True Face

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Short story I wrote for My Creative writing class. Mr.W if you see this isn't me copying writing from the internet. I turned it in to you then posted it later on this website. Just making sure I cover my bases if Turnitin says it is 100% copied. On the side note if you ever see this, please don't read my story called Value. I am putting it online because it'd be embarrassing if somebody I know saw it.


I take off my shoes and lay them next to the door in a lazy manner. My coat falls off my shoulders bringing along my tie. As I walk into the bathroom my socks softly leave the carpeted hall. I brush my teeth in silence, looking at my reflection. This alternate me that stares back at me, mimicking my mannerisms and quirks. My gaze sticks on it for a while until I walk out of the room. And sit on my bed. I flick a switch and as the lights ebb and dim in the room, I grab a book from my bed table. 

An encyclopedia, or a bestiary of sorts. This recently found passion of mine intrigues me and I spend some time reading, trying to get a passive understanding of these otherworldly beings. I rest my back on my bed, my head gently pushed up to a comfortable position by my pillow. On my page shows the image of white light. Crystal-like wings originate from this light. The wings seem loosely connected to a humanoid form, only miniaturized.

 “Faerie” it reads. Kind and trustworthy creatures. Known in some cultures as gentle guides to the lost, while in some deceiving pranksters. The words register in my mind and I flip through more pages. Sphinx, Gorgon, Oni. all of these creatures are shown in different cultures. I flip through calmly and fatigue overcomes me. As I slumber my sight comes across the words “Doppelganger. While this word has become common, these are horrid creatures. Devoid of a body, these beings latch on to the form of anything. At times deceptive, others brutal and deadly. Living in a world separate to ours they inhabit a world of imagination where they pull people in. In the hope of crossing into the physical world, they make dreams come to life in the hope of trapping humans and taking their places.”


Silence. It is dark. Uncomfortable. I lie on the cold floor that has replaced my soft bed. My pillows transformed into a smooth stone and the blanket that enveloped me with its warmth exchanged for the cold and humid air of this place. I feel a pair of eyes look at me with murderous intent.  A chill runs down my spine. Devoid of my sight, I can only brace myself in fear. I readied myself but as soon as I stood up the sense of being watched faded. I hear a rumbling, the sound of rocks grinding against each other as if being sharpened with a whetstone. A big door opened behind me and footsteps came from that direction. Bright light flowed in and illuminated the room. I walked towards it and found myself in a forest.


I walk along a path that seems to be premade. The trees are parted and small torches with golden fire are hung upon them.  The heat from them forms a tunnel of soothing heat. A blinding brightness that rivals the sun. It’s flame burns bright then dull, in a rhythmic pattern. My feet carry me faster along the path. In front of me comes a bright blue light. Crystalized wings originate from the centre of that light and I recognize it. Small in stature, bright with crystal-like wings. They shine bright like jewels but have a mysterious translucence. It flies around in the air and the bright light follows it. As I get closer it comes towards me and circles around me. A Faerie.

“Welcome human. I am the guide, an observer,” it says. Its voice sounds gender-neutral. Could be one of a young boy or an older girl. I stand there confused. For a few seconds, I stand there in awe but  finally ask a question

“Where am I?” Since I’ve been here I’ve realized this isn't the place I knew. For miles, there was no forest such as this. Being kidnapped in my sleep might have been an option but this place points shows many differences. The mysterious location, the otherworldly fire and this thing that seems to be a fairy. After a pause, it seems to speak again.

“Think of it as a high stakes dream. Think back to before you slumbered. You are prey to a foul beast. One of which seeks to usurp the very fabric of your existence in the physical realm. A doppelganger hides in this forest and is on its way to usurping your body. A contest of speed and wit is the challenge at hand. To reclaim your place you must reach the sphinx. It slumbers in a pyramid the size of a mansion with sandstone that reflects light like a mirror. Inside the pyramid, it guards the door. An exit out of here and into the body of whoever becomes trapped.”

This sounds crazy. Do I believe it? All evidence seems to point to yes. The unnatural fires and the faerie in front of me. Furthermore if what it says is true I have no time to waste. Whether I am delusional or dreaming,  my self-preservation instinct won’t let me ignore this. So I ran. As soon as the fairy was behind me following me I felt it. This cold-sweat inducing gaze. The more I ran the more I lost sight of the goal. Was I running to the destination or to escape this? A hopeless feeling filled my heart as I ran. It eventually faded but I was sceptical. Maybe back then I knew. Maybe back then I felt I would never be able to escape.

My feet moved soundlessly when compared to the sound of my thumping heart. The scenery melts together as I run past it. The soil and grass under my feet lightly mix while retaining their form. I see animals. These animals are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The sky is teeming with creatures and the forest booming with life. I see small foxes. At their backs are a multitude of tails. Nine of them and as soon as I approach they hide in bushes. \There are horses with wings and horns that immediately take a sprint as I pass. I see humans with animal features. They have animal-like ears and tails. Wolf ears and tails, their traits form a matching set. 

The sky is filled with giant snakes that seem to fly with no wings. They dance with the clouds in a rhythmic sense while being unburdened by gravity or even physics. eagle-like creatures. They have wings and their two talons have been replaced to a more quadrupedal lower half. Their talons have doubled and they look more muscular.  I see humans like people too. They seem human at first but their limbs have been replaced with bird appendages. Their arms replaced with feathery wings and legs replaced talons. They all fly through the sky at a blinding speed while showing an uncanny sense of leisure.

 As I pass a lake I hear beautiful singing. I see two types of creatures. People with their whole bottom halves elongated and replaced with a snake’s. I see another type of demi-human, these with their bottom replaced by a singular fin leading to their waist with scales. The arms are also scaly but their human top remains untouched. They sing in an enchanting voice that makes me want to stop. I would have stopped but the fear of letting the gaze catch up to me keeps me going. All through this, the faerie sits quietly on my head as I run.

As I advance the mush path in front of me is replaced by sand. A pyramid-like structure stands in front of me. No time to think, I see no other path so I rush forward. The little faerie flies behind me wordlessly. Inside this pyramid are paintings on the wall. They cover the whole room and as I walk the light fades out. The same feeling of being watched is here. It feels close like I could reach out and grab it. I can’t see it, however.  A sense of fear envelops me. I shiver and slow down. 

“Do not worry. As a spectral creature, it can't hurt you. Yet. Keep on going to reclaim your place.” The sound words of advice come from the faerie behind me and I do not doubt them. It calms the unease a bit but the ominous feeling still creeps on my back as I walk. 

I come across a sandstone statue. Its size reaches a dizzying height and a thick voice comes from it. A human head tied to the body of a lion. It’s lower half is furry but different from that of a lion, on its back are wings that even while made of sand, seem ready to move, ignoring the limitations of the material. It emits a golden light that fills the room. The sand that burdened my feet flew and landed on the statue in seamless integration. The ominous feeling fades away, but not completely. Suddenly it’s booming voice brings my attention back.

“The rules are as follows. I shall explain the rules. Behind me are 5 doors. Each containing a deadly monster from multiple folktales and stories. A brief riddle shall be given, from which you shall identify the creature. If a guess is correct, the door and monster behind it will disappear. One door leads to the exit. The first riddle is as follows.”

As it gave its speech 5 doors appeared behind it. All similar in shape, size. No sound can be heard from inside them. I think back to my book and listen.

“Bearing 2 horns, this creature haunts the minds and stories of Japanese folklore. Skin red as the blood it reaps and fangs sharp like blades. My massive size towers over people and I look down on them as weak insects.

Japanese culture? Primarily it houses beasts such as spiritual monsters. Ghosts are also prevalent but I believe they are called yokai? Red skin with horns. Sharp teeth. If it has sharp teeth it must be physically stronger. I imagine a carnivorous monster. An ogre? That isn't Japanese however... Oh, I see.

“An Oni”

As the words come out of my mouth the door bursts open and the monster from its description leaps towards me. It is massive in size, and it seems strong enough to break a wall in half. His leather armour covers his body but the blood has just made it look like an extension of his skin. Its white horn shines dimly while its blood-soaked hand flies towards my face. I closed my eyes but the monster disappeared. The door the monster came from remains and the smell of blood fills my nostrils. I see humans with their extremities missing. Their torsos are beaten and battered. I grimace and turn my eyes away. The adrenaline from second ago stops and my feet give out from the fear. I sit on the floor shaking for a moment before the voice goes on.

“I fly through the skin as my four-legged counterpart does. I writhe in jealousy to its fame. Celebrated in the Chinese new year as the strongest and most fearsome creature, it has long since dominated the world of flying reptiles. What am I?”

A certain numbness has taken over me. Whether it is the repeated stress of a response to death is lost on me. The whole room fades and my mind stays focused on the riddles

“ A wyvern”

Once again a door burst open and the monster rushed at me. It opened its mouth as it rushed at me and inches further to my face. My eyes stay wide open. I see it turn to dust and fly away as sand in the pyramid. It can’t hurt me. I see. I remember the words of the faerie and stand up straight. Unburdened by the fear, the next two riddles are easy.

“A triplet of sisters we are. Born from the origin of monsters we are known as vicious and cold-blooded. The youngest a far-roaming soul, the oldest known as the most vicious of all. The middle is to be pitied. Seen as a monster who terrifies humans, her suffering is forgotten. Defiled and punished she stands as a mortal. Gaining truly cold blood containing the highest reaches of her head. What am I?”

“Gorgons, Euryale, Medusa and Stheno.”

“A spectre of fire and flame, invoking heat is what I am known for. A hellfire spirit to some and an erring monster of hell to others. Wicked and ruthless I spare no thought to the charred bodies I leave in my wake. What am I?”

“The fire demon, Ifrit”

On the last riddle, the room gets dark. The shape of the sphinx brightens the room but much less than earlier. It says

“My form is obscured to all. Due in part of my nature endowed with abilities I spend my life in boredom. Seeking humans to satiate my need for enjoyment. My nature is that of a trickster but the form I take inspires confidence and trust.

I look behind at the Faerie. Easy enough I think. Sometimes guides but at times tricksters. 

“A Faerie.”

Then it happened. I felt my breath cut out and the sounds of bones crunching behind me. I looked behind me to see the faerie’s form changing. It grew taller and looked exactly like me. The crystal wings fall off and me that isn't me laughs.


The sphinx’s voice resounds in the room. The sand sculpture cracks a smile, it starts crumbling. The whole room seems to be disintegrating. The walls fall and the ground under me starts to collapse. The dust from the crash creates an explosion that blinds me.

“The answer was, a doppelganger.”

Then I fade. To black, to nothingness. My surroundings disappear and I find myself in a dark space. Devoid of light or substance this area is lacking anything.  As my thoughts wander my bathroom appears in front of me. My body walks towards it and looks into the mirror. I see me, standing in the bathroom. However, it seems complete. The hallway leads to the rest of my apartment. The me in the mirror seems to laugh and mouth the words.

“I am you. I became you. I replaced you.”


Submitted: January 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 SkyboundShu. All rights reserved.

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