Until death do us apart, and after...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Read up to take a dive into a romantic story that takes not so romantic turns.

Until death do us apart, and after……


Lianne stormed back home from her office, only to find the main door already open.  Though she lived alone, she didn’t worry much, having assumed that -Neil, her long-time boyfriend must have dropped in with the duplicate key. He was in fact seated there, calm and composed and all Lianne did was blabber about her day at work, as usual.

Lianne was a senior supervisor at a pharmaceutical firm. A former gold medallist in academics during her undergrad days, Lianne earned a scholarship based on her merit to pursue a Master’s degree and having done well there as well got placed and eventually promoted to a position, very lucrative. She played Table tennis at the city sports centre on weekends and also participated in tournaments, bagging numerous prizes.  Once in a month she visited a local NGO and practised community service. One would think of Lianne to be a successful woman, an ideal person- and so she was. One would also think that she shared a great relationship with her family and particularly her boyfriend, Neil, about whom she would brag for hours to her colleagues. She would talk about how he hated the fact that the tuna she cooked was always undercooked, she would show a promise ring that he had gifted her, how he loved the cupcakes she baked and how they watched movies every Friday night and Saturdays were for red wine. She would tell about how he is an ideal man to be with, who loved her beyond limits and cared for her more than his own life.

Lianne would herself feel happy about her present, looking back; she didn’t really enjoy her days growing up. She witnessed her parents fight whenever her dad was in town. The family was relieved when he would be away, working out of town. He at times showed abusive nature towards her mum as a result of which Lianne never felt the warmth of a loving family. She also learnt that he was visiting a mistress elsewhere. She saw her parents unhappy in their marriage;she knew she didn’t want this for herself. When she met Neil, she grew fond of him. She knew that she wanted to settle down with this very man. She would keep telling him how much she loved him. Probably she overdid it to, but can one really blame her? All her life she envied her friends who would go back home to their loving homes. A home isn’t four walls and TV; it is more about the place giving you comfort a place where you are at ease. She never felt at ease back home, she vividly remembered back in 6th grade when she was asked to write an essay on her “family time”. She read through her friend’s writing, it was beautiful – family dinners, picnics and warm hugs. Lianne didn’t have anything in her book, except for her mother’s tears that rolled on the pages and dried up the previous night. She made Neil the centre of her universe; she wanted to have the perfect love story with him.She would tell him every single detail of her day, cry to him over the smallest inconveniences, and ask him to choose things for her right from her dresses to novels! Man, what would she do without him? She feared that something likethe fall out between her parents would happen to her as well; she made sure she gave Neil all he ever wanted. We tend to push ourselves way too hard to ensure that we become the perfect people- for somebody else. Neil too poured in a lot of love, although not as much as her.

Her ideas of having the perfect relationship and family did reflect in her conversations.  On a Thursday afternoon as she was having lunch with her office mates,Sheryl her co-worker asked her “How is Neil? Li, been a while since he dropped in here with your favourite lunch.”

“He has been working on this new project Sher, that keeps him occupied! But we do make time for each other , just yesterday we went to this new place in the city, amazing for Thai food , more like a couple place though , I hope all’s well  between you and Nathan now”, Lianne replied sharply.

Sheryl and Nathan had been considering a divorce.

Lianne was very vulnerable; she wouldn’t want to hear anything other than praises about Neil or her relation.

Her colleague at work, who had joined about 8 months back, Marissa, did wonder how she never showed up with Neil for office parties where families were invited or even for any other informal parties thrown by several other colleagues. Actually,  nobody had ever seen this prince charming of Lianne of recent.  Neither in person, nor in pictures. 

It was the managing director’s anniversary party and he had invited most of the senior employees, along with their families. Lianne turned up, alone. The party was going on pretty fine until anacquaintance,Ralph, in front of a small crowd, pointed out how Neil never accompanied Lianne anywhere, anymore. He did cross a line when he spoke about how Lianne had been cheated on and how Neil was once done with her and was hell bent on leaving her for a younger and prettier lady; such was the rigour that he had even accusedher of trying to murder him upon learning about his infidelity. Humiliated, she held back her tears and defensively mentioned how every relation has its fair share of problems and there is always scope for forgiveness and reconcilement.

She left early from the party, drove home in a fit of rage. She sobbed as she spoke to herself in the car, deciding how she would tell the whole thing to Neil. Such was her anxiousness that she tried calling him up right away, wanting to tell it all to him, the phone rang but no answer. She parked the car in a rather rash manner and hurried home, a huge mansion away from the crowded neighbourhood.

“Why didn’t you answer the phone? How many times do I tell you, I don’t like it.”

She sat on the couch and narrated the whole incident to Neil. She cried, hugged him and made him swear that he would never leave her. He sat there calm as usual, cold and distorted, a corpse,rather a skeleton that has been decaying for over a year.

Submitted: January 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Aayushi N. All rights reserved.

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really enjoyed this!

Thu, January 14th, 2021 4:51pm

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