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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Not everyone was meant to be a hero. Some choose to use their gifts for good. Others for selfish reasons. For Miguel Jones, he believes he's no hero. He just wants to be normal. Bitten by a genetically engineered spider, Miguel Jones is forced to become Seattle's protector as Spider-Man when a dangerous threat terrorizes the city.

Table of Contents

Miguel Jones

Hello. I bet you're wondering what I'm doing here. You're probably thinking This is some kind of superhero story. But this kid is just ... Read Chapter

Milk and Honey

There's a knock at the door. A signature knock that went "milk and honey warm and lovely". It's from a song I heard when Honey first ca... Read Chapter

The Twins

The next few days went by like any other, I got up, and prepared for work. Friday was no different. I usual routine is simple; 5:30 I w... Read Chapter

The Accident

You can probably guess what the rest of my time has been. That's right, web-swinging. Yeah, I'm messing around. It's actually been quit... Read Chapter


As you can probably guess, downtown Seattle was closed down due to the destruction caused by Tombstone's gang. So that also meant that ... Read Chapter

Belly of the Beast

The next three weeks Mia and I began to improve my spider-gear, updating the web-shooters to a more comfortable fit, we placed insulati... Read Chapter

Cat and Spider

I watched as the police took Tombstone away in chains, not handcuffs, actual chains. They believed that he was too  big for handcu... Read Chapter

Sting and run

I decided to get my mind off the Black Cat by spending time with Honey. She's been on edge lately, not really sure why. So I thought I ... Read Chapter

Cut to the chase

I open my eyes and it was pitch black around me. Thankfully my ribs were healed but the pain was still there. I check the time on my ph... Read Chapter

Secrets and lies

I took a step back from Honey. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Honey Chang, my girlfriend, was the Black Cat this whole time. I w... Read Chapter

A new enemy

I watched from a top of a lamppost as the police tied Scorpion in chains and threw him in the back of their van. The amount of satisfac... Read Chapter

Brawl in Pioneer Square

What other choice did I have? The Tarantula's threat couldn't go unanswered. He wants Spider-Man, he'll get Spider-Man. My question is ... Read Chapter

Day off

I returned home as quickly as I could, my fight with Tarantula and Scorpion took a lot out of me, not to mention my wound from yesterda... Read Chapter


I hear the sound of beeping, it was steady and followed the pattern of my heart. I could hear buzzing noises in my own head. Definitely... Read Chapter


Four weeks had passed and I was feeling a whole lot better by then. Lotte had found out about Mia. We had a funeral for her and they ha... Read Chapter

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