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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Human nature is often believed to be good. Maybe through an act of self importance or blind faith. Humans are kind, yet cruel. Intelligent, yet stupid. In this sense of duality humans are creatures of good and evil. Such is the truth this young girl came to. 

Her eyes were pure black and cloudy. She looked like she had lost her will to live and her long unkempt hair dragged past her shoulders.  Some parts of her hair had started going white at the ends. When one looked at her, she looked malnourished and like she was on the verge of death.On Once looked in the eyes, she looked broken yet not completely. She grabbed her small pickaxe, that seemed too large for her skinny arms and walked towards the dark wall. Once there she got in line and started swinging away, like the hundreds of people lined up with her, side by side. Next to her was a little boy. He sniffled and held his tears back but still worked, trying to stay quiet. He had open wounds all over him and looked exhausted.


“Work faster Worms!” a man bellowed. His tall figure and stubbly face did not match the cruel words he shouted. With a whip in hand he yelled at everybody in the room. He whipped a man on his knees and kicked him to the ground as he yelled. The sickly man collapsed and stopped moving on the ground. Emotionless, the tall man shouted again

“Clean up crew. We have a mess here.” 

His eyes looked around the room as he said that, as if looking for more victims.


The little boy holding back his tears was silent, as everybody else. He sniffled quietly and tried to stay quiet. He swung his pickaxe into the wall like his life depended on it. Due to fatigue however, he collapsed. 


In this silence you could hear a pin drop. The tall man walked calmly towards the little boy and raised the arm with the whip.

“Great, a volunteer.” 

As he prepared to swing down a young girl knelt down in front of the boy, protecting him.

Her eyes were pure black and cloud, a hue of purple could be seen. Her long unkempt hair dragged past her shoulders.  Some parts of her hair had started going white at the ends. When one looked at her, she looked malnourished and like she was on the verge of death. Once one looked in her eyes, she looked broken yet but not completely.


“Please, forgive him. Please don’t do this!” she begged. Her words were those of a plea for mercy and she looked up at the man. He ignored her and swung down. 


The crack of the whip was heard all around. Her eyes became fierce but were still clearly fatigued. She wrapped herself around the boy and protected him.

“You know what. This is what happens when you maggots think you can defy me!” 

He grabbed the boy from under her and threw him towards the rocky wall. His eyes did not move from her. He raised his whip and brought it down. Again and again. Through all this the girl did not make a sound. After minutes of this he turned her over to her dead eyes. He checked her pulse, and threw her body onto his previous victim.


(Switch Perspective)

Good job Ciel. You stuck to your ideals.


I tried to believe. I stuck to my ideals but in the end, humans really are evil. It would be better if we all got wiped out. Even the good ones are weak, so they can’t fight back….

If this isn't the end. I’ll teach them. I’ll make sure to make them regret their foolishness.







Link Established.>>


“Hi there!”

...I heard a high pitch voice. It was soft and sounded heavenly. Kind of like the type of voice you’d want to hear soothe you to sleep. Guess I really am dead.

“Thank you! Open your eyes!”


Huh? Wait what? Where am I? Who are you?


“I am God! Nice to meet you. You are dead.” 

CH 2

(Ciel’s Perspective)

I must be dreaming. What did she just say? God?

In front of me stood a woman. Taller than me so I’d say she is a full adult. She has short hair in a sort of bob with a white robe. She has black sandals and the ground beneath her feet lights up as she walks to me.

“Yep yep, I am a God.”

I really have gone crazy.

If she really is god I want an explanation of how my life went so wrong.

I have a few words. No. A lot of words for her.

“You really need to explain.”

“Oh you finally figured out how to speak again.”


Wait a second. I haven’t been speaking but she responded? 


No way…

“Yes, way. Now do you want an explanation?”

This is a breach of privacy…

“I am a god, I can kinda do that. Anyways. Welcome to the afterlife. I am Tilena, Goddess of the Stars.

As she said that the background behind her faded, leaving the view of space and a myriad of stars illuminating our area.

It’s really impressive and she looks so… Godly?

Jeez I need an adult

“I am an adult.”

Fine, fine. Why am I here?

“Oh right. You, Ciel are here, because your soul has been dyed black with hate. As you are, you would be a danger to humanity.”


As she says that I stay quiet. I listen. What does she mean my soul has been dyed black? If anything this is your fault.

“Your heart has been filled with hate. Normally one would be sent to the normal reincarnation cycle. However in your case, this would be dangerous and the hate in your soul would cause problems. In other words. You are unable to peacefully pass on.”

“So you, and 14 other people have been chosen to reincarnate into another world.”

… Alright… Can I ask a few questions?

“Ask away.”

So who are the people who will be going to the other world with me? Do I know them.?

“No. These are people you’ve never met” Is there anything I should know about the world we are going to?

“Glad you asked. This world has magic and the like. Humans are many times stronger than before due to its existence.”

Magic? Like real magic? Shoot fire out of your hand type stuff?

“Descriptive image, but essentially yes. However for you that will wait a bit.”


“Your heart is too stained. To remedy this, you will be sent to the Goddess Matrona’s realm.”

Wait what?! Hold on!

“Sorry. I will see you in one year. I am quite busy you know. The next soul is coming already.”

As she said that she snapped. A white light emitted from the ground surrounds me. A circle with complex markings appears and surrounds me.  I try to run out of it but the light rises and swallows me whole.


1.1 Extra; Goddess Point of View.


Dear me, What is this… 

Doing my job obediently I sorted through souls. These souls were supposed to go to Fira Omen. Fira Omen is a world that has magic. Unlike earth it is inhabited by many intelligent species. Among them are humans, and demons demi humans all of the sort. Demons and human have been at war for years. These souls were supposed to be there for rehabilitation as heroes. As an added bonus they would cleanse their dark souls. They would save the world, and cleanse their hatred or regrets. Yet this small thing in front of me... Can it even be cleansed?!

A young girl 17 years old. Her name is Ciel. She was a slave in horrible conditions. Sold by her father at 14, it is understandable to have some hate. Yet this much? Her soul can barely be called as such anymore. Covered in the embodiment of darkness. This doesn't happen often.


After answering her questions, I couldn't take it. She was looking at me the whole time with the black eyes. The report said she had purple eyes. Purple! The hate has invaded her eyes too. One reincarnation will not save her.


I’ll leave this to Matrona. She specializes in healing. Matrona will be able to save her from , if not reduce the hate. I cast a magic transportation circle and surround her with it. The spell plays out and swallows her whole. I'll give them one year. That should be as long as I can delay her soul from meeting the other’s souls


Good luck Ciel. Good luck Matrona

I bless you on your voyage, and wish you luck. 

Matrona. Please save her soul.



Submitted: January 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 SkyboundShu. All rights reserved.

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