This is a Draco Malfoy Fanfiction written the year that Ron, Harry, and Hermione are destroying Horcruxes. A Ravenclaw, Alex, has only ever seen Draco Malfoy as a bully with daddy issue. But when the two get close when performing Head Boy and Girl Duties, Draco shows her his vulnerable side. Although the odds are against them, can their relationship pull through? Is their love strong enough to withstand the Dark Lord himself?

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"Trunk?"   "Check."   "Owl?"   I sighed. "She has a name, mother."   I could feel my mo... Read Chapter

The Hogwarts Express

"Write me as often as you can!" Cho demands. I nod and hug her again before kissing my mom's cheek.    "Bye, you two!" ... Read Chapter

Head Boy and Head Girl

"GRYFFINDOR!"   Ginny playfully sticks her tongue out at me as another first-year joins the Gryffindor. I had made a bet wit... Read Chapter

Settling In

I wake up to the sun peeking through my windows. I draw back my blue and bronze curtains and embrace the sunlight. My room was fairly sim... Read Chapter

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