how to love a monster

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

carmen whiteman is convinced that she is living a normal high school life, where her biggest worries were about what clothes to wear and what boys she likes. but after a school shooting, everything changes. she is changing in ways she could never imagine and so are her friends. she has an enemy she never knew existed before that day. even those who she thought she could trust start to seem suspicious. will she be able to save the world before it's too late? and will it be enough?

Table of Contents


Prologue   Something was wrong with me. Something very wrong. These weird feelings kept creeping over me. My head was in c... Read Chapter


One   Carmen Whiteman.” I jolted up in my seat, whipping drool off of my face. I rubbed my eyes and let out long ove... Read Chapter


Two   Omg, what was that?” Jenny’s voice broke my thoughts as we walked back to my house. We had missed the bus due to... Read Chapter


Three   My eyes snapped open as my alarm clock blared in my ear. Sweat dripped down my forehead, soaking my pillow. I noti... Read Chapter


Four   John looped his arms under mine to keep me from falling onto the ground. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t k... Read Chapter


Five   Just as Austin’s dad was about to pull the trigger, the gun came up, the barrel pointing at his own face and expl... Read Chapter


Six   The next morning, Caroline woke us all up at eight o’clock in the morning as promised. I stretched out my arms and... Read Chapter


Seven   It was freezing outside. However, as I walked into the woods behind my house, my whirling thoughts seemed to numb ... Read Chapter


Eight   Everything was a blur after I left the hospital. I wasn’t going to be sent to an orphanage, nor was I going to b... Read Chapter


Nine   A hand wrapped around my mouth, causing me to jump almost three feet in the air. I tried spinning around but whoe... Read Chapter


Ten   My legs carried me up the winding staircase and through the open shack window, not even bothering to cover up my tra... Read Chapter


Eleven   Eight days. It had been eight days since my fight with Logan. Eight days since my secret of killing Austin’s da... Read Chapter


Twelve   I sucked in deep lungfuls of air as I was set down roughly on the stone floor. My throat felt narrow and it see... Read Chapter


Thirteen   Let go of me. Let me go!” I yelled, squirming in his tight grip. “Please, don’t do this. Let me go!” Te... Read Chapter


Fourteen   So where are we actually going?” Booker asked, staring at me as I stared out the window. “Pine Brook Ma... Read Chapter


Fifteen   Hello, daughter.” Mark said, smiling sheepishly at me. What? How? Why? I am so confused right now. I tho... Read Chapter


Sixteen   You are quite impressive, Carmen.” “Why am I here?” I asked shrilly. “Because you have sparked an ... Read Chapter


Seventeen   Aunt Tasha- well, mom- was waiting in the foyer. As soon as we stepped inside, she rushed up to me and planted... Read Chapter


Eighteen   Everything was going according to plan. Everything. Well, almost everything.  He watched from a distan... Read Chapter


Nineteen   Darkness. Nothing but everlasting darkness. Everywhere. Left, right, above, below. Just total, absolute darknes... Read Chapter


Twenty   When I came to, I found myself in a completely different setting. I was in a plush bed, covered up to my chin in ... Read Chapter

Twenty One

Twenty One   Oliver felt his energy burning out. Felt his muscles weaken. He hadn’t eaten hardly enough for the amount... Read Chapter

Twenty Two

Twenty Two   Jeff stood protectively in front of me, shielding me from the ongoing fight. I was frozen. Not because Sabr... Read Chapter

Twenty Three

Twenty Three   It’s been a month. A month since the battle at the airport. A month since Felix died. A month... Read Chapter

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