You're not disqualified Righteous's just a process

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

The things we face are only meant to bring us more & more closer to the will & plan of GOD

You're not disqualified Righteous's just a process!
I had some genuine questions for GOD about this particular verse!
Psalms 37:25.... just this small part of it, "never have I seen the righteous forsaken or begging for bread..."
Am I the righteous LORD?
Am I that Righteous that your word talks about who never gets forsaken?
Are we the righteous if we are struggling to find a job, If we have no money? If we get declined, denied, dismissed, disrespected, disapproved or diagnosed...feeling like a beggar in Your Kingdom?
When we have no peace, are stressed and  sick in our bodies...are we stillI Righteous Lord?
Are we disqualified?
Have YOU forsaken us Lord?
You're not disqualified My child...YOU ARE THE RIGHTEOUS!
What you might not have known is this;
Those Righteous who's never been seen forsaken, went through process.
Every righteous goes through process. Process that will make you Right! That will break you to shape you, graduating you level for level into MY will and into MY ways.
So, you will feel like I've forsaken you
And it's okay to look bad for MY sake (coz I'm still a faithful GOD)
You will feel ashamed, unsure, scared, fearful, stressed, anxious
Because, still in your mind you're looking at external things to come through for you. Therefore I will continually remove all the external, have it run out completely, be it whatever or whoever. "And it's going to hurt!"
Because it has to be just ME being your True Source!
So even if I have to send you into the fire to burn, will it be to burn things off of you. Yes it will hurt, and will wound you, BUT I'll be right there in the fire with you, not forsaking you. Making sure that the fire does not consume you. I'm using this fire to train you and build in you greater strength.
Until you realise that what you're going through is not the issue, and it's not to disqualify you or to make you feel unrighteous. There's just a HEAVEN answer, a Heaven skill and strategy that you need to gain in this to overcome the earthly situation.
Til then, you'll learn to stand through the fire, no longer focusing on the burn. For the technique is, til you don't feel the burn, don't feel pressured in the pressure, feel stressed in the stress or frustrated in the frustration. It's til then, that you grow and gain the wisdom, the skill, the understanding and the strategy. You shift and transform each time, into another level and another dimension of greatness, of power, and of Anointing.
Know that in all that's pulling on you, you gotta find that rest in ME. The situation(enemy) wants to slay you But I will never leave you in his hand. 
Keep going MY Righteous, 
You're shifting and moving, getting closer and closer to MY will...I will never never never forsake you!!!

Submitted: January 17, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Deeds. All rights reserved.

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