A Wizard at large - #3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A chance meeting changes Tracer's viewpoint on Inspiration.

This is the third story told of the adventures of Tracer Dulgarus, Wizard at large.


It was a wet and rain-filled day as Tracer Dulgarus made his way along a muddy potholed road. Yes, it was just one of those days when neither man nor beast should be out in the weather.

As Tracer made his way past a stand of Corn, he saw a old wood shed, a shed meant to keep farm tools, he suspected. The shed was old and had seen it's better days. In fact, the door of the shed had fallen apart and the pieces were inside the shed, in a pile.

So Tracer made his way inside to get out of the ever-falling rain for awhile.

Once inside, Tracer removed and shook the water from his outer clothing, and then he built a small fire using the dry wood from the door; that was a welcome change from the rain.

Tracer huddled near the fire while wrapped in his bedroll blanket, soon to fall asleep.


Suddenly Tracer was awakened by the sounds of a young woman who was mumbling to herself.

As Tracer's eyes opened he saw a young woman who was seated on the ground, her back was against the inside boards of a wall of the shed, and she, too, had a blanket around her. Her knees were drawn up against her chest and her face was buried in her blanketed knees.

"Would you like me to put some more wood on the fire?" Tracer asked.

The woman looked up just enough to see where the voice was coming from, but not enough to show her face. Then she replied, "I guess so, well, I mean, sure, if you have more wood." Then she went back to mumbling.

Tracer put another few stick on the fire, and while doing so he asked, "Do you have a problem? Perhaps I could help (?)."

The woman replied, "I have lost something and I'm afraid I'll never get it back."

Tracer thought for a moment, then stated, "What have you lost?"

"My Inspiration," the young woman said with a tearful sigh.


Well, this reply took Tracer by surprise, and quite frankly he did not know how to respond; he just sat there wondering who this is, that is missing her inspiration, of all things.

After some more thought, Tracer asked, "Where was it the last time you were aware that it was with you?"

The young woman gave the question some time to sink in, then she tossed her blanket to one side and jumped to her feet. And as she did, she made a sweeping gesture with her right arm and placed her left arm across her forehead in a very dramatic fashion. That is when she said, "How does one know where inspiration lingers? I think it was during the arranging of my garden, but then, again, it might have been when the trees did not bloom until June, or was it when the new growth sprouted (?). Alas, I am without an answer. ..."

With the exceedingly dramatic woman now out of her blanket, Tracer could plainly see that this woman was without clothing; she was as naked a a J-Bird.

Tracer quickly reacted with a gasp, --- and a question, "My dear woman, where are your clothes?"

"Oh, that," the woman stated as she wrapped her blanket around herself again. Then she continued by saying, "Well you see, I awoke this morning without inspiration, so I was not inspired to pick an outfit."

"Was that when you first noticed your Inspiration Missing?" Tracer questioned.

The woman smiled and replied, "Why yes, that is exactly when I noticed the problem! What should I do?"

Tracer had no idea as how to fix this woman's problem, mainly because he felt it wasn't a real problem at all.

Tracer thought to himself, "Everyone has non-inspirational days, and some days of inspiration are better than others; it's just the way life is."

But how was Tracer going to explain that to a person who thought that "Inspiration" was a Physical Thing, instead of a State of Mind?

Then he had an idea, so he said, "Well, it seem that you lost your inspiration while sleeping, so perhaps it got lost and couldn't return in time of your awakening; so maybe it is stuck in sleep-land. Could that be the case?"

The woman smiled and replied, "Oh yes, that must be what happened, in fact, I'm sure of it! So all I have to do is go back to sleep, have a dream, and it will find me!" Then the woman closed her eyes.

To make sure the woman slept soundly, Tracer tossed a little Sandman Dust in her direction, then he closed his own eyes for a rest.

As the both of them sat before the fire, listening to the rain on the shed's roof, Tracer thought to himself, "Perhaps she will believe Inspiration Returned to her in her sleep. And perhaps she will be convinced that all she has to do is take a nap to get her Inspiration Back, when it goes missing. Silly woman, if only it was that easy."

Just as Tracer drifted off to sleep, he saw a brightly dressed woman running across a field of wildflowers, the sun was shinning brightly.

The woman was running towards the woman that was naked, and as the one woman reached the other, only one woman remained.

"Boy, what a dream!" Tracer thought as he opened his eyes.

And as he opened his eyes, he noticed that the rain had stopped falling and there was not a cloud in the sky. That is when he noticed that the woman in the shed was gone.

As Tracer looked across the road, he saw the Brightly Dressed Woman skipping across the field of wildflowers, and she was singing a very inspirational song.



D. Thurmond / JEF


Submitted: January 16, 2021

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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