Chapter 5: Feelings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 40


“Wake up beautiful,”  a soft male voice says. 


I slowly open my eyes and it burns from the bright light in the room. 

I was laying on something soft in a room I haven't seen in the house. 


“How are you feeling,” the male voice asks.


I look to the right of the room. I was surprised to find Lucas standing there looking at me with concern shadowing his magnificent gold eyes. He carefully takes slow steps toward me, like he didn’t want me to get scared. 

He stops beside me. I start to slowly get up. I felt dizzy from the movement. His hands moved to catch me if I fell. I smiled at him.


“I’m ok,”  I say shakily. 


“OK?” He says, smiling back.


 He bends his head to the same level as mine and moves closer until he was only inches away from me. With his eyes still locked on mine, he slowly raised his hands toward my lips. I look at him in shock. 


“She’s awake,” Avery's voice entered the room, making me jump.


He moves his hands away and sighs so quietly I could barely hear it. He walks out of the room. 


“Hey,” Avery says, stopping to stand in front of me.

“Hey, guys,” I reply as Harry and Shawn walk in. 


“Look at that sleeping beauty has awakened,” Shawn says, “Get it because her name is Aurora.”

He punches Christain on the arm and he replies by glaring at him.  Shawn raises his hand backing up pretending to be frightened.  Avery shakes her head at them. 


“Are you okay,” She asks. 


“I think so,” I reply, “what exactly happened to me?” 


“I…I’m not sure I can tell you,” Avery says, looking away from me. 


“What!” I jumped out of the bed, regretting it because I got dizzy. 


Christain caught me before I fell on my face. I took a deep breath because his body being this close did not help.  The scent coming out of him was suffocating. 


“Let go of me,” I grumble.


I weakly pull against his hold. 


“You guys kidnapped me and won’t tell why,” I scream.

I can’t believe this is happening to me.


“We didn’t kidnap you,” Christain whispers in my ear and my brain gets foggy because his breath on my skin feels really good. 


I try to snap myself out of it. 


“Oh, so what do you call knocking me out cold and locking me in a room that I don’t recognize,” I say looking up at his drowning blue eyes.


For a moment I forget why I’m mad and let myself enjoy the feel of his hand holding on to my waist. My back is pressed against his hard chest and the warmth there is causing my heart to beat faster and faster.


“You guys, “ Shawn says, interrupting the hold Christain had on me. 


“I think we should tell her.” 


“Think you, Shawn,” I smile at him, “ I’m glad that you agree on explaining why you  kidnapped me.”


He winks at me and I roll my eyes. Christain tightens his hold on me and pulls me closer. I look up at him confused, but he is not looking at me, he is giving Shawn a weird uneasy look. 

“Okay, let’s tell her,” Avery says, not looking directly at me. 

And every time she does she looks up at Christain and quickly looks away. 

“You will not,” a soft voice shooks everybody. 

Mrs.Laydie enters the room looking worried. 

“You know the rules,” she says, glaring at Avery and Shawn.

 “And what are the rules exactly,” I ask.

Mrs. Laydie just shakes her head and smiles.

“I can’t tell you just it dear.” 

“Okay, you're all starting to freak me out now,” I try to move again, but Christain’s strong, large arms wouldn’t let me. 

“For goodness sake, Christ let go of the girl,”  Shawn says. 

And I think I hear Christain growl lightly under his breath. 

“Yeah, I think she is uncomfortable,” Avery says, finally looking up at me. 

She gives me a hopeful smile that I didn’t understand. 

Christain grunts at them.


“Are you uncomfortable, Aurora,” he whispers in my ear. 


Goosebumps travel down my arm and I hold my breath. I just met this guy. Why does he make me feel this way? I feel like I belong in his arms, the way he is holding me feels so normal that I was confused why everybody keeps telling him to stop holding me. But this is not normal, those aren’t normal feelings you get from somebody you just met.

“Ummm, I am just a little,” I whisper so he is the only person who hears. 

“Oh,” he says, sounding disappointed.

He lets go of me and I already miss the feel of him. He walks to stand with Harry who has been quiet this whole time. He looks pale and worn out. 

 “Harry are you okay,” I ask. 

Everybody else looks at him with worry, I guess is not normal for a tan guy to turn pale 10 minutes later.


Submitted: March 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Roselove. All rights reserved.


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