Challenges of life

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Another article is a story states about the different phases of life from which marriage is essential part in everyone's life where it takes a new direction. Some faces good times and some faces bad times . I wish everyone likes it too. Wishing more likes, shares and comments too.???????????????????????? have a good luck.




As I mentioned earlier in my blog that Marriage is the togetherness where two people make their relationship official, publicand permanent. When a couple gets married they assumed to take care of each other in every good and bad situations. It is more effective if working as a team versus working as individuals. It is said that” Marriage is the beginning -the beginning of the family and isa life long commitment.







Eventually , In this period of time mostly people have family issues after marriage either with a boy or a girl. Ironically,If you are married ,you may have discovered that marriage is how much important ,and experienced some of thegood that comes from it or may be marriage is/was hard for some of you. However ,there is some hope which starts with realizing that marriage can be more amazing than you have experienced or even thought. Marriage is like a paradise when you making it in a good way. Mostly people undergo both situations good and very hard and they both act mutually to unfold every circumstances. On the contrary,people face issues when each of them don’t comply to each other ,and there comes a space for problems to arise. There are same type of situations which happens to most of the couples. For ex-

It is the story of the Girl who hails from a small village from a poor family andmarry to a hand to mouth earning boy. With the passage of time, they become a big family but could not tie a perfect knot and could not emerge into a committed life. The boy could not get good earning and meanwhile, he started to wet his whistle everyday and domestic violence began to erupt there. 








Now they were enable to met there daily needs for his family. Eventually , his wife decided to start earning . Time has changed, she has been working for a long ago. Once a while, she worked in for a daily basis , one of her owner had misplaced something valuable. They tried to searched at their home but unable to found it. Now ,when things got confusing they put a blame on the girl, who is working at their home for so long. She uttered she didn’t knew anything about this. She is not the one they re blaming. She cried and requested them not to blame her for this mishap ,but no one listenedto her .Conclusively, they decided to take a legal action on her. Now ,the girl went to her house told her whole story to her friends and to her husband so as to decide what they could do for her. Consequently, her husband didn’t took much interest into matter and told her that you are wrong ,you might have done something wrong with them that’s why they were doing so and fix all the issue on your own. Later or sooner,she came to understand thisthat her family members didn’t cop up with her. Now she was helpless and came up with a idea that she should talk to her village head and told them about her problem . Then she requested them for assistance and take them to her owner’s house so as to solve her issue and toshow a true statement. Now when the problem got resolved, domestic violence started to erupt more frequently and lefther job and house and went to her parents house.






Now ,what happens here is that struggling period come into their life and her family members did not support her at all. She now enters into a miserable life. Commonly , It is said that marriage is the union of two . As I described earlier in my blogs. They should co-operate each other in every ups and downs. Unfortunately, They could not tend each other in a perfect manner and got separate from each other.Conclusively,It means a lot when a girl is leaving her whole world behind and put her steps into a new life aftermarriage and could not immersed into new life properly .

 In my point of view , it is illiteracy where people don’t know how to handle these situations to live happy and prosperous life, their parents should have to maintain communication in between two so as to not prolong the issues , it is totally a mutual understanding where you have to act accordingto each other willingness.They should support each other for surviving a smooth life. There are so many issues like that in the society where either couples are not understanding each other perfectly ,somewhere family issues with newly married girl and all that .However, there might be some negative aura they are having or some other reason.

 What do you say about this what should be the appropriate solution for these mishaps?





Should it be named as illiteracy,exploitation or domestic violence?

I Hopepeople should think about this so as toput a stop on these issues.






Submitted: January 14, 2021

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