The Hunt Begins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

a new beginning? a new threat? whatever it is it's time to get down to business

The Capital was a hive of activity, especially given the rumours that the great Savirei Gelzuth, the saviour absolute, was going to address the citizens any day now. The rumours were that a great dark power was gathering their strength in order to launch an attack on the Savirei and his heroic Dark Hunters.


No one knew exactly where the term “Dark Hunter” came from, only that they fought to keep evil away and maintain order and good for the sake of all beings in Issitoria. Yet, there were those  in the capital that believed that the Dark hunters were the evil ones and that Savirei Gelzuth was hell bent on keeping power for himself and not for the benefit of the citizens of Issitoria. These people were seldom seen though and their words were not spoken for very long. There were rumours that, once arrested, they were turned over to the Forsaken, a division within the Dark Hunters who specialised in the research and development of ancient machina and used them as test subjects.


Ancient machina was a great field to study, not only because of the wealth that it brought but also the fame that surrounded those able to recreate and harness this power for the “greater good”. This old technology, as machina is referred to by the students and teachers of this ancient subject, is used to create weapons to rid Issitoria free of evil forever so it can become a paradise for all beings.


O'Mari was fresh out of the Academia of Forsaken, this was the best institute in the whole of Issitoria. They were out to make a mark for themselves, as they had promised their parents before leaving the country in search of quenching the thirst for learning that had been unquenchable since they were able to understand words and letters. Always questioning, never satisfied and always pressing for more. They were referred to the local village head of the Forsaken who had first entertained the younglings desires for knowledge but then as they grew older and the questions became more and more intense, the head knew that they were going to make a great scholar and also an amazing Forsaken practitioner.


They passed out of the Academia with the highest honours, specialising in chemical alterations, or to the layperson potions. O'Mari loved the thrill they got from mixing different compounds in different measures and varying levels of heat to achieve different results. 


“Knowledge Demands Sacrifice” were the words used by every head of the Forsaken from the capital right out to the farthest reaches of Issitoria. To O'Mari this meant long hours, dedication and sacrificing a life other than the pursuit of knowledge. Now they have their own office and access to a finer laboratory than they could ever have imagined. For O'Mari the real hard work begins in earnest right now. This was the chance to prove themselves and become the greatest Forsaken that ever lived.


Setting up in the fifteen by twenty-five foot office was a slow process but one that O'Mari thoroughly loved, as this was going to be the place that was going to be the epicentre of their world for many, many years to come. Once it was all set up and everything in its place it was time to go on the tour of the facility, a chance to see where they were going to be changing the lives of the Issitoians for generations to come. 


“O'Mari” came a deep rumbling voice from the door. “All set up?”

“As set up as I am going to get right now”

“Well remember this moment, where everything is and how spick this place looks, I guarantee it will not remain this way for very long, you will have a lot of work thrown at you, you are going to be the MVP of this place. Or so I am told”


Azerus was a giant of a man, at least six feet nine tall and built like an old tank, at least that is what O'Mari thought, but compared to their slight five foot six and weighing slightly more than sack of flour anyone could be a giant. He had always been fascinated by old team games and he loved the term “MVP” as far as O'Mari knew it was an old term that meant most valuable player, to O'Mari this was given to the best team player, Azerus certainly had a way with words. They had come through the Academia together and had formed a very unlikely friendship and over the 5 years they were studying had become inseparable. Brain and brawn they had been called, this was not strictly true, however, as Azerus had the sharpest mind that O’Mari had ever come across and certainly made for entertaining games of chess and such.


The building was a whole network of tunnels and great halls. It was like something from books that O’Mari had read when they were a youngling, great towering, fortified buildings that ran, sometimes, through mountains, just like this one. The building housed everything that was essential to the capital, it was well situated and, having read a lot of war and battle books in the past, well suited to withstand any form of attack. Why would they have thought about that when setting up the capital? These truly are times of peace aren’t they? O’Mari couldn’t help but think that was not the truth, there was a heavy military presence here in the building and even more so on the approach.


There was a commotion growing outside, people were beginning to run towards the center of the enormous fortress. 

“They are back!” O’Mari heard people shouting as they were running past, suddenly they were being dragged along with the crowd.


“They are back, the Whites are back!” O’Mari heard above the already loud rumble of noise as everyone was trying to talk at once, gradually getting louder to be heard over the noise.


O’Mari felt a huge shovel like slap on their back, “hell of a first day ay little one!” came the deep rumbling voice of Azerus. Whatever was going on was big, this was it O’Mari thought, this is where we make our names and become legendary Forsaken Practitioners!


Submitted: January 15, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Jonathon Asur-Robinson. All rights reserved.

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I liked your character descriptions, they were precise and did the job well.
There was quite a bit of info-dumping to move the story along and give the reader the feeling of the world around them, but it never got in the way of the story or bogged it down.
All in all a nice tight story.
Thanks for the read.

Wed, January 20th, 2021 10:21am


Thank you so much, I was worried about the transition from one character viewpoint to another and how I could get that done but I am very happy to hear that it worked well

Wed, January 20th, 2021 3:38am

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