Chapter 3: Him

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 18

“Girls?” a velvet male voice says, “What do you mean by girls?”

Avery walks into the kitchen where five boys were standing.

“I brought a friend,” she says and gestures to me.

I slightly wave at them, and my eyes land on the cutest guy ever seen. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

The guy takes my breath away; he has stunning ocean blue eyes that look like it will glow in the dark. His black hair forms long curls that go down his face covering one of his glowing eyes. My finger itches to push his strands out from his face.

Gosh, it hurts just staring at him. He sees me staring at him and gives me a smile that melts me inside. I glance away from his beautiful face and focus my eyes on the other boys.

“Hi, Avery friend, do you have a name,” one boy says.

“Yeah, I have a name,” I reply to his sarcastic tone.

“Her name is Aurora,” Avery answers for me.

I glance in her direction, but she is not looking at me.

I follow her stare, and she is looking at the beautiful boy. He looks at her then me and back to her with wide eyes.

I look back at Avery confused, but she just made me more confused by nodding her head at him. The rest of the boys just stared. At least more than they were already.

A blond boy, who looks like a volleyball player with his lean muscles, walks in front of me and extends his hand.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Aurora,” he says and shakes my hand.

He is the only one who has a manor.

“Thank you-” I say

“Jack, my name is Jack,” he says with a smile.

“Thanks, Jack.”

He nods his head and goes back to his place behind the group.

The ocean blue-eye boy walks in front of me and everything seems to have to disappear.

He gives me a sexist smile ever and gently picks up my hand. Warmth comes from his touch and spreads throughout my body.

“Hi,” he says.

His voice is deep and rough. He is so close, I can feel his sweet breath wash over my face. I almost lean into him and let his warmth unravel me.

I shake my head and clear my throat, “-Hi.”

“Allow me to introduce myself and the rest of my crew,” he says, “you have already met Jack. Over there-”

I force my eyes to look where he is pointing instead of his lips like I was doing.

He points to a brown-headed guy, who gives me a friendly smile. I smile back.

“, that’s Harry,” he continues and my gaze goes back to him, “, he is very nice and over helpful. Over there-”

He points to a built guy with a mischief smile. Some guy asked me if I had a name.

“that’s Shawn, he usually says what he is thinking out loud.”

Shawn nods his head at me.

He leans closer and whispers, “He is also a pain in the ass.”

A smell of laughter escapes my lips.

“Hey, I heard that,” Shawn says.

“You know it’s true man,” says a chocolate skin guy in the corner.

He had a black jacket with the hoodie pulled on. He looked at me with intense eyes and my breath was punched out of me. His eyes. They were golden, almost pure gold.


Submitted: January 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Roselove. All rights reserved.


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