The Kids Are Long Gone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


 Cesar sits on the bench near the park worrying about his upcoming projects for a huge business deal. He just could not get a break and people are depending on him for this project. Sometimes he wishes that things are much simpler when you become an adult compared to being a kid.

He felt his cellphone vibrating and took it out from his pocket. It was a text that reads, “Please call me about the plan for the project if you get a chance.” Cesar scoffed, and muttered, “Bullshit.” Nobody has really ever helped him so why should he follow what they say?

He leaned back on the bench trying to relax his mind. It was not really the perfect spot for relaxing because of the children playing vigorously in the park nearby, but he did not care.

“The playground,” he thought. It was a long time ago when he was a child just like the kids in the park.  

Cesar closed his eyes and began to reminisce when he was just a kid. Even for a minute, he wanted to feel what is like to be a kid again. No responsibilities, nothing to really care about; just you, your toys, and playing tag with friends. There was nothing to think about, but the feeling of being free and not knowing what was happening with the world. Mother cooks the best dishes and father would fix his car, friends would come over, and go home before six p.m.

There were days when he thought he was a superhero and think he can do everything he wanted; he would argue with his friends on who was the best comic character and the best superpower.

He even did stupid things like climbing the wall, which he ended up falling and wounded his elbow deep. He did not even cry and even thought it was cool that he was able to do such thing. He also recalled getting in trouble fighting another boy from the park. He thought that was awesome too, but his parents grounded him for the whole month and hated it. Then he thought of his first crush in sixth grade, her name was Lisa. He would blush constantly and was not able to talk to her directly because of it. One time he threw up because he was so nervous that Lisa was in the same class as him.

“Did I grow up too fast? What happened to the kids I used to play with? Where did they all go?” he asked himself.

He let out a slight laugh and realized how simple everything was, although foolish, was the greatest time of his life as a child. He said to himself, “All the kids are long gone. We are all grown up now.” It is true what they say, you can only be a kid once.

Cesar suddenly felt a pat on his shoulder and opened his eyes. He looked up and saw a woman wearing a security guard uniform. She asked him, “Sir, are you alright?” He nodded yes, and said, “Where did everyone go? There were people in the park like five minutes ago.”

The security guard looked at him confused. “Sir,” she said, “I think you fell asleep; the park is closed. It closed almost an hour ago.”

Cesar stood up from the bench and grabbed his bag. “I am sorry about that ma'am. I will be leaving now,” he said. He looked at the empty playground for a minute, and finally left the park with a humble smile in his face.


Submitted: January 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Psychedelic. All rights reserved.

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