The Pick up

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

The poetic narrative tells a story in such a sweet, sublime language of a nighttime sex worker and her prying customer. the outcome will leave you speechless.

He picked her up in a dark and lonely street.

She is accustomed to the darkness.

She knows the darkness in a strange familiar way

And the danger it brings

His grin was great

She could care less.

He had a rose placed

Carelessly on the dashboard

They were not for her

She could care less.

She had a handgun stowed

In her small purse;

The only item in it

Except for the pack of condoms

And empty pack of cigarette

They drove deep into the dark

There was nothing to talk about

‘Your name is Jane’ he inferred.

Reading the letters on her bangle

‘Call me whore or slut,

Whichever suits you’ she quipped.

‘I’d prefer a name’ he declared in a hoarse voice.

‘Death’ she whispered, ‘call me death’ she repeated softly

An awkward silence sat between them

Listening to their inner wanderings.

Then Beyonce broke the silence from the radio

Screaming ‘girls rule the world’.

‘How would you like it’?’ she asked

‘BJ?’ she guided him

‘HJ, regular or anal?’

He cleared his throat

The list was brazen

It will take a lifetime to exhaust

‘What about I get down on you first;

I’d like to prod with my mouth and tongue’

‘I’ve had six cocks tonight;

The last was twenty minutes ago.

I’m sure it still drips.

But if you’re ok with licking another man’s cum,

My p***y is yours for the price’

‘Why is your name Death?’

He tried to change the topic

‘That is all I have to give’

He stepped on his breaks

The tires wailed on the tar and screeched to a stop.

‘You kill?’ he asked, shell-shocked.

‘When you pick up a woman in the middle,

of a dark street in the dead of night

Do you expect to get life and love?’

His hand reached for the dead rose

He sniffed it

‘They smell good’ he blurted.

Look, I can’t call you ‘Death’.

Can I just call you Jane?

‘Are we going to a location or this is where you want it?

He reached for her hand

She let him take it

He raised it up to his lips

She retrieved it swiftly.

‘Four hundred Dollars’ she said

Spreading her left palm.

 he pulled out a wad of $100 bills

Gave her five pieces

‘I don’t need the tip she said softly

And made one note lonely in his shaking hands

She pulled up her frayed red mini skirt

 spread her legs to reveal a meaty cunt.

A stale smell smacked his nose

He couldn’t make up his mind fast

He got down on her but lost the guts

To put his tongue and lips in.

He smacked the bare cunt

And backed up.

‘Are you done?’

She mocked.

Reached out softly for him;

Grabbed his groin;

Groped for his hard jimmy

And stroked it in his pants

He moaned like a hungry boy.

She unzipped his pants

And little jimmy appeared.

It was little and timid like a wimp.

She rough-handled it

He squirmed and screamed

She stroked him hard and strong

He coiled and cried softly.

‘wait a minute, stop!’ he purred.

Too late. She got down on him.

‘Don’t!’ he tried to push her away

She grabbed tightly nuts and jimmy altogether

‘Stop! Please stop.’  he begged softy

Like a damn fool.

‘No!’ she retorted.

And swallowed little jimmy, slowly.

His jimmy and groin burned

From much pain than pleasure

She bit him softly

He jerks uneasily

She pressed her ten nails into his thigh

He jerks again hurting her lips

She let her blood drip on his white shirt

She stroked him hard again

Staring deep into his eyes

She squeezed her right index fingernail into little jimmy

He screamed and tried to jump

She held on tight to jimmy

The finger caused no harm.

Where would you want this?

Not sure, he was quiet

She pulled closer

Used her spit for lube

And forced little jimmy

Slowly and painfully into her anal

she rode on him for ten minutes

And let him cum inside her.

Uugh! Uugh! He quaked.

A moment of rough silence ensued.

‘I am bleeding’ she shattered the silence

‘I’ll take you to a hospital.

‘I can find my way; I have insurance.’

No, let me pay for it.’

‘off course you will’

She sounded cold as she adjusted her frayed mini skirt.

The meaty cunt got a cover

But nothing else did.

Another ugly silence

Wafted in and sat beside him

She took her little purse; opened it slowly

Took out her empty pack of cigarette

‘damn! I’m out’ she hollered

He knew something was coming

He had to stop it.

He reached for a spanner put away

For times like this.

And hurled it forward.

He missed her head

The spanner shattered the side mirror

His pants still down

He scrambled hastily for something else

She shot him twice in the head

His tired jimmy rose up

In shock

She spat on him ‘dick! She whispered

And walked into the night.




Submitted: January 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 O'maleD. All rights reserved.

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