Learning A new skill

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Learning how to use my new tablet



This is just a test to see how everything on my tablet works and  how to get my  writing done. This tablet is so small compared to the other key board. But there are buttons that are not on the laptop. Like .com And it’s just a key board no 10 key. There are so many things I could write about. I wanted a tablet because my laptop is acting up and shutting down during writing, or video watching, so to keep that from happening, I got the tablet.

Well I just learned that going online and searching for websites. They start one way but after going to at least that one site it turns and I can see it as I would a landscape style. But then I’ve only searched for one site so far. I am testing everything out to see just what it would do. As if it was going to actually do something. The following is part journal entry part story as I learn the ins and outs... Hope you enjoy the story sample of this latest piece.  Thanks in advance for being patient with me. 


Well I have begun to get comfortable with the tablets keyboard and begun disciplining (weekly writing prompt) myself on how to place my fingers  and exactly where the keys for letters are compared to other (another daily prompt) keys. On the other keyboards the buttons seemed to be placed different so I am finding myself in a learning curve. This morning I learned how to cut and paste from one place to another, at least from one document to another. Now can I do it to the websites I write on. That’s the next lesson.

And I just learned how to do that- thats what this is as a matter of fact. 

So I guess the next story I write for the sight is learning something new. And the discipline it takes to do something new. And discipline is this weeks writing prompt… Can you say perfect?


Over the course of our lives we learn to do new things. But regardless of whether we are learning for personal or professional reasons we still need to have one thing. And that is discipline. We need to be disciplined in learning this new task regardless of the difficulty level. If we are serious about doing something, we need to be disciplined enough to do it. However the one thing we need to remember, and I was the same when learning to type on the keyboard of my new tablet, is not every day will be good. But we will still learn. Sometimes it will be just not what to do, or better stated eliminate what wont work and find a way to make it work.

This aof rticle is the trial and error --- This article is that trial and error of my learning the new keyboard and where the keys are. Not that the keys are different, but they are more compact than in my previous keyboard. Now before when I was learning new things, if I couldn’t get it after the first few times I would get frustrated and quit trying or stop using the item, if in fact it was something to be used.  But with age comes maturity. (well its supposed to anyway.) So I am continuing to learn.  Because I can only use one hand, I have to find ways to adapt what I do, whether its typing or dish washing. This tablet is no exception.

I bought it for several reasons; for one  it was cute- yes I’m all about the cute. It is an RCA 11 inch screen tablet with a keyboard and its blue. I have another RCA tablet that doesn’t have a keyboard which I love, so wanted to add another to my collection. The second reason I bought it was because it was a Christmas present to myself because I wanted to have something I could write my stories on that wouldn’t mess up. The laptop I have now shuts down at random times when I am working. I was afraid of losing my work, and to any writer that is devastating.  So I bought something I knew would work. And so far this is working great.


Now because it is something new I was excited when I finally got it, so much so I ran to the door and was as giddy as a school girl getting a new present.  But when I opened the package and turned it on came the real work. And that was learning what all it came with and getting used to a smaller keyboard than the one I had been currently using. And to do that I needed Discipline.


While discipline could and should be used in every area of our lives, it is especially true when learning something new and doing it right. Another area where we  need this is in our workouts and eating healthy. I especially need this during my personal work outs and therapy due to carpel tunnel syndrome.  Even though I say I want to do it because I want get healthier and better and avoid surgery, unless I apply the discipline it takes to do it, it wont get done.


Now this leads into why a lot of what we set out to do or don’t do doesn’t get started or finished and that is the word excuse. We – yea even I have excuses (or reasons) why something isn’t done. For example when I first started writing I was in junior high.  But the only things I let others read were the stories that were assignments that were peer read. Everything else I wrote I kept private and only for my enjoyment. My excuse was fear of … fear of not being liked.. fear of not having my things read and enjoyed… my fear of not being as good as…

 But as I grew up I began to see my fears could be over come if I did a few things and changed my way of thinking. And I will list those next .

The first thing I needed to do was apply discipline to whatever I was doing.

Second was working hard to get better with my spelling, writing style and developing confidence in myself. To believe I could do something that others would like.

Third I needed to remember I am not like the other writers. I am different and while I love the way they write I have my own style and voice. And there will be others who both like and dislike my work and that’s okay.

Fourth, I will not be instantly successful as others who came before me. I need to pay my dues and practice at what I do, every bit as hard as they did. And that’s where discipline comes in again. I have to be disciplined to practice every day whether I feel like it or not. Nothing I write will be perfect the first time. Like every writer I need to edit my writing before its ready for others to see.  And that’s okay, because I am not alone. All writers do it if they want to put their best writing out there.  

Another thing we can do to combat fear and excuses is to take steps to achieve small goals. Whether its for writing and creating or working out and getting healthy. We need to take small steps toward that goal. Because with snall steps come big rewards.  And never beat yourself up for slips. We all do. Its only when you stop getting up that you fail.

Now to farther explain how I combated the fear of writing and posting so others (like you) can read the  stories and articles I write here’s what I did.

1 I found websites who posted stories I wrote and read a few of the stories that were there.

2 Then I contacted the sites owner and asked how I could submit a story to see if they liked it and would post it on their site.

3 Once it was posted and on the site a little bit, the owner sent me feedback on how many readers read my work and wanted more.


Eventually I posted 5 -or more stories on that site and began to see that I could get rid of the fear nobody would read or like what I wrote , I had the numbers that said different, and they were positive. So I began looking for other places to submit my work.  Now while there are sites that do pay for your writing there are places that will allow you to post your writing because you love to write and want to share just as much as there are readers who enjoy reading.. The choice is up to you. The bottom line is you have to love what you do regardless of monetary gain.  

The next thing I did was build the discipline to get better at writing and improve my craft. Never stop learning became my motto. And I learned not only the style of writing, but also formatting, and spelling. Including finding new ways to say the same thing. I even expanded my vocabulary. But the one thing I have learned is what works and doesn’t work. Especially when it comes to what readers want and am I willing to change and mold my style to what others will want?


Now of course I used my writing as an example, it is all true as to what I did.  But I saved the best excuse buster for me until last. And this may apply to everyone and that is “I am too old to do something. Especially if it is new”

So to eliminate that final road block, I began googling writers who were my age or older who had or were getting ready to publish their first book. There were quite a few. So I saved these pages so when I got discouraged I could look back and see if they could do it at my age SO COULD I.


Now I used writing as an example, discipline and excuse busting can be applied to just about everything. The only way to fail is to give up.


The end

Submitted: January 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Lea Rachel. All rights reserved.

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