banish of the covenant

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

its my story about the humans and the covenant from halo


“Banish of the Covenant”

“Why did you leave me here to die?” Said a mysterious voice, “Why am I still here but your gone brother?”

“Welcome to the automatic armour remover please state your name.” said a robotic voice. 

“John,” said the user. 

“Welcome John please state your rank.” 

“Spartan Master Chief.” 

“Accepted, please State your commander and last assignment.”

“My commander is Captain cutter and my latest assignment was on harvest.” 

“contacting captain cutter now.” 

“Your armour request was approved please go to your right.” 


“Which set of armour would you like to choose?” 

“I’ll take set A3DG6K.” 

“Coming right up!” John hears a boom and runs outside after he gets his armour. 

“What's going on here, sergeant?” John asked. 

“The covies just arrived with a massive attack force.” said the sergeant. 

“What does it consist of?” 

“Grunts, Jackals, Hunters, Wreaths, Everything, even three scarabs.” 

“How's the fleet holding up?” 

“Not well we are losing four to one.” 

“Evacuate any people you can, we must get out of here I will call in reinforcement carriers to try to pick up civilians.” 

“Yes sir.”  said the Sergeant.

“John, I am dropping off a grizzly tank for you, take it and get out of there as there are multiple enemy units converging on you.” said Professor Anders. 

“Yes ma’am.” said John. 

John gets in and makes it to the evacuation zone while calling in reinforcements on the way. Then they escape and make it to harvest, while it's under attack. 

“Todays really not a great day for the human kind.” said John. 

Once they landed and joined the fight and the planet started to get glassed. 

“Wow, that's one powerful weapon we need to evacuate again.” said John.

“Yes sir, loading pelicans now.” said Cortana.

“Get a box transport down on my position then contact all vehicle personnel on the ground to meet up here or abandon their vehicle and get on a pelican” said John.

“Also assemble my team while you're at it I have an idea.”

“John, there are too many in your area to get a transport down, clear them out and I'll send one also ODSTs on the way.” said Cortana.

“Don't need them, I'll handle this myself.” said John.

“Don’t there are too many of them you will die.” said Cortana. 

John goes in and kills them all while only taking a bit of shield damage. He then evacuates with the rest of the UNSC and what civilians they could rescue. Once on board the Spirit of Fire John meets up with his team of spartans Vale buck and Tasha. 

“My plan is to launch a counter attack on the prophet hierarchy with us and a few ODSTs.” said John. “With that support and the element of surprise we should be able to take them on and kill them.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” said Buck.

“I agree,'' said Vale.

“What about the complications that no one is listening about?” said Tasha.

“We will figure them out on the way but do you agree to this plan Tasha?” Said John.

“I do agree.” said Tasha “lets get prepared to go.”

Then the spartans with the spirit of fire go to the planet with the prophet hierarchy and are ready to start the invasion in drop pods.

“Drop in three, two, one.” said John.

They land on the planet safely and move to the back of the palace where the prophets are having a meeting. The spartans burst in and start shooting the guards instantly and start going after them.

“Protect the prophets!” Shouted one of the guards.

“Ahhhhh!” one of the guards screamed.

John and the spartans end up killing all of the guards then they attack the prophets with the ODSTs. Also, they then kill the Prophet of Regret leaving the Prophet of Truth to evacuate.

“Quickly get to the ship and follow him.” John ordered.

They make it to the ship and follow the prophet to a thing called a halo ring it's a destructive device that can destroy anything in a one million mile radius and it fires at another ring setting that ring off and it keeps repeating. So the Spirit of Fire crew knew that they had to be stopped.

“We need to land on that ring and stop them so get prepared for combat.” Said Captain Cutter.

John goes and lands on the ring, and then he finds the library where the detonation device is, and he takes it back only for it to be stolen by a traitor. 

“Why did you leave me here to die?” Said The Prophet of Truth, “Why am I still here but your gone brother?”

Then he sends all of his troops to where the device needs to be placed. They got there first but the covenant revenant came soon after while the ODSTs were distracted and got a couple of kills before the UNSC units realized.

“Watch out!” shouted an ODST.

“Those shields are hard as rock chief.” said another ODST.

“Take cover.” said John.

With that they took cover and killed the prophet of truth while destroying another ring with the covenant remnant and the humans started to regrow the population and fix all the damage that the covenant has done. 

The End


Submitted: January 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ethanomighty. All rights reserved.

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