Earth Matters For All

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic

If there is a book of life so enchanted rarely meeting the reason why we must not chase the silence within for vulnerable events so promising that the time has come and will be never again touched by what really matters; Let us end the debate for any reason why it started and understand that everyone has a role to make the roles as responsible citizens for the living Earth. Let us be thankful and do our duty for giving this merit as one being.

For the first time in the entire recorded human history,

When a simple smallest virus caused the greatest grave,

Our planet overwhelms this rarest meeting in ways unattended,

For humanity this answer to consume less,

For Earth this matters to provide a sustainable future,

For everyone this inherit to create solutions our time carve,

Where bottom of deepest seas swirl complex vortex of ocean currents,

Today it breeds huge floating clouds of plastic trash so scary,

Even when we know the existence on crude oil won’t last forever,

We are reluctant to put money on Sun and wind as power sources,

We still wait and borrow the sustainable future our children own,

Why don’t we listen in some way even if it is a small way?

Are we fearing it reminds us most incomplete anything in this overcrowded world?

But we are humans just right for life that started on Earth matters,

A changing world shall be within time before the water as source of life,

Today big bang pilling its arms inflates even bigger than the universe where there is no water,

Pure haze of Earthly existence frills farther and farther away into the unknown far barren deserts,

This roaming herd of uncertainty crush aloud planetary disruptions continued to know one big experiment how everything started,

If past fossilized tracks on our living Earth scale what is impossible to imagine,

We are warned our Earth is changing for one such drastic consequence unless we act now,

Huge ice sheets at Poles are melting turning the planet’s thermostat up,

Slowly warmed up carbon remains reminds our crowded world that every biodiversity is threatened,

A mass extinction on Earth’s habitable habitats alerts where do they all live,

Danger is before us yet we debate mankind needs such great changes to the place our knowledge conquers,

Why hurt the life-giving sources enchanted in the ways we have no escape?

Do you know tomorrow the free oxygen will be another cataract held by its gravity so vulnerable?

Today this rare meeting has planted time for what we can inspire ways to live a sustainable future,

We don’t have time to advise but inspire leading ourself as an example,

We don’t need your money but time necessary lived for the best solutions,

If you are aware that the days will return to normal with this commitment to work together harvesting our common home for better again,

If you are witnessing the changing temperatures shrinking the glaciers that rise water levels we must avoid,

Let us plant trees within every literal mind that educate each one bringing the day not far ahead,

What does it do if the ozone layer can heal the greenhouse effect born again and keep more the balance of our atmosphere,

The Carbon cycle again respiring photosynthesis and oceans infusing its air between land and water,

If there is a day welcomed that time don’t freezes its global warning where we end emitting greenhouse gasses,

No one can watch Natures rhythms mopping up these events only on some private vacation spots on our living Earth,

All of us are responsible and like this smallest virus that jammed our entire economic system,

If we are so late that have nots of this trade will be all of us,

It is a time we can reserve some fresh water pool for the future we have borrowed,

How we consume less and don’t dump our waste for more pollutants everywhere,

So we must know what is happening to our garbage,

The life on our living Earth can continue for ever if we alert ourself with what we must do now,

And spread this awareness making eco footprints by planting and sharing their fair share to support this lifestyle for all,

We must contribute to end the climate change we have created of close to zero,

If we remain untouched by these grave concerns,

Where on Earth will be the future borrowed shall receive there is no unattended survival so cold is the challenging climate before us?

Let us act before it is too late.

Submitted: January 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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