Why Killed Her?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Two young girls, Michelle and Tamika are on their way to find who killed Mrs. Natalie Moyer.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

"Life would be much easier, if that never happened" Michelle was disturbed ...... "ooh, finally... I'm out".  Michelle f... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

"My glasses??" Michelle can not see the time on her phone. She tapped her hand back and forth to find her glasses. It was under th... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Few hours have passed. It is quarter past nine and the sky is getting darker and darker. "Okay let's suppose that if Clau... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

"Hey, sis what ya doing. I saw your solution on our chalkboard. You are pretty good at this"  Jenny said with a big smile, a&... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

"Why were you there?" Cal shouted. "Where? And why are you shouting at me like that" Renee looked confused. "Okay. Now you are playing ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

"What the HELL is this..." Michelle is getting anxiety attacks. "What the...., what happened, why are you staring at your phone?" Tamik... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Michelle and Tamika are on their way back to Crest town with a hope that nothing could go wrong. On their way back home Tamika's phone ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

It was nine in the morning, the doorbell rang thrice. “Coming” Tamika shouted, running towards the door. “Hello. Everyone home?... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

The girls were walking towards the exit of the Crest town, but Mishelle suddenly stopped, “Why did you stop?” Tamika and Claudia as... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

“Are you guys serious, or are you joking” Michelle said with curiosity, her face was getting red, and Tamika stared at them with an... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Michelle walked towards the haunted warehouse with trembling legs, like resident evil zombies. Tamika and Claudia waited for her to rea... Read Chapter

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