Christmas Special

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a christmas story I made a few weeks ago sorry for errors.

I love everything about Christmas. The gifts, the family. The gifts. Tonight our family got together. My family and I do it every year. We get together, as a family, on Christmas Eve. We all come to Grandma’s house. We all gather around Grandma’s tree, hold hands, and sing one carol at a time. My siblings, my cousins, and I all stay up for as long as we can. I am usually the first one to crash. It was on the 20th of December and we had finally chosen to go to Grandma’s.

“Mom, Mom, Mom?” All the way there that is all Jess could say.

“Yes, sweetie?” 

“Are we there yet?”

“No, not yet, we still have another hour to go yet.”

Finally, silence. Jessie had finally shut up. I could hear my music through my headphones without having to listen to “Mom” or “Are we there yet”. My Grandma lived an hour and a half away. Jess had started asking five minutes into the drive. Leaning back, I closed my eyes for a nap.

“Moooooooom, are we there yet? Where does Grama live? How much longer will this last? Mooooooooom!”

“Jessie, shut up!” I couldn’t hold it in. It was nonstop. She did this during every car ride. Even if it was only five minutes long! 

“Mark, that was not nice. Not nice at all! Think before you speak, young man.” Why my Mom calls me a young man, I don’t know. It’s always, “Young man clean your room.” “Young man, do this, do that, and blablabla!” 

“Fine, I’m sorry Jess.” Glad that was over, I decided to try and take a nap. But I couldn't.

“Hey, Mom… How much longer?” I couldn’t help it. Jessie made me wonder!

“Haha, only forty-five more minutes. Why don’t you try to take a nap? It can help!”

“Ok.” Finally, I could try and take a nap. But I just didn’t feel like napping. If I napped, then I would be drowsy when we got to Grandma’s. And I like napping while lying down. Although if I’m honest, I hadn’t laid down since my liver transplant.

I decided not to sleep. I knew there were plenty of naps coming up. After tonight, it will be Christmas. We had to leave Grandma’s house the day after Christmas. Then on New Year’s Eve, I would go to my friend’s house for the night. Five days later it will be my birthday! Thirty-five days later the races will start! 

I have a feeling this will be my biggest year yet! I have my secrets for winning races! There are thirty-eight seasons. If I can win at least thirty-six of those races I can get into the championship. I have been racing for two years now. Last season was when I got my trophy. It is one of my greatest feats. Last season was also when my accident occurred.

“Hey Mom, I can’t sleep.”

“Mark, you’ve been snoring for the past thirty minutes!”

Of course, mom had to mention the fact that I snore. I have known this since I was seven years old. It was a science project. My class had to record ourselves sleeping. This helped us gather data on sleeping habits.

“So, how much longer?”

“Only fifteen minutes. Maybe less,” my mom looked over and glared at my dad, “if your father keeps speeding at least.”

“Wee woo, wee woo. Here comes a police car. Daddy in big trouble now!”

Jessie tends to do that to everyone. Even in the house. If she catches you running she says, “Police car is going to put you in jail!”

“Jess, I will not get pulled over by a police car. Don’t you worry!” 

My Dad is always positive even when things get tough and there isn't a positive side to anything. 

“Dad, maybe you should slow down. Just in case. Only I get to speed, and that’s only when I am on the race track.”

“Don’t worry son, I’ll be fine! We’re only five minutes away from Grandma’s. Going through town will be a breeze!”

Woo, woo. “Please pull your vehicle off to the side of the road.”

Of course, Dad thinks everything will be okay. Nothing is ever okay. This was my first time being pulled over by the police. Although, I’m pretty sure this has happened numerous times to dad. This is probably normal to him. 

I watched from where I was sitting. A policeman walked up to our van. He knocked on Dad’s window and pointed downwards. You could tell he was serious. He wore a white uniform and I could see his name tag, which was gold. It looks like it says, Officer Norman. Dad rolled down his window. I giggled and watched all that was about to happen to unfold. 

“Wee woo!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Between Dad getting pulled over and my sister making police noises, it was too much to hold in!

“Sir, I am going to need to see your driver’s license.”

“Ok, just give me a second to get it out of my pocket.”

Dad leaned forward, because his billfold, with his driver’s license, was in his back pocket. As he was leaning forward, he laid on the horn. This made my laughing matter worse. When Dad finally got it out, he whipped it out of his pocket, it flew back and hit mom. This just made me laugh louder and harder.

“Here... here it is Officer.”

To make matters worse Jess made more sounds, “WEEEE WOOOO!”

The Officer looked at it and wrote it down on something. He looked up and tore a piece of paper off of his notepad and handed it to Dad. 

“Here you go, sir.”

 The Officer walked away. Dad rolled up his window and looked at all of us.

Almost in unison, we said, “Told ya so!” Except for the fact that it wasn’t in unison.

I couldn’t wait to get to Grandma’s. I wanted to tell both her and all of my cousins about this. They would probably find it just as historical. Finally, Dad pulled the car back onto the road and we started our trip to Grandma’s, again. 

When we finally got there, as usual, I saw Grandma running out of the house, arms wide open and a huge smile. She did this every time we came. It always makes me happy when she does that. It lets me know that I am loved and there is someone who cares. I know that my Mom and Dad love me. But they never do that when I go away. 

I jumped out of the car and said, “Hi Grandma. I missed you so much!”

“Aww, I missed you too, Mark!” 

“Where is everyone?”

“They are all in the house.”

“Grama, Grama! Do I get a huggie?”

Jessie has never been able to say, Grandma. Our family is hoping that eventually, she can pronounce the nd in Grandma. 

“Yes Sweetie, you will always get a huggie from me!”

I ran inside to see all of my family waiting. Some of them were shoveling food in their mouths, others talking, others, well, just Uncle George napping. I needed to find my cousins though. Of course, they were the only ones I could not see. 

Grandma walked in, holding Jess’ hand. Mom and Dad followed behind holding all of our luggage. I felt like I should help, but I wanted to find my cousins. So I decided to speed walk around the house to try and find them. I knew they were somewhere around here.


One of Grandma’s biggest rules was, no running. So I stopped speed walking and slowly walked back to her. I couldn’t run anyway because of my liver.

“Sorry, Grandma. I am just excited to see my cousins. Maybe I should’ve asked you. But I wasn’t exactly running either”

“You’re darn right. You should have asked me. What were you thinking? Nevermind that, your cousins are upstairs.” Grandma gave a warm smile and slapped me on the back. I never remembered her having that strong of a hit. Because 1) that stung and 2) she pushed me into the dining room.

The dining room was honestly a lot cozier than the living room. The table was a grand oak table and instead of chairs, benches sat in place. The benches had room for about eight people on each side and they were padded with blue jeans. The heads of the table had chairs and were padded with blue jeans. The ceiling was shiplap and stained with the color of weathered wood. (That is no joke, that is actually the color.) The room was covered with dangling lights. The light fixtures honestly reminded me of jellyfish. Then, my favorite part of the dining room, the centerpiece. It was a picture of our family, concealed in glass. It's about three feet tall and no doubt priceless. (It was probably about $10. Grandma just tells me it's priceless.)

Being an un-normal house, I took a left. That's not the weird part, the weird part is that I walked into a hallway, and directly in front of me was the stairs. To my left was the bathroom and to my right, was my Grandma’s bedroom. The set up was odd, but I had never put much thought into it. I continued to walk up the stairs. At the top, there was a bedroom in front of me. Then, I could take a right and there were five more bedrooms. 

I decided to look in the bedroom in front of me. There was no one in there so I continued to search each bedroom. It wasn't until I made it to the last bedroom, the one at the end of the hall, that I heard something. It was a big room, painted lime green. The ceiling was oddly vaulted, making it my favorite room. The bed was white and camouflage green. The two greens didn't blend well, but it wasn't my job to judge. I checked under the king-sized bed, which just happened to take up most of the room. There was only room for one more thing. I stood up and spun on my heels. The hideout! Why didn’t I think of it? The hideout was just a closet. But my cousins and I had made a tent in it. 

I have five cousins. Three are older and three are younger. And when I say younger, I mean three and four. That's no joke. My older cousins are 14, 15, and 17. Colton was about my age. He is the 14-year-old one. Then there was Abby. We didn't get along too well. That’s why Colton was my favorite. Then there was Teagan Lee. Just don’t tell him the part about Colton.

I slowly opened the door. I peeked my head in. I could hear voices at the end of the room. I stepped in quietly, although that's hard when you hear a crunching under your feet. I looked down, and I stepped on a photo. I picked it up. It was one of my favorite photos. It was a picture of my Papa and me standing on top of his race car. He was looking down at me with an orange soda in his left hand. In his right hand, he was holding my hand. I was staring down at the car, with a petrified look on my face. Heights had never been my favorite. 

I put the photo in my pocket and picked up the other photos laying around me. I eventually made it to the back. Colton had his back toward me and Abby didn't seem to notice me. I got down on my knees and tackled Colton. He wrestled me and eventually had me in a headlock. I tapped his leg.

“Time out, time out!”

He released me. He was wearing his usual black sleeveless tee and black jeans. He wore his cross necklace and his hair was swiped to the side. Abby seemed to glare at me, but I just ignored her.

“Colton, you look like you rose from the dead.” I laughed, it really did look like he had just attended a funeral. 

He pushed me, “Whatever! It's great to see you again. Where’ve you been?”

“Long car trip, you know how it is. You live in Georgia!” Teagan’s family, Colton’s family, and my family lived in Georgia. I looked down at the albums they were looking at. “Hey, what are these?” 

Before Colton could respond, Abby did. She was wearing a red shirt and skinny jeans. She actually looked nice. “Those are photo albums, you block-head.”

Colton shook his head. “These are the albums that Papa made throughout the years. Don't tell Grandma though, she’ll flip!”

At that same moment, there was a knock on the closet door. Abby shot a glare at Colton. “You jinxed it-”

“Don't say it! You know what’s about to come out of your mouth is a bad word. And I didn't jinx anything!” Colton returned the glare.

The door creaked open and we started to push the albums into the corner. 

“What are you kids doing?” That was Grandma, I could tell. I quickly tried to hide, but Abby held me back. I calmly sat down. 

“We are catching up Grandma!” Abby gave her a calm grin. Grandma was buying it! Well, almost. Colton was now staring at the corner with the albums. Of course, goodie-two-shoes had to share our secret hiding spot.

“Looking at Papa’s albums were we?” She stared at us.

Colton focused on Grandma now. “Yes, Grandma! Oh, they are amazing! I'm sorry, so sorry!” Colton looked like he was going to cry. After exchanging a glance, for once, Abby and I agreed on something, Colton had better buck up!

Grandma slowly got down on her knees and tapped Colton’s knee. “It’s fine Colton. I knew you children would find them at some point.” 

I spared a glance at Abby. She also glanced at me. She spoke before I could even process what to say. “Grandma, what do you mean by that?”

I scooched over to Colton as Grandma went over to the albums. She picked up the one that had an intricate red number one. The album was green. She gently opened the cover. She smiled warmly at it. 

“You know your Papa, his Great-Grandfather was a Native American. So your Grandfather was raised in a tribe in Iowa. He grew up as a farmer, poor. He didn’t let that affect him though. He was raised to know all of the Native’s gods. If he were here, he would tell the story way better. But for now, let's go with the fact that his parents sent him to a boarding school.” By now she had flipped through four pages. Each one holding an amazing memory. They may have been black and white, but they still meant a lot.

Grandma flipped the page. “It was there at the boarding school that your Papa, well, he met me.”

Colton oohed her. “Grandma had a BOYFRIEND!” 

Grandma waved him aside and continued. “I taught him that his gods were not true. There was only one God.”

I readjusted myself to be in a more comfortable sitting position. At one time, I hadn’t believed in God. I had believed he was the source of Papa dying. If it wasn’t for Colton, I’d probably be dead. Now, all I wanted was to stay. Had I not believed, I probably would’ve left this conversation. 

Once I was done squirming, Grandma continued once again. “He slowly started to believe me. And I remember that day when he fully committed himself to God. It was his first race.”

Both Colton and I sat up straighter. I knew it wasn't for the same reason though. Rarely did we ever enjoy the same activities. He was sitting up for Papa’s testimony, I was sitting up for his race history. 

“Your Papa,” she giggled, “he was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t get him to focus. He just kept blabbering on. I remember our conversation. It went like this, ‘I’m not going to win. There is no way.’ Then I responded with, ‘Think of the positives hun.’ That was when he calmed down. ‘You're right. The positives, well there is one.’ He looked me directly in the eyes. ‘That positive is that God gave me you!’ He smiled.”

Grandma was in tears now. She never cried about Papa. Or at least never in front of us. Abby scooched towards Grandma. “It’s okay Grandma. He is in a better place now.” Abby hugged Grandma.

I looked at Colton and he looked at me. We mentally decided to leave Grandma and Abby alone. We left the hang-out, we proceeded to go down the stairs to the kitchen. Some of my favorite foods were laid before me. Pigs in a blanket, carrots, turkey, etc.. I could go on forever, but right now, I just wanted an ice pack for my liver. I grabbed a pickle wrap and continued to the living room. 

Uncle George was awake now. Colton and I sat down next to him. He was a big dude. But also kind, he was practically a teddy bear. He had long hair, which he never put up. He always called me Ricky, which I hated, but you can't argue with him.

“So Ricky, how ya doin'?”

I finished chewing my pickle wrap and answered, “The name is Mark and I’m doing just fine.”

“What’s your problem?”

I rolled my eyes and responded, “You're my problem.” I started to laugh.

Luckily, George laughed with me. It's scary when that dude gets mad. “Okay, time for a nap!” 

He started to lay down and I quickly moved. He slept quite a bit. Which was always weird, considering he lived in Chicago, and never got to see us. I gave him one last glance and rolled my eyes. Colton helped me up and we moved to the other couch. I got settled and put my icepack on. 

The front door opened and I heard many voices. The couch wasn’t facing the door so I couldn’t see who was there. But I could hear. I heard a bored voice and someone chomping gum. Teagan Lee was here. Colton met my eyes and got up to greet Teagan.

It wasn’t long after that Teagan Lee was over and sitting on my left side. Colton on my right. Teagan was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a pair of khakis. He had a permanent smirk on his face. He was holding a green present with lots of ribbon on it. He handed it to me. 

“This is for you. From someone, you may remember. “ He gave a full smile and handed the gift to me. I looked at the tag, which was addressed to me and it said from Cherry. “She said not to open it until she gets here though.” 

Colton and I both looked up from the gift. My hands had been so close to opening it. But the thought that we would get to see Cherry again, kind of made me happy. She had been so kind when we had first met. So willing to give up something that was clearly marked hers. “You mean she is coming?” 


Colton spoke up now. “And she didn’t think about me?” That was an odd question to ask, Colton had never been rash. But then again, who doesn’t love a Christmas gift. 

“Oh. She thought of you. But I told her to not worry.” He cracked a full grin. Teagan Lee had definitely done that on purpose.

Colton looked almost hurt, but he decided to just punch Teagan. Teagan only started laughing. Of course, that didn’t hurt, he could arm wrestle any one of us and win easily. Teagan went to punch him back, but I stopped him. “Not now, I’m trying to rest my owie.”

That got them both to laugh. What else was I supposed to call this pathetic excuse for an injury? It may put me out for the first few races. I turned my attention to Coton. “Will you put this under the tree?” I handed him the gift and he went to put it under the tree. 

“She’s coming?”

“Ya. She claims she has something she is excited to share with us. I don’t know what that could be. But it had better be good.”

“What do you mean it should be good? Aren’t you supposed to be supportive?”

“Well, yes. But she is too smart. And she likes to talk a lot and it can get annoying, but I agree with her. She’s had a rough life already.”

I gave Teagan Lee a quizzical look. 

“She can explain if she feels like it. That’s not a story for me to tell.”

I looked down at my feet. Compared to Teagan’s size 11 ½ shoes, mine were tiny. I looked back up at Teagan, who was also looking at his ridiculously giant feet. “When will she be here?”

“I think she’ll be here at 2ish.” He now looked over at his phone. It was only 12:00. We still had another two hours before Cherry would arrive. I had only met her once, and that was in the operating room. Not a fun experience. But I still had this excitement to see her again. 

Colton finally came back from putting the gift under the tree. The tree was in the dining room. The dining room was next to the family room, so of course, we opened gifts in the family room. But at this rate, if everyone finds a special someone, we will have to move to the living room, which is where we are at right now. 

“So what do we do for two hours?” I asked Teagan.

Colton gave him a confused look. “Why two hours?”

“That’s when Cherry will be here.” I explained.

Colton’s face lit up to his now understanding look.

Now it was Colton’s turn to ask the same question that I had asked. “So what do we do then?”

Teagan flapped his fingers in and out, so I scooched closer. Teagan laughed, pushed me away, and pointed at Colton. Colton pointed at himself and then hesitantly moved towards Teagan. Teagan leaned close to Colton’s ear. I don’t understand why they didn’t just talk. But I continued to listen. I wanted to know what Teagan Lee had in mind. I didn’t catch a single word. Well, I caught one word, truck. Colton nodded and looked at me.

“What? Don’t look at me! I have no idea what you two just decided.”

Teagan got up and walked to Grandma. I still couldn’t hear anything, just lots of talking and nodding and a hug. Colton stared at me excitedly. Almost like I was supposed to know what was going on. After what I’m sure could have been an hour of the two hours, Teagan Lee finally came back. 

“Ok. Let's get going.” Teagan walked away and I lost track of him. 

“You heard him. Get up!” Colton helped me up. We put the ice pack away and Colton guided me to the closet. I looked at him suspiciously, but he only laughed. “Put your coat on!” He grabbed his coat and walked out the front door.

I started mumbling to myself. I tried deciding where we could possibly be going. There were too many possibilities. I slipped my coat on and walked to the front door. I zipped up my coat and opened the front door. 

Teagan’s truck was running. I could see the exhaust swirling out of it. This was not good. The last time I was in that truck. I was throwing up in the back seat. I walked over to the passenger side and opened the door. Colton was already sitting there. Teagan Lee had his music blaring again and I could feel the heat coming from the vents. 

“You’re in the back, Mark.” said Teagan.

“No. Last time I was back there I was throwing up. Not gonna happen again.”

Colton’s turn to have input. “Too bad!” 

“Nuh huh. Why can’t I sit in the front? There is literally enough room for all of us to sit there. I’m pretty sure that’s why they installed a seat in the middle.”

“If ya say so! That means you get the middle though!” Colton hopped out and waved his arms into the truck. “Your ride awaits.” Then I’m pretty sure he said “You’re majesty.” 

I hopped in, but not without smacking his forehead laughing. Teagan only sat there and watched. Then he finally said something. “Come on already. We now have maybe forty-five minutes to get to town and back.”

Colton and I both got in and buckled. Teagan Lee pulled out and took a left to go to town.

“What are we doing?” That question had been on my mind for quite some time. 

Now it was finally answered by Teagan. “Getting a present for Grandma. What else is there to do?”

Colton gave me his duh look. I shook my head and turned my view back out the front window. Teagan reached down to the volume and turned it up even more. At that point, I was pretty sure that my eardrums would blow. I was used to loud noises, I race cars. But this was a whole new level of loud.

The drive was 15 minutes into town and I had no idea of where we could possibly be going. I began to wonder if Colton did. It wasn’t long before we finally stopped. Or maybe it was long. Either way, I still felt cramped. Sitting in the middle was never easy. The floor in the middle rose for some reason that I can’t figure out. Then if Teagan had drinks, the cup holder had to be down. And that rubbed against your shin.

Teagan got out, then Colton. I followed Teagan Lee out because he was quicker than Colton. We had pulled up to a local pet store. Why the pet store, I don't know. Grandma doesn’t have a dog and last I checked, I was pretty sure she didn’t need one. Then again, Teagan Lee and Colton think the opposite of me. Apparently, they thought she needed a dog.

“So we are getting a dog…?” I asked.

“Yup.” said Teagan Lee.

“And why are we doing that?” I asked.

“Cause Grandma needs some love.” said Colton.

“Then why don’t we give her hugs?”

“BECAUSE!” said Teagan Lee and Colton.

“Ok! Yeesh!” I walked to the door and opened it. As Colton and Teagan entered, I asked, “What if Grandma-”

“Trust me. She wants and needs one.” said Teagan.

I shook my head. “Ok. If ya say so.” Then Colton walked through. “Guess we are going to get Grandma a puppy.”

Colton gave another duh look. “Did you just figure that out?”

“Ha ha ha. You are just so funny Colton. You should be a comedian. But it's too bad that comedians need brains!”

I walked in after Colton gave me a sour look. I was greeted by the smell of wet dogs. Do dogs really stick that bad when they are wet? I guess I wouldn’t know because I don’t have a dog. The lobby was in the shape of an odd oval. Maybe an egg. I don’t know how, because the outside was a rectangle. The lady at the front desk (the desk was actually an aquarium for fish) wore the business's shirt and was busy on the phone. She looked up and gave us a one second finger.

Teagan led Colton and me to the desk. Behind the desk were pictures of dogs that had found forever homes. I was starting to connect that this wasn’t a pet store, but a shelter. This place saved some very important lives. Just as Colton had done. The shelter must have owned some of the pets because a few cats were wandering around. I walked to the nearest one. This one was white with grey and black spots. I picked it up and stroked it. It started purring. If only I could keep it. But then again, I don't have the money nor the time. I looked at its collar. The name read Lucky.

I stroked Lucky as I walked back to the counter. The lady was now off the phone and fumbling with her keys. She was trying to talk to Teagan too. But that wasn’t working. I started thinking that she was probably new to this whole job. I wondered what she had exactly grown up wanting to be. I’m pretty sure it wasn't a receptionist. 

“I can get you into the dogs… As soon as I find that darn key.” She continued to rummage through the keys. When at last, “I found it! You can follow me!”

She led us to the halls, which were decked. I can’t believe that some people were crazy enough to deck their halls. But I guess if I were a dog and I had nothing but walls to look at, Christmas would make life so much better! The lady unlocked a door labeled dogs. I heard barking on the other side of the door. The door swung open and I got an even stronger smell of wet dog. 

This time, the room was square and cages lined the room. In the middle of the room, there was a large plastic cage. There was a tiny brown puppy with a cute red bow. I knew that had to be the one. But Teagan and Colton still went around to the other dogs. I ignored them and went to the little puppy. The door was unlocked and I opened it. The puppy waddled over and I stroked it. Its fur was soft and fluffy. I now understood why Grandma needed a dog.

“Teagan, Colton, this one.” They both looked my way and Colton’s face lit up. Teagan Lee only shrugged. They came over and petted the puppy too. 

“I agree. This is the one,” said Colton.

“Then it's settled.” Teagan picked up the puppy and carried it to the lady, who was still standing at the door.

Teagan Lee handed the puppy to her and she stroked its soft fur. “Looks like you have a home, Wilson.” She looked up from the puppy to Teagan. “Follow me to the counter.”

We followed the lady (who I finally looked at her name tag. Shelly) to the counter. Shelly pulled up a picture of Wilson. Or his profile I should say. He had already gotten his vaccines and been declawed and other stuff. 

“Will you be keeping the name Wilson?” asked Shelly.

Teagan Lee looked over at us. We nodded. “Yes,” said Teagan.

“Perfect. After you sign here, he is yours!”

Teagan signed and paid. Shelly handed the dog and we started on our way out. 

“Oh! And Merry Christmas!” Shelly called after us.

We just waved and climbed back into Teagan’s truck. Wilson was happy and energetic. He kept trying to look at my face. I just pushed him away as Colton laughed at me. This dog was not making me happy by any means. The only reason we should keep him is that he is fluffy. And because apparently, Grandma needed him. Wilson, for his next stunt, tried climbing on top of the dash.

“No Wilson. Get off my dash. Colton, hold him still.” Bravo Teagan. Way to be so enthusiastic about the dog!

The drive was another 20 minutes back home. The first time it was 15 because there wasn’t a dog climbing on the dash. But we did make it home. But instead of having three joyful givers of a puppy, we had one. Somehow, Colton had managed to stay happy and grew a bond with Wilson. 

Teagan opened the door for Colton and we went on our search to find Grandma. She wasn't in the kitchen, dining room, or family room. She had come downstairs with Abby earlier. I started towards the living room. Hopefully, Grandma would be in there. 

And surprise, she was. She was happily drinking pop and Abby was helping her organize presents. Everyone was already in the living room. Colton sat the puppy down and it started running circles around the room. Greeting each person with a soft lick. Its brown fur, now all tangled from everyone petting it. 

“Merry Christmas Grandma!” said Teagan.

“Thank you, Teagan Lee! How very-”

The doorbell rang. I looked down at my phone. It was only 1:30. Cherry wouldn’t be here yet. The puppy ran over to the door and let out a small yip. There were many aws

“Teagan Lee, why don’t you go get that.” said Grandma.

Teagan only nodded and went to get the door. He opened it and behold! There stood Cherry. 30 minutes early. I had a feeling that was part of her personality. I’d only had a brief conversation with her. Yet somehow I just knew that she was a smarter person. She wore glasses and had long black hair. Her winter coat bundled her. She didn’t say much. Cherry only gave Teagan a hug and Teagan took her coat. 

Once the coat was hung up, Cherry walked in. She waved. She seemed very shy. I could’ve sworn she was more bubbly. She waved at me then sat down across from me. Teagan sat down next to her. The whole living room was quiet. No one said anything. 

“Teagan Lee, why not introduce this nice young girl?” said Uncle George.

Teagan smiled and said, “Cherry Vereson, this is my family. Family meet Cherry.”

Cherry gave a shy wave. Everyone responded with a wave or a quiet hi. 

Then she spoke up in a soft and quiet voice. “Mark, why don’t you open my gift?”

Colton got up and handed me the gift. I slowly opened it. Inside was a nice small pair of fuzzy dice. I smiled after giving a small chuckle. “Perfect for my car.”

“I figured you’d use it for that.” She gave a warm smile. One that made me feel so much happier. 

“So Cherry,” said Abby, “Teagan Lee here says that you have something to share.”

“Ya, Cherry. Why don’t you tell us? I’ve been dying to know.” said Teagan Lee.

She gave a small happy laugh, then spoke in a quiet voice again. “I’ve been studying the stars. I’m sure that you’ve seen it on the news, but tomorrow night, there is supposed to be a special star. The Star of Bethlehem is supposed to return. And based on my calculations. It should be exactly over your house tonight. Giving you the chance to experience exactly what the three kings did. This star hasn’t appeared in 800 years.”

I looked around at everyone else. I guess we would be staying up a bit later tomorrow night. 

The next day was the shortest day of the year. The sunset at five that day and the star appeared at six. It was the most beautiful thing ever. It really made me happy to know that I could see something so beautiful. Cherry was there with all of our family. Even little Wilson nipping at our heels. The star was the brightest thing in the sky. 

Submitted: January 12, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ethanomighty. All rights reserved.

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