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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

Postal workers

JD was driving down the main road in the town his shop was on, when a guy in lowrider truck gave him the thumbs up. That made JD feel rea... Read Chapter

A lawyer from Louisville

 About a week after JD found out someone tried to send him a certificated letter, a man came into his shop. klhoe was working behind... Read Chapter

Derrick got a van

  Samantha decided she wanted to get her haircut before her and boyfriend went back out on the road, so she went to her mother's... Read Chapter


As Taylor turned onto the main highway, Samantha said "I'm glad this started. I kind a feared dad put in there 30 years ago, and then for... Read Chapter

Taylor's new Haircut

Taylor was definitely looking apprehensively, as she walked up to barber was a very small shop  The building was not maintai... Read Chapter

The Van came To us

As they where coming town, Taylor said "I think it would be nice if you to help me out at the shop till we close". She took a brief pause... Read Chapter

What would we do with it

Taylor was  sitting at the vanity in their room, when JD said "how things been going with Mike and Kate at our shop”. JD was layin... Read Chapter

Jordan's Haircut

It was one hour before the usual closing time of Cold Steel Cuts. Samantha and Becky were seriously considering being done for the day. S... Read Chapter

The Break Up

JD is sitting in one Barber chair at Cold Steel Cuts when Jessica and Jordan walk into the shop. he quickly got up from the chair, and we... Read Chapter

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