Five Lives In Lockdown - Karen starts a podcast

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“Five lives in lockdown” details an event in the lives of five fictional characters. Each story is told from a different character's point of view as they relate what's been happening to them in lockdown. This gives the reader a snapshot into their lives.

Podcasts. Now, I know what you're thinking- we have enough of them in the world. We don't need another one but this one was going to be different. It was going to make me famous. I had a title: “Dealing with boredom”. All that was left to decide upon was the subject. Eventually I settled on true crime. But what crime would it be? I could rehash some famous cases, approach them from a different viewpoint, and give people my opinion. I decided though this was probably overdone... So then what could it be about? 
The answer came to me two weeks later. I was going to commit crimes. I would commit crimes and then talk about the crimes I committed on the podcast. The podcast would be famous either because  I would get caught and go to prison or people would love my adventures and want to hear more. It was still in the rules to go out once a day for daily exercise so that would be the perfect cover. I would not be totally lying as crime involves a lot of running.
Robbery I decided would be what I would go with. One night I put on my mask, gloves and comfortable running shoes. I had watched a lot of police shows and decided the reason most criminals got caught was they wore impractical footwear during the chase. Mine were comfortable. I had been wearing them for years so this would aid me in my getaway I left home.
Not gone far when nerves got the better of me.  A voice in my head was saying “bad idea you're going to get caught. It would be so very easy for you to get caught” but I just kept thinking how awesome the podcast would be. This quietened the negative voice in my head and kept my feet moving forward. 
When I arrived at the house my plan had been to go inside, however my nerves came back. I grabbed the first thing I could see which was a bike. I could only see it's silhouette but it was definitely a bike. I grabbed it quickly and ran home taking my prize with me.
Once home I stored it in the cupboard under the stairs and went to bed.
 The next morning I uploaded the episode of the podcast about my late night exploits but I always was careful not to mention it was me. Later when it was uploaded I went and looked at what I had taken: The bicycle was ugly, rusty and had a flat tire. I considered taking it back but it would be too much hustle.Over the next  five weeks I stole small objects that I could put in my pocket or could easily be taken from the houses.
Five weeks - five podcast episodes and with each item I took and every podcast I uploaded I felt braver and braver. This was going to work.
For my last episode, episode six I was going to steal something big like a flat screen television. I knew a house that had a really nice one. The owners were friends of my parents. I was there for a party once. I made up my mind. I was going to steal it.
As I got close to the house I saw a van parked outside. I continued with my plan. I got a rock from the garden and threw it through a window hoping it wouldn’t wake the people inside. Nothing moved so I climbed the drainpipe and went inside and made my way to the living room. I became aware that the flat screen television was not where it should have been. Then I saw two figures in the darkness. I froze. These people actually were robbing the house. They had already taken the flat screen tv and God knows what else. I should have run but I could not.
 Before I could regain my courage and say anything, something hit me from behind. 
When I woke up, the police were standing over me. The house was a mess and I seemed to have been caught red handed.
So here I am in a room being interrogated about the robbery of 22 Maple Drive. What I was doing there. How I was involved. My parents are here. They are very confused and saying: “Karen, tell the policeman exactly what you were doing there!”
I tried silence, but it didn't work. Mum and Dad gave them our address saying:”Our girl is innocent but you're more than welcome to come round and search our house. We have nothing to hide.” “Yes, but do.”- I thought.
They found it.The cupboard under the stairs.They found the bicycle, any other items and now I'm in trouble. Somehow they even found the podcast. One of the police said with a chuckle that it was actually well put together. He was quite a fan.
It was my parents’ idea to put me in a cell overnight and teach me a lesson. “At least”- I thought as the door closed - “I have another fan.”

Submitted: January 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Christopher Long. All rights reserved.

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