Chapter 4: Powers

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 When I first entered the building my body tensed up and my magic rose to the surface as it wanted me to use it. I thought my magic overreaction had something to do with all of the spells Phil and Lydia put on the house. 

Boy, was I wrong


Minutes later two girls entered the kitchen and only one of them caught my attention. Maybe it was the fact that she looked so innocent. 

I don’t know, but once I had my eyes on her I could not take it away.


 Her light brown eyes were staring at me like she never saw anything like me. I smiled at her and she nervously looked away. See, so innocent.


Her eyes move away from me, but mine doesn’t. I watch as her beautiful pale chicks slowly turn pink.  I stare at her curly night dark hair that went down to her small and graceful waist.


“Hi, Avery’s  friend, do you have a name?” Shawn says.


I can hear his annoying sarcasm bleeding through.


“Yeah, I have a name,”  She says with toughness in her elegant voice that made me smile.


“Her name is Aurora,” Avery says. 


Wait, what?

 I look at Avery to clarify.


“Yes, I found her,” Avery says in my mind using her telepathic ability.


I look at the beautiful woman in front of me in shock. She found her. Avery found Aurora from the prophecy: Seek Aurorato know what you need. But until then you will be blind. 


We knew Aurora was something important because it or this case she is what will start our hunt or quest.

These prophecies or as Shawn likes to call them ‘thepain in the ass riddles’ are sent by the creator of your kind. In other words, the person who gives us our ability. 

The abilities we were given are not new to use. We have been using them for almost 8-9 years.


Harry is our Empath. He has the talent to feel people’s emotions and control them. Shawn enjoys calling him your emotional support animal. Which of course he doesn’t like. But I got to admit is pretty clever.


Jack is what we call an enchantment. He makes anything look like something else. He sometimes takes that for granted. He thinks it's not cool enough. I don’t think it’s that bad.


Shawn on the other hand and no his ability is not an annoyance. Even though he uses that constantly. Shawn has super strength. Although, he never beat me in an arm wrestle before.


 Then there is Lucas. Well, we know very little about Lucas. He is very quiet. Don’t tell anybody, but he creeps me out sometimes. 


Phil and Lydia find him in a cave and they never tell us what he was doing. Like always I accept him like my own brother. He doesn’t open up. I understand him because it’s really hard for me to open up also.


 I don’t understand why, but I was given more than one ability. I am abnormal fast. No, I’m not a vampire, but many girls think I am prettier than one though. 


 I also have an ability that I don’t like sharing. So, I’m sorry.

 I’m not sorry. 

This ability shows too much of me and my past. Just thinking about right now makes me want to scream because there is no way I can change the past. 

You cannever change the past. 




They keep looking at me like I'm a prize or something. 

I don't like this. 

I’m still shocked by the intense gaze the guy Lucas gave me with his gold eyes. I look to my right and I see him leaning against a tree drinking a can of sprite. 


His golden eyes stare at me over his cup and his lips start to form a small smile. I looked away from him, not sure how my face looked. 


We are outside sitting around a bonfire. Avery is talking to Jack. Shawn is threatening Harry saying that he’s going to throw him in the bonfire. Avery doesn’t seem to need me here. She is pretty comfortable with the guys.


"Hi,"  a rough voice says from my side.


I look up to the black-haired god. 


“Hi-” I reply with a shakier voice than I liked. 


He gives that sexy smile that makes me feel something forming in my stomach.

“ Are you good?” he says sitting on the ground beside me. 

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied. 

I’m shocked that he is worrying if I’m ok or not.


“That’s good,” he says.


He surprises me when his hand starts to curl my hair on his pointer finger.

He looks at me through his long eyelashes.

“Your hair is pretty,” he says like it explained why he was touching it. 


I shyly smile at him not sure what I’m supposed to say to that.


“Umm...thanks?” I say confused. 


He let goes of my hair and chuckles. 


“Hey, guys, let go inside and watch movies,” Avery says, getting up.


That’s when I realized. I can’t stay here all night. I'm already here too long.


“Avery,” I say “I have to go home.” 


“Now?” everybody except Lucas, who was already walking inside the house, says at the same time. 

I almost laugh at their bewildered expression.


“Yeah, I’m sorry guys, but my mom will be going crazy right now.”


“She’s right, I will take her home,” Christen says, running his hands through his pretty hair. 


“Ok,” Avery says with a frown. 


I got up and made my way toward the house. I opened the door and Lydia was standing in the doorway.


She looks at me. She looks directly at me with her piercing green eyes. In a second, the air was punched out of me. I start to hear a high pitch note inside my mind. I start screaming. I covered my ears to stop the awful noise, but I still heard it. I keep screaming.


“It’s ok,” a quiet voice says in my mind over the sound.


I felt like a thousand ants were eating my brain. I fell backward into something hard and warm and everything went dark.



Submitted: January 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Roselove. All rights reserved.


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