Hanna - A True Survivor

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Hanna, dont be confused. Look everywhere you wanted to be and rise this redeemed moment for some surprises. You are warned. They are very powerful people who dont know you exist. You must be aware of the order. Let us not be forgetful.

Dear Hanna,

I am writing this not to make your life disturbed. Your fiction reminds me something never told so true. There are challenges you have faced witnessing to know the truth. But have you ever lost in the meaning that you were born not as a victim limited for the real experiment? You never will realize that everything so happened gave you one life on this Earth just to recollect something simpler. You ran away from those who saw your gestures so predictable in this young age. They have seen how bad is the world beyond the name of one order we serve the most powerful. I want you safe wherever you are. You are not known to me. But I feel attached by the way you think now. How strange you still feel the thoughts so miserable. You feel that circumstances judged you as their prey and retreat into the silence you cannot cry within. It seems painful. But one man gave you everything he had for your life and still listens for your desire so enchanted as his deepest need. One day you will know that it is so strange that someone protects you knowing that everyone who is so chained in the true love will honor this respect.

When you were born in the jungle you weren’t anxious what abnormality you had as the training you received calls every occasion you will be the master of this art. But you ran away secretly hiding without knowing them who don’t know you are really alive. Their order is very cruel and that is the reason I am writing this letter.

Do you know the war is going to start and who cannot run away with what you never imagined will survive this fact? Their reasons why it never ends has a greater interest for the order that prevails and you should be aware about it. Keep safe and be traveler who is so silent. Your life is safe now but you are warned. They will come again for the next pursuit in a different name.

City has traded this secret as their weapon to survive. Experiments kept alive the order everyone must obey. You must also follow this. There is no escape. Don’t feel the burden but exchange the warmth of friendship with those who share happiness in their own gifts. Know it is our rare meeting. You are warned. Don’t forget this. They are very powerful people. You must not call out misunderstandings. Now you like your life again. You will meet new people. They are really good people. Your life will change. But don’t forget the past and how loved one family waited for your home coming. Their good ones spend all this fortune to keep your wish honored.

This land is yours. You must be respecting its fortune without hustle. There are lots of people who are landless and nothing to survive for the next days. Know it make a hero to bear in mind our time is precious for their welfare. You will know that someone is listening. Whom have you loved so far? The days will be back and you must trust the power invincibly as yours. Don’t turn back this moment so far owned the greatest forgiveness. God is our father and we are his loved ones. Know this is a simple prayer. Follow the order you are trained to excel wherever you will be. You have this choice to be perfect now. This hope remains for all of us.

There has never been lived one story carried you so far and tasted this sweetness you never knew. Don’t be worried. This is life. God is our teacher and this is his request to spend your time made worthy as the time demands. Don’t just imagine the way but be the way you are born like one of us again. This is our promise for you and you will be back into this strange world with harmony and peace within. If anything, you can be, it will be the gift you can be, for the best where you shine. Know this truth and that’s the reason why our Supreme Mother gave you this last chance to get rewarded for offering a new birth again. May you be aware and change this challenge like a winner committed for the best honor I can give you again.

Don’t regret that you have lost a longest time in search of everything you were forgetful. It is such a story will be born for the promise why you still let me know who you are. Let us listen for this voice within and reassure that you are born to win whatever matters more. May your choice shine in this gift everywhere.

You may one day rise like our most talkative powerful humbleness in the midst of these days I will ever forget. It tells me that you must know something you can win over any weakness. How you can enrich this silence shall thank every moment so made in the highest hope that our wish remains for this rare meeting? Let us light this living matters for all who knew your story so untold. It just portrait why you were forgiven is so made for a greater plan. I feel one day we will know each other so well and will take every moment so precious living the loved life so granted for days ahead.

Thank you for reading this message. I hope you are warned why this is written. Don’t waste any moment. But prepare yourself as the best. Let you rise like a hero for this Christmas star so brave over our home coming.

May God Love You & Your Loved Ones

Aby Skaria

Submitted: January 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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