Holly Holiday and the Master Plan: Book 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Dive into Book two of the exciting adventure series with your favorite team and try and defeat Holly.

Table of Contents

The Masscre

It was a few days after the incident, Liam, Cole, and Dave were walking over to Addy’s house for the party. When they got there they no... Read Chapter

The Court Case Again

Liam tried to run out of the cop car. Tears were rolling down his cheeks “MAAAAAAPLE!” he screamed. The cops tased him and he woke up... Read Chapter

The Hospital

Liam woke up in the hospital. He Looked at his left arm. It was in a sling “What happened” he said. “Somebody in a passing car shot... Read Chapter

The Police

The team just walked into the police station to find it empty. “What the heck happened here” said Liam. “I have no clue” said Dav... Read Chapter

Stayford Central School

Liam was trying to break the lock to the cafeteria door. Maple got stuck in there. He could here a sound that sounded like something wa... Read Chapter

The Tractor Trailer

Meliyah and Dave were driving towards the school. The school they had been assigned to go to was South Kingsville Central School. The mos... Read Chapter

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