Five Lives In Lockdown - Stephanie gets a hobby

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

“Five lives in lockdown” details an event in the lives of five fictional characters. Each story is told from a different character's point of view as they relate what's been happening to them in lockdown. This gives the reader a snapshot into their lives.

“Get a hobby”-. everybody said to me.” I do have a hobby.”- I told them.- “I'm a people watcher.” Better than watching television, there's hardly anything on and I cannot get to grips with all these new streaming services. However they told me “people watching” is not a hobby. I say it is.  I put the hobby in air quotes, hoping this would irritate them as much as it irritates me. They don't seem annoyed.
“Baking is what we think you would be good at. Your mince pies did very well at last year's Christmas party.” “ Yes “- I agree.- “I seem to recall only one person ended up with food poisoning.” “Nevertheless we think you should take up baking.” Eager faces stare back at me for my computer screen. The faces belonged to my three best friends: Luise, Meg and Camilla. Meg even gave me a thumbs up.
“When we speak again this time next week we expect you to have baked something. Nothing fancy just some muffins” They agreed that, yes, it should be muffins. We all love a muffin.There  was great debate on what flavour the muffins should be. I interrupted: “You know this is a videochat and you won't actually be able to taste the muffins…?” “Yes, but please bake some. We promise to be supportive.You can show us next time.”
So I baked and I baked ,and I baked. I think I used every pot and pan in the kitchen. By the end every surface was dusted with flour and I was sweating. “Such a lot of work for such a little thing.”-  I remember thinking.
I showed the muffins to my friends.They made noises but they we're not supportive ones. “Come on ladies”- I said -  “you promised.” “Look, we love you, but you're really not a baker. Maybe try something else like dancing.” I said I would try. All you needed for that was a room and not to have two left feet. And I had a  left foot and a right one.
I took a moment to think about the poor people who had two left feet. Maybe I would set up a charity to help these individuals.
As it turned out I did have two left feet. Every time I spun around I bumped into the furniture and I fell over. No, dancing wasn't for me. When I played the video I had taken to my friends, they agreed: “Ok, so you're not a dancer.”-  Meg said.”Although if you ever need money we could send the footage into one of those home video shows. We would be sure to get a thousand pounds. It’s so funny.”
“Knitting!” - I suggested.- “ I could knit. “We are not letting you anywhere near needles after the video you just showed us.”
 “I could write a play. I've always enjoyed writing and I could perform it as well, video it and show you.” They agreed this was the best idea. They would call back in two weeks to check on my progress.
 I was so excited. No sooner as the video call ended I began to write. I started with the title. It seemed the easiest thing to start with. “The duck and the goose” by Stephanie Smith. I worked day and night on the script. It was heartbreaking. At the end of the second week I had written the entire thing.
Some nights later I went out on my balcony to perform one of the songs from it. It was called “Where has my little  breadcrumb gone?”. The idea behind the song was that the duck was no longer getting breadcrumbs during lockdown. I was so enthusiastic I even ordered a duck costume off the internet. I stood on my balcony in costume and began to sing. I thought it went great.
When I played the video back for my friends however, I could hear I could not sing and the reaction of my neighbours was less than supportive. Someone was even booing and telling me to be quiet. I felt terrible. Another failed hobby. But then Meg said: ”It is great.
 One of those streaming services might want to buy it from you. You should email them.” 
I did and they liked it and they have asked for 9 more episodes which are going to be available soon. So, even if you think you have no talent or nothing to give the world and people laugh at you, and tell you you are no good, keep trying. With the support of friends by your side or in  my case on videochat, eventually you will succeed.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get this script done. It is Thursday, so my friends are calling. 

Submitted: January 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Christopher Long. All rights reserved.

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