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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man with a curse/disease crawling up his left arm, slowly killing him, travels through a desert towards a green mountain in search of a cure. Navigating the harsh landscape, he comes upon a girl, the last survivor of a caravan attacked by hostiles raiders living off the land.

Table of Contents


Night has laid its shadow over the arid plain. No moon, no stars. A devouring darkness surrounds an amber flame dancing before a ragged c... Read Chapter


He sits on the hill for a long time. The sun is beating down, baking the earth, blackening the rocks. Below, in a small valley cut throug... Read Chapter


They stray further into the fantastical. Climbing over a short hill they come to a standstill on top to stare at a herd of mastodons pass... Read Chapter


Islands of trees give way to seas of plains. The man and the girl traverse from one shore to the next. Hunted on the plains, they rise be... Read Chapter


The pursuit falls upon the man and the girl like daylight upon the dew wet morning. He has sat awake against the tree he fell asleep to f... Read Chapter


Dulled sounds filter in between glimpses of forest canopy. Lights dance and change. Time passes, but there's no possible way for him to k... Read Chapter

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