-in lie-detectors. What does the inner guidance or the wise one or living God within you, want to tell you about both. Naturally, this also applies to everything that we have ever given to your world through our scribe/secretary, Aquarius.

* * *

Epidemic: 30 trillion cases, and that's a low estimate

by Jon Rappoport

Written January 31, 2020 – re-published 25th November 2022

Now that the vaccine-promoting PR agency called the World Health Organization has declared a coronavirus global emergency, we move into a serious phase of the “case numbers” game.

Hold your hats. There are all sorts of categories and terms that pop up. You’re not supposed to understand them. You’re supposed to let them wash over you and submit to the idea that we’re all potential victims being sucked into a giant vortex---and the only hope of escape depends on the rush-rush-rush deployment of an experimental vaccine.

What are these terms and categories? There are “confirmed cases.” There are “infected people.” There are “carriers of the virus.” There are “mild cases.” “Asymptomatic cases.” “Projected cases.” There is “the probability that many cases have avoided detection.” There is “tested positive for the virus.” There is “computer modeling of case estimates.” “Virus spreaders.” “Exploding too quickly to track accurately.” “Ate an infected bat.” “Ate a snake.” “Extra-terrestrial alien cases”---oops, wrong article.

Interesting factoid. In 2003, there was another coronavirus pandemic called SARS. Then, as now, experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted a dire wildfire of global cases. Then, as now, a state of emergency was declared. WHO issued an advisory, telling people not to fly into Toronto, because that city was “infected.” When all was said and done, the official number of deaths from SARS?

800. Out of 7 billion people. But no matter. The pros are still calling SARS, in retrospect, a serious epidemic. A more proper technical term would be: dud.

In prior articles in this series, I’ve detailed how the US Centers for Disease Control lied at an astounding level, about case numbers, in the so-called Swine Flu epidemic (2009). The overwhelming percentage of US blood samples sent to labs, from Swine Flu patients, were coming back with no sign of Swine Flu or any other kind of flu. Sharyl Attkisson, a star investigative reporter working for CBS News at the time, exposed this fraud. Yet, the CDC eventually went on to claim that, at the “height of the Swine Flu epidemic,” there were 22 MILLION cases in the US. I kid you not. These experts are big-league liars. They’re champions. They’re in the Hall of Fame.

If you’re working for a major public health agency, cooking up case numbers and exploiting fear are part of your every-day arsenal. They have to be. Otherwise, you could be caught with your pants down. “Sorry, folks, that world-ending global pandemic we were telling you about last week? It didn’t pan out. Most of the case are mild, on the order of a bad cold, and a lot of cases we pretty much made up. We got carried away. After all, we’re basic salespeople for the vaccine industry...”

Remember West Nile, bird flu, Zika, and way back, the Swine Flu scare of 1976? They were all hyped to the sky. They were all predicted to sweep across the world. They were all connected, by some people, to “engineered viruses in biowar labs, against which we don’t stand a chance.” And they were all duds. The case numbers---when the smoke cleared---were miniscule. That’s called a CLUE.

But you see, there is a thing called The Church of the Virus. It’s quite amazing. People simply hear the word VIRUS and they fall down on their knees. Some of these people were, up to the moment when an epidemic was declared, saying that building up the immune system through basic natural means was a fine defense against germs, BUT---all of a sudden, they’re paralyzed and hypnotized by The Word. VIRUS. Now they’ll go the World Health Organization one better. That Agency is saying there may be 10,000 cases? The paralyzed members of the Church will say, “No, there are a hundred thousand cases. Probably a million by nightfall.”

So my strategy is to get out ahead of the Church. I’m saying: there are 30 trillion cases of the Chinese epidemic, we’re all locked down, we’re all dead already. Okay? End of story. It’s been told. NOW, let’s look around. Are there still people? Are we still here? Are there trees and animals and clouds and sky?

I work from clues and history and pieces of evidence. In prior articles in this epidemic series, I’ve laid out the best evidence I can find. I’ve raised uncomfortable and unpleasant questions and answered them. I’ve explained likely motives for all the lying and fabricating. I’ve detailed cover-ups. I’ve described who benefits from so-called epidemics.

At a high level, the macro-level, this Chinese “epidemic” is supposed to connect all the people of Earth, and not in a good way. It’s yet one more strategy to execute a stage-magic Collectivist trick. To make us think there are no nations, no sovereign entities of any kind on the planet. No individuals with a right to choose. We’re all the huddled masses, yearning to be vaccinated. We’re marching, when told, according to orders from above. We’re all victims. We all depend on a congealing global super-state. We should all thank God for China. It’s shown us the way. The locking down and quarantining of millions of people is a fine and just and proper thing. It sets an example we may soon have to follow, with good cheer and faith.

As I’ve been saying and writing since 1988, MEDICAL covert operations are, long-term, the most successful on the planet, when it comes to controlling people. Why? Because the medical cartel flies no partisan or political banners. It announces no political agenda. It is neutral. It claims to do nothing but heal. Its offshoot, The Church Of The Virus, is sensationally popular. Yet, at the same time, for the public, there is nothing to see in the chapel. Viruses are invisible to the naked eye. It is only the expert priests who can tell us about them. We’re not permitted entrance to the inner sanctum, the holy of holies.

Backed by the press, governments, and thieving mega-corporations, medical priests can show us photos of thousands of starving people, without water, stumbling across a cracked arid plain that resembles the surface of the moon, and they can tell us that these people are being destroyed by a VIRUS, and most of us will believe it.

Backed by the same forces, the medical priests can show us rich and verdant forests and prime farm land---all of which have been stolen from the people living there by those corporations---and most of us, when told, will believe the only problem is the presence of a VIRUS that is killing the natives.

Backed by the same forces, the medical priests can show us ripped up and plowed under farm land that is now being used by one of these corporations---and we can see pools of steaming chemicals flowing out from the new factories and strange bubbling yellow streams adorned with hundreds of dead floating fish---and on the now barren grounds of the corporation, we can see natives stumbling about and falling down---and, when informed by the medical experts, most of us will believe the only problem is a VIRUS.

We can see footage of foul brown foggy air drifting across the mega-city of Wuhan, and people wearing masks, and people moving out of their apartments with their belongings, and desperate protests in the streets against one of the most dangerous and repressive governments on Earth, and citizens checking into hospitals with lung problems from the execrable pollution---and, when told, most of us will believe the only problem is a CORONAVIRUS.

In these times…case numbers? 90-plus percent of everyone is a case number, meaning: CARD CARRYING MEMBER of the befuddled melted cheese glob collectivist entranced entrained audience watching the stage magic sleight of hand show on glowing screens...

* * *

From 'War And Peace Among Nations'

Losing And Finding Faith (1)

Losing Faith

Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace Among The Nations - Losing FaithMy birthchart, with Sagittarius on the ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn in the first house, to me is clear evidence that two years before the outbreak of the war I was born into a deeply religious background. By the end of it my parents had become atheists who did not believe in anything any more. From where I stand now, it is not hard to understand how this must have come about. To illustrate the point of how and why people in times of war, more than at any other occasion, lose their faith in God, I shall take you back to the preparations for the funeral of the victims of the attack on the air raid shelter in our street, mentioned earlier.

I cannot recall the exact number of people who died in this incident, but there were more than thirty of them. Many of the parts that had belonged to them could not be identified and also because there was a severe shortage of manpower available, it was decided they should be buried in a mass grave. My father was one of the few able-bodied men in our street who had survived the war and he also had that rare privilege of being at home. Every man who was still capable of lifting a shovel toiled until they had dug a big enough hole. I imagine these men must also have had the gruesome task of retrieving the mortal remains of the victims. As far as we children were concerned, the adults must have been so busy with their own grief that no-one explained anything to us about the disappearance of those who had left this world before us and where they could possible have gone.

During the time it took digging the grave, my sister and I each day had to bring my father his lunch. The only thing I remember very keenly about those days is that they were bright and sunny with clear blue skies and the birds singing their little hearts out. Nature’s brilliance and beauty somehow made the whole scene even more painful and sad. Even the most devout Christians must stand before events like this one and eventually begin to ask themselves: ‘If there is a God in Heaven, why does He allow most of our children’s playmates and their mothers to go to such an early grave and in such a cruel and meaningless way? If He really were a fair and loving God, as promised by the Scriptures, where is His justice and His love?’

The experience was made even more painful and harder to bear by the fact that no-one – least of all we children – could begin to grasp the reasons behind the things that were happening all around us, even in our small town and street at the backend of nowhere. Events of this nature are too monstrous for the comprehension of human adult, never mind their children. That must have been the reason why no-one ever attempted to explain to us what was happening around us and why our world was falling to pieces. How can you put into words that which is unfathomable and you do not understand yourself? How do you explain to your offspring the lunacy of all warmongering, when ordinary folks – like you and me – throughout our world just want to get on with living in peace and providing their children with a better future in a world that is free from strife?

There must be many like me, who to this day are struggling to come to terms with the memories of the events of those days and similar ones, in order to heal the old wounds and let go of the impressions they left behind.  Yet, I imagine that when human beings get caught up in this kind of traumatic experiences, be it as children or adults, when they have run their course and are over, their individual souls are long past the threshold of understanding. In truth, all wars are the result of the common Karma of all who get involved in them. Suffering together is their predestined fate for their present lifetime, so that the events and the pain and deprivations that had to be endured can teach them and our world some vital lessons.

As I know by now, it has been for good and wise reasons that humankind for such a long time was not allowed to know that even the wars of our world have always served a higher teaching purpose. In accordance with God’s great plan of life, we and our world were only meant to find out that this is the case when the time for doing so was right. The only comfort we had in the days before this was that all things and happenings in our world are of a constantly changing and passing nature. Throughout the ages, God had represented for our race the only constant that forever had been and would be.

* * *

Losing And Finding Faith (2)

Losing Faith – Not A Disaster

Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace Between Nations - Losing Faith - Not A Disaster

Do not lose faith in humankind.
Our race is like an ocean.
And a few drops of it being dirty
Does not mean the whole ocean is like this.
It’s just that the drops are waiting
To be cleansed and purified by the ocean.

Mahatma Gandhi
Edited by Aquarius

I believe that losing one’s faith is by no means the disaster it may at first appear to be. In truth, it is a good thing and spiritually quite desirable, because it is a signal from our inner and Highest Self that our old belief was a superficial one and therefore not really a faith at all. I have reason to believe that something of this nature happened to me in one of my previous lifetimes. That’s why I can tell you from firsthand experience that if you wind up in this predicament, try not to be too sad or upset about it. Instead, take heart, look beyond the end of your nose to the vast horizons of Eternity and become aware that losing ones faith can be – and indeed is meant to be – the first step towards finding some true and lasting inner beliefs. This is going to be the kind that can no longer be shaken by anything or anyone and that no-one will ever be able to take from you.

The way I understand the matter is that there are two types of faith. The first one is a remnant from the outgoing Piscean Age, which was the age of blind faith and of illusions. The suffering, disappointments and disenchantment with the established order of the previous age are now leading us and our world into the light of the Age of Aquarius. This is an age during which Divine wisdom and truth will flow ever more strongly into each one of us directly, through our inner connection with the Source of our being. This knowledge is now waiting to pour into every heart and soul that is open to receive it and that is the second type of faith. Because we understand it from the very depth of our being, rather than from our head alone, this is a faith that gradually grows inside us.

This kind of faith has nothing to do with blindness. It is a deep inner trust that is solidly and securely founded in knowledge and constantly reassures us from deep within the very core of our being that we and our world will always be safe in the hands of God, no matter what happens. Even when things seem to go wrong on the surface, our innermost feelings will always help us to understand and accept that whatever occurs is right. This is not as difficult as it may sound, because we then appreciate that things always come to us so we should learn something.

That is how the long awaited and promised spiritual rebirth of humankind has been taking place for quite some time, which possibly is the very reason why this work came into being, so that it could find its way to you. Because of the freedom to make our own choices, it is up to you whether you make use of anything you may find here. The deeper we move into the Aquarian Age, the more strongly its energies are going to be felt by everybody; they already are – just look around and see what a difficult time most people are presently having. The Cosmic energies affect all life and everybody is involved in this spiritual rebirth and each has to do their share of bringing in the New Age.

Many are searching for new ways and there is a slowly increasing sense of urgency in the air about matters of faith and a yearning for peace. Yet, peace and healing cannot come to us and our world merely through knowledge. For as long as we fail to act upon information of any kind it remains dead. This also goes for spiritual knowledge. It too can only come alive when we start to behave in keeping with our findings. If we want peace in our world, each has to start with themselves by paying attention to their inner attitudes and their own lives. It is essential that we first sweep in front of our own inner doors, put our house in order and make genuine efforts at living in ever more peaceful ways.

For anyone who wishes to join one of the belief systems of our world, but does not know which one, I suggest the following: Go for the one you feel naturally drawn to and look into it. If it feels good and the small still voice of your inner guidance, the living God within, says: ‘This is right!’, you have found something that fulfils your present needs. Whenever something feels right, then that’s what it is. Wise ones are prepared for the fact that eventually their time for moving on and experiencing something else may come. They rest safely in the knowledge that as long as they are paying attention to their inner guidance, they cannot go wrong.

Peace Prayer
Let there be love and understanding among us.
Let peace and friendship be our shelter from life’s storms.
Eternal God, help us to walk with good companions,
To live with hope in our hearts
And Eternity in our thoughts,
That we may lie down in peace and rise up every day,
To find our hearts waiting to do Thy will.


From the Jewish Tradition

* * *

Losing And Finding Faith (3)

Finding Renewed Faith

Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace Among Nations - Finding Renewed FaithIn times of increased suffering caused by the destruction of wars, human beings are bound to ask themselves: ‘What kind of a God is the one we believe in, to allow what is happening in our world? If God cannot protect us against genocide and holocausts, and all the other bestialities human beings have always inflicted upon each other and to this day are continuing to do. What kind of monster is this God to inflict so much suffering on us and our world? I’ve had enough and would rather be an atheist than to continue following this one. As a matter of fact, can there really be a God and Creator of all this?

My parents may well have been among those who asked: ‘Jesus, if you really exist somewhere and truly are the son of God, why don’t you come to our rescue and put an end to all this misery by saving and redeeming us and our world? It was too early to find out that the story of Jesus is a legend and that the man Jesus is a symbol for everybody’s own higher Christ nature. It is our improved character and behaviour alone that eventually can and will save and redeem us and also our world. This means mastering and overcoming the drives and urges of our lower earthly nature.

The Jesus story is a kind of logbook that contains many pointers of how human Master souls should behave during their existence in physicality if they wish to evolve into true daughters/sons of God. It also gives us demonstrations of the various initiations each one of us will eventually have to experience. We need to enact the role of our Highest Self and take our frightened earthly self by the hand with love and compassion in our heart for our own suffering. We are not to condemn or blame ourselves for having caused the events in our present lifetime or previous ones. We are here to show our small self with kindness and patience that there are better ways of living and being than continuing to get lost in the illusions of Earth life with its senseless greed and grabbing for more and more goodies, violence and hatred. If we want to live according to the spirit and the laws of the Universe, it is best to quite literally rise above these things on the wings of the new knowledge we are finding.

In my parents’ time it was too early to find out that there really is a God, but that this means something quite different from what people used to believe in the past. But whenever someone on the Earth plane asks themselves some deep and searching questions like the ones above, as time goes by the answers are sure to come, especially when many have lost their faith and are wrestling with the same problem. It then slowly begins to dawn on those who query the presence of a God with ever greater clarity that yes, there is a God who is a truly kind, loving and benevolent force and nothing else.

We find out to our astonishment that the God humankind has been looking for from the earliest presence of our race on the Earth plane – and could never find, up to now – is as much part of each one of us as all of us are part of God. This brings us the revelation that the only one who can save and redeem us is we ourselves, the likes of you and me, by bringing forth our own Christ nature. Through this process in the end we evolve into a Christed one, each in their own right.

We ourselves are God and in truth every one of us is a young God in the making, an eternal and immortal being. We are responsible for ourselves and every one of our thoughts, words and actions, as well as the present state of our world. We ourselves, hand in hand with God and the Angels, created it the way it is now, so that we should learn from everything that comes our way and the mistakes we are making as we move along. And that includes the monster of warfare – it is what we wanted and what our hearts desired. Looking back from where we are now, one can only shudder at the thought! Yet, any ogres we thus created can only be un-created in the same manner.

Our personal and collective saving and redemption will never come through any outside force, but by every one of us gradually doing better and eventually reawakening to their true nature and doing their share of making our world a better, more beautiful and peaceful world for all its inhabitants and helping Mother Earth to repair the damage we have done to her and her kingdoms over the ages.  

God is not, as many still believe, somewhere ‘out there’, it is the small still voice of conscience that knows the way of all things. God is the Divine spark that at least in seedform is contained in all human hearts and souls. For aeons it has been waiting to come alive and be born in the kindness and goodness we, each one of us, God’s children of the Earth show towards each other. It’s the love of God that sees to it that Karma is not something that is set in concrete and meant to last forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. The kindness of the Universe sees to it that every new lifetime presents all of us with many opportunities for doing better and for resolving any outstanding issues that were left behind in past lifetimes and brought with us into this one to be attended to.

And so, in the darkness of the dungeon of ignorance of its own true nature, through one lifetime after another the earthly self struggles on and on,  until the moment of awakening into our true nature and as co-creators of God dawns in us. That’s when we begin to realise that if we ever want a peaceful world to come into being, all of us have to start by sweeping in front of our own doors. The first step is the retraining of our thinking patterns into kind, loving and tolerant ones towards all our companions on the way through life, irrespective of their race, colour and beliefs.

It’s a sad fact that some of the religions of our world currently still provide more excuses for warmongering than any other aspect of life. As pioneers of a new age and lightbringers we wish to do our share of putting an end to it. Aware of the power of thought and the duality that exists in this field of activity as much as in everything else in our world as well as the whole of Creation, we make a conscious decision to tune all our thinking into the stream of consciousness of positivity, light and love. Each time our thoughts are in danger of sliding into the stream of negativity, darkness and hatred – as they are likely to do all too easily in the beginning – we get hold of our thoughts and uplift and transmute them into kind, loving and caring ones.

Knowing that every one of us is required to eventually grow and evolve into a seeker of God’s wisdom and truth, we share any learning we find on our journey through life with those around us. In this day and age it is no longer done through missionary work, because we are acquainted with of the mistakes that were made in the past and can see for ourselves the misery it brought into our world. We want to do better and conduct our lives as an example of peaceful and loving ways that befits us as God’s children of the Earth and which others may wish to follow.

This is how we make our contribution towards creating, hand in hand with God and the Angels, a better and more peaceful world for all. We help the people, tribes and nations of our world to rediscover what the word ‘love’ really means by bringing ever more loving, caring and assisting each other to anyone who is in need of it, wherever they may be. We seek to serve the greatest joy and the highest good of all, rather than pursuing our own selfish interests. Our armoury consists of showing fairness and giving equal rights to all that turns old enemies into friends.

Our groups of people will no longer appear as soldiers in other countries, but as volunteers who come as friends and treat all indigenous folks, including their beliefs and customs, with the kindness, love and understanding they deserve as our siblings in the great family of humankind. The missionaries of the future will travel to other parts of our world as messengers of peace, new hope and goodwill to help the underprivileged of our world to their basic comforts of life, like clean water, sewerage, food, shelter, security and whatever else they may require and that unconditionally and without cost to anyone.

And this is how, as the knowledge of our renewed understanding of the meaning of God sinks ever deeper into our consciousness, a fresh kind of faith is born in human hearts and souls that is based on a deep inner knowingness of God. This is a faith that no-one and nothing will ever be able to rock or destroy, the way the religions of our world used to do, as one followed the other and each one of them fighting for supremacy and gaining power over and control of our hearts, minds and souls. This is the freedom of the Age of Aquarius – long may it continue!

* * *

Losing And Finding Faith (4)

Christ The Redeemer

 Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace Between Nations - Christ The Redeemer

Just when I had finished editing and partly rewriting the sequence from ‘Losing Faith’ to ‘Finding Renewed Faith’, an e-mail from one of my friends arrived in my inbox with a link for a very special video that unfortunately is no longer available. It showed two men carrying out some breathtaking repair work on the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It towers at the peak of the seven-hundred metres high Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park at an imposing height of thirty metres on a pedestal that adds another eight metres to the total height.

The statue was erected in honour of Jesus Christ and overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro. Originally it has been a symbol of Brazilian Christianity and therefore became an icon for the city and the whole of Brazil. It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone and its construction was completed in 1931, two years before Hitler and the Nazis came to power in Germany on 30 January 1933.

Longingly the Christ statue, with its mighty arms that have a span of twenty-eight metres, reaches out to embrace our whole world. In Earth terms 1931 was still a long time to go before we would be allowed to find out about God’s true nature and our own. But now the spirit of the Universal Christ calls out to us with ever increasing force: ‘Listen to Me, My people. Give ear to Me, My nation. By that I mean the whole of humankind. Take a good look at this statue. It is as much in need of repairing and overhauling as your understanding of the role of Jesus as the saviour and redeemer of you and your world.

‘The time has come for taking Jesus off his cross and pedestal. You need to put him into the place where he truly belongs – the realm of myths and legends. Ever more of you are by now ready to stop perceiving Jesus as some kind of an idol or an icon, because you recognise that all along the story of the Master’s life has been a symbol of  your own God part or Christ nature. The figure of an almost naked corps of a man that is nailed to a cross represents humankind’s earthly self.

‘Emaciated from the stresses and strains of his tests and trials of Earth life, stripped of everything he once held dear in earthly life, especially the characteristics of his lower animalistic nature, the man has left his physical body behind to be consciously reunited with its Highest or God Self. His loincloth is an indication that gender becomes irrelevant when you too enter into the state the man is now in, as on the inner level – to which he has withdrawn – each one of you is no longer merely a man or a woman, you are androgynous, like Me. You then stand before your naked self, stripped of all pretences and false beliefs, ready to see yourself for who and what you really are and always have been. The final part of the story the man on the cross can tell is about the journey each one of you undertakes every time you leave your physical existence and body behind.

‘All of these things are as true for the more advanced souls in your midst as they are for those who to this day continue to look up to Jesus, hoping and praying that one day he will appear as their saviour and redeemer. Awakened souls can see that these people are praying in vain, because they know that the only God who will ever be capable of saving and redeeming anyone is My spirit, when in the fullness of time it comes alive and is born in ever more human hearts.

‘Each one of you without exception, My beloved children, does contain My spirit at least in seed form. It can only come alive when someone’s energies have become sufficiently evolved. This is how in the end even the last and slowest soul will awaken to the fact that the only way the Christ Spirit can save and redeem them is when they themselves develop My characteristics. They too need to learn how to handle all their affairs, personal ones as well as those of their world, in keeping with their true nature. This is how each one of you has to do their share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth, so that peace can come to your world quite naturally.

‘I, the Universal Christ, am the true Christ. I am the great white light at the top of the spiritual mountain and all the belief systems your world has ever known, including the ones that are still with you, have been and will continue to be no more than pathways. Each one was originally meant to lead you, the aspirant, back into your true nature and the conscious awareness of your oneness with your Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. The Christ or God part of everybody’s own nature is a vital part of Me, their only born Son, the Sun behind and beyond the Sun in the sky above you.

‘I am of My Father/Mother in equal proportion. The will and power of the Father are in Me as much as the wisdom and love of the Mother, and the same is true for all of you. I, the Christ Spirit and living God within you, am the glorious hero and all-conquering spirit who has been waiting for aeons to teach each one of you, My lower earthly counterparts, to rise above all the ills that have ever troubled and beleaguered you and your whole world. I am the aspect of your nature that can save and redeem you and teach you how to uplift and transmute all darkness into light, sorrow into joy, tears into laughter, fears and anxieties into total faith and trust in God and the ultimate goodness of the life S/He has created for us. These things play a vital part in the healing of everybody’s pain and suffering as well as that of your world.

‘The more you mature into spiritual adulthood, the easier you will grasp that everything that ever happened to you, individually and collectively, has been your own creation. Forgiving yourself and your perpetrators is made easier when you understand that all of it was necessary because the events were lessons that would eventually help you to grow and evolve into the one you have now become. Do not condemn or blame yourself for anything and treat your own suffering – the same as everybody else’s – with the compassion and love anyone deserves who is grappling with coming to terms with the spiritual purpose and meaning of Earth life.

‘Any of the unpleasant and traumatic events in your lives can only happen because of the seeds you once sowed and the repercussions of what you yourself at one time or another did to those you came in contact with, either earlier in your present lifetime or in others way back in the past. No matter what anyone sends out into the world, the Universal law, My law of Karma, decrees that everything has to return to its source. And that is why any kind of suffering, without exception, can only come about because it serves as a teaching aid that shows those at the receiving end what it feels like to be the victim of the expressions of someone’s lower nature.

‘By forgiving yourself and anyone who hurt and wounded you, you set yourself and the other one free. Forgiveness alone can cut the emotional/spiritual bonds that once existed between two people. It shows those in charge of you on the highest level of life that you have understood your lesson, and that nothing of this nature will ever be required by you again. When you have understood and accepted the necessity for the difficult and traumatic things that to this day take place on the Earth plane, you have saved yourself from the necessity of further lessons of this nature.

‘From there go forth with simple human kindness, love and compassion in your heart and redeem yourself by sharing your learning with all those who are in need of it. Living as a good example, show them new ways of loving and forgiving that they may wish to follow, so that they too can bring about their own saving and redemption and find healing and peace. And always bear in mind that in My eyes there is no such thing as failure. What your outer world likes to call a failure to Me is nothing but an opportunity for you, My beloved child,  that takes you a step forward on the road to success and your reunion with Me.

‘In both genders alike all aspects of your nature, the higher and lower as well as the inner woman in men and the inner man in women, need to be united and fully integrated. When they are working in peace and harmony together for the highest good of all, the same as they are in Me, lasting peace will come to your world. In this manner all power-seeking and warmongering will quite naturally come to its end, the way it has been written in the Great Father/Mother’s plan since the beginning of life on the Earth.

‘I bless you all, My beloved children.’

* * *

This chapter was first released on Tuesday, 6th November 2014, the day of the full Moon in Scorpio, the sign of birth and death, rebirth, renewal and regeneration. The time around the full Moon is always one for finding enlightenment that may come to us in a flash of inspiration that provides us with a deeper understanding of something that could have been puzzling us for a very long time.

The Scorpio full Moon takes place in Taurus, the Earth sign ruled by Venus. The sixth day of each month is ruled by Venus, the planet of harmony and peace that encourages us to look for compromises whenever we are in danger of getting stuck in any kind of situation. Tuesday is ruled by Jupiter, the planet responsible for the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties. Could there ever have been a more auspicious day for bringing the wisdom of the Highest down to the Earth by presenting it to a wider audience through my worldwide circle of spiritual friends and family?

* * *

Losing And Finding Faith (5)

Lost And Found

Rays of Wisdom - War And Peace Between Nations - Learning To PrayLife itself has always been my teacher and the insights into any of the topics covered in my writings, which I have been sharing with you on an ongoing basis for a long time, never came to me as a result of book reading. They are intuitive knowledge that constantly grows from the experiences of my own life. My personal journey of a thousand miles, of healing and finding out who and what I really am, has been an exceedingly long and painful one. Having reached a ripe old age at the time of updating this chapter in December 2014, it does not feel as if my voyage of discovery were drawing to its close. And I am glad to say that I feel younger at heart now than ever before, probably because I am more in touch with my immortal and ageless spirit and soul.

In the course of many years, I have worked my way through mountains of emotional/spiritual debris that must have accumulated in my soul memories. During each lifetime they are stored in the very cells of our physical bodies, because our water body, the soul, is part of our outer shell, the physical body. That must be the reason why I frequently get a feeling that my soul is shedding layer upon layer of traumatic memories that reach ever deeper into past lifetimes. This process can be likened to the peeling of an onion and represents the emptying out that has been known to the mystics of all ages.

Now that the Age of Aquarius is well and truly with us, for all God’s children of the Earth this procedure is an essential part of the ever more rapidly progressing individual and collective rebirth of our race onto a higher level of consciousness and being. It is a mystical experience which each one of us in one of their lifetimes finally has to wade through. Pisces is a Water sign and its age served the development of our individual souls and that of our world. Aquarius is an Air sign and its age will see the development of human mental faculties to their highest potential. Eventually, this will enable all human souls to take us and our world forwards unto ever higher levels of understanding of God’s sacred wisdom and truth.

My emptying out started many years ago and especially in the beginning was a very frightening experience indeed, as I had no idea of what was happening to me – neither had anyone else. Blessed with the gift of hindsight, it is not hard to see that this was because in previous lifetimes I closed off spiritually so much that in this one no-one ever even introduced me to praying. My birthchart confirms this. However, it is never too late for a new beginning and that’s what happened to me. One fine day, or rather night, the Lord’s Prayer came to the rescue. As it is such an important part of Western life, even I knew it by heart and that in English and German. As I have always been fond of poetry, I loved the prayer for the sheer beauty of its words.

And then one dark night, I was feeling too frightened and lonely to get to sleep. My most damaging shadows of the past must have been those of my traumatic early childhood describe at the beginning of this part of my jottings. Unable to shake them off and therefore too scared of the present and future, I could find no peace. Tossing and turning was the way I spent most nights in those days and had done as far back as I could remember. But in the end these hours of darkness turned into different ones, because suddenly the thought entered my mind: ‘Why don’t I pray?’ Never having done so before in this lifetime, I slowly started to say the Lord’s Prayer in my mind, first in one language, then in the other.

Over and over again I did this and after a while, I could feel myself calming down and eventually I drifted off to sleep. Having at least one evening prayer to say was a wonderful discovery, although even that did not always have the desired effect. Yet, it was a start. My Father/Mother did hear my prayers and recognised them as a cry for help. After a while, my Guardian Angel led me to people and things that could help me forwards – one small step at a time.

Looking back from where I am now, it is not hard to see that my prayers succeeded in awakening my Christ Self from its slumbers. It began to stir and tried very hard to get in touch with me, its earthly counterpart who, maybe in the course of many lifetimes, had become almost completely closed off from it. My whole life has been a quest for finding my very own Christ child in the manger that is my own heart. My personal road to Bethlehem, which all of us have to walk in the end, has been a hard and painful one. At the same time it is also joyous and enjoyable because it has been and still is immensely enriching and worthwhile, for I now know exactly where I have come from and where I am going to.

Having been lost once in the loneliness of Earth life, this time round I will do my very best to stay on the spiritual pathway, no matter how difficult and thorny, painful and frightening it may turn out to be at times, and how many more rocks and boulders I have to climb over on the road, I shall rest safely in the knowledge that truly, truly I am going home.

Recommended Reading:

* * *

From 'Songs Of Inspiration'

Going Home

Rays Of Wisdom - Comfort For The Bereaved - Going Home

Going home, going home.
We’re all going home.
Quiet like, some still day,
That’s how everybody goes home
Into the spirit world.

It’s not far, just close by,
Through an open door.
Work all done, cares laid by,
Pain and fear no more.

Mother’s there, expecting us,
Father’s waiting too.
Angels and helpers gathered
With the friends we know.

Morning Star lights the way,
Earth-bound sorrows done.
Shadows gone, break of day,
Real life’s just begun.

There’s no break, there’s no end ,
Just a moving on.
Wide awake, with a smile,
Going on and on . . .

I’m just going home!
Without being aware of it,
I have gone this way many times before.
And it’s good to know that none of us
Ever has to do so on their own.
One of the Angels of Death held our hand and
Took us back home into the world of spirit or light.
From which every one of us emerges
At the beginning of a new earthly lifetime.

God and the Angels always have been and
Forever will be as much part of us
As we are part of them.
And wherever our evolutionary pathway
May still have to take us,
There’s no need to be afraid of anything.
They will forever be accompanying us
And showing the way.
We shall always be safe because
In all Eternity our life will rest
In the loving embrace of the
Great Father/Mother of all life and
Their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.

William Arms Fisher
Edited by Aquarius
Sung to the well known tune from
Dvorak’s ‘New World Symphony’

I believe that whenever the moment of someone’s departure from the earthly plane has come, no matter under what circumstances, it’s always at the right moment. And that’s going to apply as much to you and me, as well as everybody else. The way I understand life now, is that it is by no means a one-off affair, the way our world’s old religions tried to make us believe. Nobody is snuffed out like a candle, each time one of their earthly lifetimes has reached its end. Every human being’s existence consists of a long drawn out developmental journey that is constantly taking each individual, the whole of humankind and our world, forwards and upwards on the great evolutionary spiral of all life.

The essence of every human being is spirit/soul and like God, they are eternal and immortal. Only when the wise higher purpose of any given lifetime has been fulfilled, one of the Angels of death takes our spirit/soul’s home into the world of spirit or light. This is independent of what age our outer shell, the physical body, may be and in what manner our departure comes about. To my mind, no death can be described as ‘untimely’. It would be an injustice to the infinite wisdom and love with which God and the Angels in charge of our development are taking the greatest of care about attending to every detail of everybody’s evolutionary pathway.

Our Creator is the Divine Trinity of the Great Spirit, the Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ’s spirit and light, is our Creator’s Divine Trinity. And the Angels and Masters of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, are the executors of the Divine great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation. They are responsible for the development of every human being who ever took part in earthly life, the whole of humankind and our world. This is the ultimate authority who decides about everything that, in keeping with the great plan, needs to happen in the whole of Creation. They are the only ones who have any true and everlasting power. Nothing is beyond or outside of their will and wishes. And no soul’s departure from earthly life ever takes place without their consent. This is true for any kind of death, including suicide. Find out more about this by following the relevant link at the end of this chapter.

The only part that dies when one of us departs from the earthly plane is their physical body. But that’s merely an outer shell which every spirit/soul requires for functioning and getting around in our world, for one lifetime only. Ever more of us these days are becoming aware that leaving our physical body behind does not mean we are dead. Because the essence of everyone’s being is spirit/soul, we can and will never die because just like God we are eternal and immortal. At the end of each earthly lifetime, one of the Angels of Death returns our spirit/soul to the world of spirit or light. It is humankind’s true home, the inner spiritual background of our world, from we emerge at the beginning of each new lifetime and return to as soon as it has run its course.

 Whenever one of our loved ones has left this plane, there is no need to think that they have gone to a place somewhere ‘up above or out there’. Even though the spirit realm is invisible to earthly eyes, it is there nonetheless. Everything that appears in our world, the outer plane, first has to become manifest on its inner counterpart. Without the inner, there would be no outer; there would be no you and me. And that’s why there is no need to ever talk of those whose physical being has left us, as if they had disappeared altogether. They most certainly have not.

Our world is not really a home. It’s but a temporary staying place, a school and place for growing in wisdom and understanding of ourselves and the world around us. That’s how every human being’s consciousness slowly but steadily expands. Each can only do this from their own experiences. Nobody can do it for us. And everything that ever happens on this plane does so for a wise higher purpose that’s meant to teach those involved something.

And because I get much comfort from music, especially when it is accompanied by words that really speak to my heart, this song is now winging its way to you, in the hope that it might do the same for you.

* * *

With love and light,

* * *





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